Coming More Into Light, Unity Meditation

Let us come together in Unity, in strength, in resiliency and compassion, in solidarity, in renewal, in transformation and in peace. We are One World, united in our desire to see all people free from harm, happy and living in harmony with their surroundings and one another.

With devotion, we continue to rise and stand beside our beautiful Mother as she embodies the movement and change of an evolving world, a maturing species and shift from selfish pursuits to collective concerns. With recent intense planetary triggers of the August Eclipse, Equinox Gate and ongoing solar activity contributing to the destruction and thus transformation of very entrenched patterns of isolation, separation, complacency, overwhelm and even defeat… there is also an invitation to something very new. This pivotal paradigm shift from the old masculine to a new feminine consciousness was beautifully depicted in the current new human transmission: ( Through tangible example and alternative action, these transformational energies demonstrate our individual roles in midwifing this magnificent emergence of Divine Human and New feminine leadership on both an energetic and physical level. Everything we are witnessing is an invitation into deepening, into Unity on a global scale, into the human heart grid and illumination on what truly matters as we mature into a new paradigm of humanity, of the human soul, of what it means to be human in these times of expanding light.

The above photo is of Sonoma County in California. For today’s Unity Meditations ~ let us focus our hearts on the fires and humans/animals/nature in this part of the world. When one of us goes through trauma and loss, we all go through trauma and loss on some level… and when one of us opens our hearts in compassion and cooperation, we vibrate that sense of community, support, strength and service to the whole of life, all beings and creatures everywhere. My vision, my intention and what I continue to vibrate everyday in action, word and deed… is community. I have been participating in more beautiful community everyday in Asheville, events organized around supporting those in areas of devastation. Let us all feel and recognize and join in that beautiful consequence of these old patterns of patriarchy being shaken loose in our world.

Endings are beginnings. Ultimately and with celebration we can count on whatever the outcome of all these events, it will be change from what it was before. There are thousands participating in these Unity Meditations each week, each ONE PERSON connecting with a greater human family that trusts and believes in the promise of LIFE. Whether you choose one of the 2 meditations I have included for you here, or choose to just sit in peace, following the breath and creating the intention for the highest outcome in every situation of every moment ~ this is a powerful something you can do each week.

5D Earth, new life, the change from doing to simply being ~ with ourselves, with one another, with these radical shifts to something unknown yet fresh with possibility – 5th World is about allowing. Find your center, feel the Mother there, open your heart within her heart and allow something new and beautiful to emerge in these times. This is our task, this is our power, this is the thing we can do.

Love and Peace to All,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

New Human Global Unity Meditations:


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