Fall In The Mountains

New Human Fall Equinox Retreat

The Fall Equinox is known as The Gateway For Balance and Transition. It is one of the most powerful energy apexes of the entire year. It sets everything in motion and starts the point of transcendence, creating a ripple of new energy pouring in that opens gateways in between worlds of consciousness.

The greater fullness of this weekend is about a New Self i.e. a new relationship with power and the world around you. The 3 components of this retreat are in support of increasing your vibrational bandwidth and shift to a vertical alignment with the new timeline, Solar Christed Self, Cosmic Self, Divine New Human identity and your truest essence, Purusha.

Outdoor Yoga: There is a beautiful, powerful dynamic happening with the body temple ~ receptors, synapses, cellular memory and inner intelligences are once again communicating with one another, in a new way. As the Divine Feminine returns to our world, embodiment of grace, fluidity, conscious breath and a new relationship between your physical form and the reality around you is coming into play. Yoga is all about balance, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Every level of yoga ability is welcomed – it is about the willingness to move your body and flow your heart in nature, dancing with and to the Divine Mother through a yoga sequence that is being designed just for the container of this weekend.

Vortex Immersion In The New Feminine, Solar Christed Energies: The activity planned for the Fall Equinox is a full day hike into the newest quadrant of Divine Feminine. This will be the first vortex experience I have guided in these energies. There is magnificent phenomenon, power, stillness, peace, presence and beauty ~ all essential attributes of the New Feminine Embodiment. We will do a meditation in the highest tiers of this vortex experience, each participant becoming part of the bridge linking the Fall and Winter Gateways that are KEY in anchoring the New Earth, Crystalline Grid and 5D Timeline. Tune in and know who you are… those you gather with in this experience are part of your New Earth Tribe.

The final component of this 3 day vibrational container is Sound: Sound is vibrational medicine and another essential tool in working with the light body, the new Solar, Christed Energies and the Cosmic, Divine Self. DeAnne is a certified DNA Activation Sound Healer who has traveled globally teaching the power and technique of working with sound. This experience mirrors the Eclipse Totality in that you will journey into a depth of your Self and existence where there is no other, where you will be able to communicate with your DNA, Align with your Higher Mission, Take Charge of your Personal Progress, Awaken Intuition/ESP/Psychic Gifts and Accelerate your Ascension Progress. This experience will be a beautiful and powerful way to seal up the container of this inclusive retreat.

The New Human Fall Equinox Retreat has 3 components aligned with the Trinity Stargate Convergence underway. The Solar eclipse was a very unique shift in consciousness – on both Global and Galactic scales. This container and those participating will be working directly with light rays beaming the Ascension column, brightening and expanding to merge several dimensional expressions. We will gather in Unity, gather in Feminine Power and Love, gather in JOY and service to the Gateways to the New Earth consciousness experience opening and brightening at this time. There is only this moment ~ we must each do everything possible to give ourselves to it, remembering and becoming the Truth of the Divine New Human.

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