Fire, Intensity, Rising In Strength And Love

Dear Beloved Light Tribe,

There is an incredible amount of power and transformation occurring on many levels, seen and unseen. We are in the process of exiting the old matrix and accepting the mantle of bigger lives; lives aligned with a greater truth and a sustainable future. There will be tremendous adjustment during September as we find a new footing amidst all the debris swirled into a frenzy by the Eclipse this last month. As you observe your personal environment and the greater landscape of our world, notice how the reset button of this Eclipse is requiring adjustment within many dimensional spaces. The devastation in Houston mirrors a lot of what is occurring within the psyche and emotional bodies of humanity – and we are all left with various states of uncertainty, upheaval, unknown, upset, uprootedness, adjustment and necessary change. We cannot take for granted that the earth is very much a part of this ascension process. Storms and floods, fires and droughts the world over are reflecting the escalating tension and unchecked emotional tenor of the Collective. War, fighting, anger, emotions and threat to our very existence are at an all time high – if humanity is not getting the message this has not and cannot result in a sustainable future, a way to move forward… greater forces will come into play to get our attention. Water is about cleansing – heat is about transformation – the burning away of dis-ease and decay.

This place, this point of time in the process of our ascension is neither pretty nor predictable… as always, we are guiding the course and directing the outcome in each and every moment. If you follow the teachings and remembrance of this new hUman consciousness and energy – you have witnessed and experienced very consistent guidance over the years on how to bridge to a new paradigm of existence where we do have control over the weather, the institutional constructs of society such as government, healthcare, education, financial systems and environmental balance. We do not have to suffer and experience devastation to mature as a species – to do so is to allow fear to continue to dictate our lives.

This shift in understanding requires a new relationship with reality and a new perspective on what is occurring in our world – none of which is out of alignment with profound change and necessary rebirth. Out of the darkness – into the light. This is the underlying theme speaking to a very different consciousness of a people at this time. Yes, there is a significant void present – a nothingness, an emptiness and stillness that the small self will not like or be comfortable with and easily interpret as atrophy. It would appear that most everything outside and within is seemingly sliding toward a very steep edge, with increased momentum, ongoing.

And yet, within that stillness, (where is God, where is my intuition, where is the guidance, where are the signs) within the void, (even the mind is freakishly vacant since the Eclipse Reset) within all this unknown and consequent instability, is a deep well of peace – greater than any chasm we might inevitably be hurled into. Because of the transparency and increase in Christed Solar Light – yes, the muckety muck, the ignorance and unrestrained emotion of our history is all surfacing into glaring visibility – but the vibrational world and access to our own higher aspects and cosmic perspective is more accessible, as well. EVERY thing is different, EVERY thing is changing and EVERY thing is speaking to us on transdimensional levels. As you tune into this and create space for it and allow this communication – you will feel a very different sustenance enlivening your entire being – your heart, your mind, your body and your Soul.

Yesterday, I was tired – there were no “directives” in my head. I didn’t want to do anything – I didn’t NOT want to do anything – the nothingness enveloped me. This experience will grow more common as more wake up to what it feels like to no longer be in the matrix, yet not entirely anchored in the very new and pure spaces of 5 and 6D. As it were, Bodhi needed to get out and get some exercise. He eagerly jumped in the car with me and we headed out, I just didn’t know where. I drove past one trail head, then another – I drove past the dog park though he hasn’t been there in over a year… where to go, what to do?? There is a sense in this now of looking around for a vibrational match – something to compliment and somehow soothe this inner void, this utterly nonsensical outer reality. Interestingly I ended up at the “end” of a trail I typically park on the other end of, walking “backwards” or against the energy of the 3D zone. This unchosen choice was clearly modeling repatterning. It was also an off time of day – and the weather was very strange due to the system that recently walloped Houston. I was neither in a good place or a bad place, I wasn’t up or down, I didn’t feel or not feel anything in particular as Bodhi smelled and explored, periodically checking on me and delighted with every little thing and moment. About 30 minutes into what became about an hour long walk – I noticed perked ears and alertness that told me something had Bodhi’s attention. It was a small coyote that he chased momentarily – I am sure thinking it was a dog to play with. The coyote then briefly made it known it was not up to playing – I called Bodhi back – we continued on.

I loved this moment – this encounter… I loved the energy that stayed with me, I felt the presence of guidance – something special, something important. Coyote medicine is incredibly complex… there is nothing about its energy or symbolism that is simple or superficial. (Is this sounding familiar?) Coyote is enigmatic, it is both a trickster and a teacher. (We begin to see the symbols of 2 very different timelines here.) Coyote energy is a sign of trouble … OR of good fortune. (hmmm choice of perspective) Coyote is a wild sage that reminds us there is always balance in the inbetween. The guidance of this spirit animal is that this is a time to stay on your toes – ( new human mantra – PAY ATTENTION) If coyote had a mantra, it would be to “expect the unexpected.” Finally, and I felt this SO relevant for all waking up to the true Self, desiring to embody the new Self and to serve greater numbers in more meaningful ways as our world makes this transition to higher dimensional life and Divine Conscious Awareness. “What have you buried or hidden away that keep you from wholeness – in body, mind and spirit?”

Everything we are witnessing, everything we are all feeling at this time is about an Upgrade to a bigger life. Small self, small thoughts, small dreams and visions about who we are and what we are truly capable of must be laid to rest, surrendered to this nothingness so that wholeness – the Cosmic, Galactic, Higher Self may once again speak through the consciousness of our hearts.

The next New HUman Transmission will be this coming Sunday, September 10th @ 11:11am eastern. We will explore these upgrades and the movement into bigger lives in this webcast. This is a powerful time of community new hUmans – community that looks and feels very different than our ideals and understanding may have allowed for in the past. This eclipse gateway was a significant spiritual event in the ascension of this planet and humanity. It is important that we begin to recognize and gravitate toward one another in new ways for new purpose – without the influences and conditions of the small self. This webcast will be light-encoded with sustenance to assist anchoring this new Divine Consciousness and Light infused Self. This is a time of massive change and with that change comes great discernment, vigilance around self imposed limitation and the willingness to allow your BIG BEAUTIFUL LIFE, to now unfold. I am sharing with you here an image of the Prince of Wands… within which are many key pieces of the power and wisdom manifesting now for Divine New HUman. I invite you to breathe in the energy, color palate and symbolism present as a vibrational expression of this enormously potent and transcendent time for our species and planet, for you and the divine wisdom you have come to exude. 

The Prince sits with his arms outspread, as his fiery chariot moves forward swiftly. ( much like the lightwaves in play now) A few dark marks in the background hint at the darkness which he is now leaving behind. (We will work directly with spinning off this darkness in this week’s New Human meditation.) The general impression he makes is one of definiteness, openness and freedom. (trust, non-attachment, higher purpose) He is naked, meaning he does not need to hide or protect himself. He holds a phoenix scepter in his right hand, a symbol of power and energy. He conquers new areas of his life like a pioneer. His heart opens and he sees the world with new eyes.

The Prince of Wands personifies the mastery of intuitive creativity – (the green color in the flames). All senses are geared toward being used for creative purpose. He trusts in his intuition and surprises others with his original ideas and solutions. Nothing can hinder or limit this creative flow! The blazing fire in the chariot (energy of transformation/change/rebirth) keep him in motion.

By surrendering to Love, (lotus blossom in his heart) he rises above himself. Wings of phoenix feathers lift him and allow him to view the world from an elevated perspective. (Cosmic Perspective)

The Prince of Wands is a fascinating expression of youthful, bubbling over energy and JOY of life. His thoughts are daring and filled with creative power (winged lion above him.) His trust in his perception frees him, allowing him to move beyond former limitations in thought and action.

The Prince of Wands is perfectly ready to engage himself fully in facing life’s tests and challenges, but his greatest lesson is that his strong will can only help him toward his goal when it is in harmony with the will of the Whole.

Gratitude to the ONE – gratitude to each of you who stand so strong for the victory of the ONE and gratitude to a LOVE SO VAST, intelligent and wise, that it speaks to us directly through a myriad of channels and outlets, venues and expressions of existence. May the JOY and intimacy of this Love touch you daily and continue to open your heart and life to the magnificence of your being. IT IS TIME TO RISE UP and accept the unconditional Truth ~ of this Love.

The New Human – transformational energies of a new consciousness paradigm.
New Webcast – Sunday September 10, 2017 – 11:11am eastern

** Prince Of Wand information from Gerd Ziegler Tarot – Mirror Of The Soul

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4 comments on “Fire, Intensity, Rising In Strength And Love
  1. Elizabeth says:

    Love this powerful message, DeAnne. And so needed at this time for all of us to rise up and express the truth of our divine knowingness in our own unique ways. So many changes abound … whew!

    What a gift to have a network of beautiful light tribes all over the ???? to unify in love, strength and divine truth. We are blessed to be embodied at this transitional time with a conscious awareness of the power of ONE heart ❤️ … ONE love ❤️.

    Thank-you for being there with your shining presence and powerful words, DeAnne. ????????????❤️

  2. Val says:

    Thank you so much Deanne..exactly what I needed to hear!
    Val XO

  3. Michele says:

    That was so powerful; thank you for capturing so eliquently what I am feeling and observing. I too had a coyote encounter while visiting friends far out in the desert. We could hear them howling through the night. I pray to be in harmony with the will of the Whole! Please & thank you Infinite Creator; thank you DeAnne for all the love and light that you share ❤

    • DeAnne says:

      Gratitude Elizabeth, Michele and Val for being powerful women with fierce hearts in support of this new direction, purpose, consciousness and energy for our world. I feel your unified presence and support deeply and am honored to hold up mirrors for your magnificence here! Love Love Love xoxoxo

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