Creating New Landscapes ~ Heart Mantra

Gratitude to the many who co-created such a beautiful container for Divine Human yesterday. The Heart Mantra was woven throughout this webcast ~ using and embodying this mantra on a regular basis will forever change you. GATE GATE PARAGATE PARASAMGATE BODHI SVAHA. Translated this mantra is about new life ~ Gate Gate Paragate means completely gone to the other shore: where there is no more suffering, no more separation, no more limitation ~ only the remembrance of our true and Divine destiny.

There was an abundant and joyful participation from the chickadees ~ several times, especially during the heart mantra ~ I thought they were going to jump onto my knee as I sat cross legged under the rainbow colored leaves. Chickadees symbolize happiness and fulfillment. They are truthful beings who teach about personal identity, they inspire change and symbolize flexibility and bravery.

With the beauty and fullness of this transmission ~ we feel the invitation to truly begin creating and building the internal landscape of the Christed Presence and the New Earth experience. We are Divine Being with Divine choices ~ no longer enslaved to an unconscious history and negatively imbued archetypes. In this webcast is the awareness and felt remembrance that we must first embody the Christed/Crystalline/Unity state, to trigger and begin truly experiencing the massive acceleration upon us. The way may not always be clear, the mind may not always have the absolute knowing it prefers when moving into new territory and landscapes and vistas of existence ~ but there is great validation for the heart’s wisdom as this bifurcation (shift to new timelines) grows stronger, clearer and more expansive, ongoing.

We are on the move and we are not alone! When we surrender to this Divine Presence of Self, it rewrites our consciousness via our DNA. It changes the way we feel, think, act and create. As the New Crystalline Templates of the Divine HUman activate on the collective level, we expand together. You may feel the expansion physically through the Heart center, however the effect on consciousness via DNA is key to a consistent, unwavering crystalline state. Now is about settling into the unsettling with full and trusting hearts ~ hearts intent on sharing what is uniquely ours to lend, where and when, at this time.

Spend time with this transmission ~ it carries profound levels of embodiment and codes of light to assist you in becoming Presence. The meditation is an invitation to deepen in your capacity to nurture yourself and truly know the Mother. One of the strongest sensations I experience during this meditation is our crystalline DNA code exchange. Use it often ~ perhaps include it in our weekly Unity Meditations, every SUNday at 8:11am, 11:11am and 5:11pm Eastern Time. These Unity Meditations support expansion and deepening in Divine support ~ do share them with your friends, family, loved ones and social sphere. Gratitude to the thousands of Souls co-creating this Divine connection. The Shining Ones and I love you, hold the light high for you, cherish you and honor the devotion with which you walk the path home to the Mother of us All.

We are Oneness Rising,

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2 comments on “Creating New Landscapes ~ Heart Mantra
  1. Joyful Judy WOLLAM says:

    I now have the heart mantra posted on 2 different altars in my home. I’m glad I heard how you pronounce the words.

    I told my yoga teacher (from India) about the mantra. She explained to me it is the sound of saying the mantra that matters more than the meaning. So I will incorporate it into my morning meditation routine and say it 6 times like you suggested.


    • DeAnne says:

      Yes, I believe I talked about the SOUNDS – where and how they originate and that the melodies are typically brought in for Kirtan and such. As long as you are feeling them ~ connecting with what they represent – speak or sing away, they will be heard and affect positive change for both you – and the many! xo

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