Jyoti ~ Light Of The Sun

Once we were particles of light – now we are beings of light, radiating love. Rumi

Blessings Beautiful Light Tribe,

The last few days have been filled with the most beautiful energies as we come into this Solar Eclipse tomorrow. Each day, there has been greater expansion and more depth than the one before for the purpose of calling us to align with the higher trajectory for these higher experiences. There is magic and so much love in the air ~ I have run into person after person all of who seem to be beaming with the anticipation of long awaited liberation and Self fulfillment. There is a joy in the air not of this earth or dimension! Really breathe into this moment and keep the heart focused on consciousness rather than looking to the external for any evidence of inner change.

In my Bhakti class Friday we focused on Jyoti – a sanskrit word meaning Light, Lamp, the Light of the Sun. Already so blissed out and grateful for the gift of what is happening, this moment and the expansion that is here ~ I felt this simple word, Jyoti, as an energy directly from the eclipse gateway. This energy seemed to lift my heart and face up… an elevation from within. My hands fell into a simple mudra like you see in this photo – the right hand lifted to spiral channel and guide the energies into my being and the left hand centering the energies at my heart. This is a passage of embodying our Creator State and leveling up to pure Divine HUman Creator Beingness.

Jyoti means Goddess! The two hindu myths associated with this expression refer to Jyoti as Goddess of the Light… manifesting as either a halo of grace or a spark in the Ajna, the 3rd eye stargate. Beautiful symbolism for the changes underway within Divine New Human and in our world. Jyoti reminds us to focus on the light within – because when you do so, you are focusing on the light in all things.

I offer you this moment captured today… creating a container for the goddess and the fullest gifts of this Solar Eclipse Gateway. Notice the joy that dances in the nature, a spiraling lifting up and presence of multidimensional Light. Know this day, this moment in all time and space tomorrow is for you ~ it is about responsible creation, pure intent and a calm receptive vulnerability to the higher levels of who you truly are. As the Sun is eclipsed, imagine old patterns and limiting beliefs being absorbed into the void of the darkness. When the Sun returns and the eclipse recedes, imagine the moment pictured above, the Light giving a new sustenance and energy to all that is ready to be birthed and actualized in you and our world. Bring the Light of the Sun, Solaris, directly into your hearts, feel it activating the heart center with Christed Unity Consciousness; new hUman, new vibration, new consciousness, new frequency and Earth. Honor your experience wherever you are and whatever it entails as a marker of huge change and agent of an unprecendented, spiritual and planetary reset.

I AM so grateful for you all…. always in my heart…
DeAnne and the Shining Ones





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2 comments on “Jyoti ~ Light Of The Sun
  1. darstar1@sbcglobal.net says:

    Absolutely awesome. Thanks for bringing into focus what is truly within and around us. I just love that image.

  2. DeAnne says:

    nameste my dearest beloved DeAnne, hope you are having an extraordinary day, unfolding upon you. many thanks for your words, the picture tells it all, you are engulfed by light beings all around you or orbs whoa your are electrifying !

    until our next encounter, have fun, ignite the world with your Light !

    love, truth, & peace

    Wow! Look at all those orbs!

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s eclipse.


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