Playing With Crystalline Energies

Grand Finale’ to 5 really big days in my world.

The day after the Epic Eclipse, on the 22nd – was my 22nd anniversary living in Asheville. I was born on the 22nd as well – so its a significant energetic for me without the energies of an historic eclipse. Asheville has blessed my life immeasurably, this place in all of the world helped me to remember my Truest Self and to align with the purpose I came to realize in this lifetime. I am so grateful – my life in this ancient land is so abundant, new, inspiring, humbling, expansive and steeped in deep devotion EVERYDAY. For my 20th anniversary we jumped SOLO out of an airplane… what to do what to do for #22! We considered many things – but the connection and grace I feel to the crystalline energies in play now – of the new timeline and shift in consciousness on our planet just kinda screamed – GET ON THE WATER – give yourself to the water, move with the energy of the crystalline waters, trust the flow, trust the moment, LET GO MORE. So, to celebrate and commemorate – we went Class 4 whitewater rafting on the Chatooga River. It was an AMAZING experience of community, nature immersion, peace, adventure, stillness, immense joy and exuberant LIFE.

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