The Choice Of Expansion

Oh my, beautiful Mother ~ beautiful Light. October thus far, has been a many faceted gift of insight, illumination, truer perception, deeper feeling and connection to what is true… and oh so much reflection of Divine Feminine beckoning us into Divine Human awareness and understanding. This last week there was an incredible influx of Divine Feminine prompting a strong release of direct and palpable encounters with the Mother, the Goddess, Feminine wisdom and well, just the feeling of being redeemed, exonerated and celebrated, anew. I have had dreams and daydreams, intuitive knowings and very real experiences walking me through random vignettes of my life over many decades, where I was shown “me” and the choices I have made and the way I have lived… through the mothers eyes – through her love, compassion, wisdom and glowing appreciation. She was right there with me, as she has always been. And she is right here NOW – this very new, higher love of Divine Feminine presence in our being and in our collective world. If you have found yourself stepping back from the personality of who you are and becoming really still in thought and wants, needs and drives … all the while, feeling swept up in creative works, ideas, inspirations ~ this is Divine Feminine stimulation from the Magnetic Field.

And now, we enter into the first of two Choice Point Gateways offering us, the High Vibe New HUman tribe, tremendous vibrational influence in overriding and overwriting old paradigm programs. This calls for vigilant Self awareness and ongoing adjustment to old stories and limiting beliefs. We can best utilize these 2 Gateways (October 22 – 26/November 22-26) by paying close attention to our energy as people and experience lobby for our attention and participation. We each have the power in this NOW to not only align ourselves with the highest trajectories possible for our individual lives ~ but in raising our vibration and fearlessly overriding old patterns, to assist in pulling as many others up in the Collective, as possible. A significant part of completing our Ascension, is learning to use our collective consciousness and pure intent to create what we desire in the Now.

Steady as an arrow already released from its bow – we stream effortlessly forth in the direction of the new dream of humanity. Faith over Fear is the way forward ~ trusting the processes tracking an inevitable fall of old systems and our capacity to swing the tipping point of the Secondary Timelines toward the highest good and full experience of Ascension, as possible. This is the power and intention within our New Human Unity Meditations each Sunday – gratitude to ALL who are participating. Do not underestimate the power of this unified activity!

There is no waiting – and yet, we cannot and must not drive these Gateways with false agendas and fearful egos. Beautiful Mother, Divine Feminine – allow her to enfold, embrace and empower you toward forward movement through creative expression, new levels of service and work, toward conversations you need to have and decisions you need to make, anything and everything you may have been procrastinating on that will push your personal envelope to BREAK THROUGH any remaining blockages. We do this with Activated Hearts and Highest Intent ~ the streaming arrow aiming, with devotion, to the highest timelines and outcomes possible – in the NOW.

Just this last weekend, with the gust of Divine Feminine Influx and looking toward the coming Gateway this week… I created a new website. The purpose, inspiration and activity of this endeavor is to expand and deepen my connection with my community; to create a bridge with another level of individuals accessing the secondary timelines. A great portion of my work with the New Human is Global in initiative and reach… this website intention and service is to reach out to the community in my own back yard. And it feels AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL and overseen by this Cosmic Mother, Divine Mother, New Feminine love and intent. I would love to share this space with you – seasoned veterans of all things New Human/New Earth/Crystalline DNA and Primary Timeline Ascension. You can find this secondary website @

It is ours to shine, to reach, to play and feel her joy, expand with the Mother, embody the compassion, effortlessness and higher intention of Divine Feminine. One small energetic shift from each one of us compels the collective into a deeper, highly charged area of change, transformation and potential liberation, for ALL. That is why we are here ~ and we know our roles in this great emancipation and SHIFT of the ages. Take a moment to breathe in the dynamics of the photo above… you are the hand holding the planet, you are the tiniest of atoms living on the planet, you are the multitude of the Collective, you are the vast space the planet is suspended in and you, dear human, are Source and Creator of it ALL. We are anchoring this higher wisdom and love, this remembrance, through embodiment, into the HUman Heart Collective ~ to make it easier for all when the brilliant moment arrives that the Consciousness of Unity returns to our people and our world.

Love to ALL, If there is ANYTHING I can do for any of you ~ please let me know. We are in this together ~
WE ARE – Oneness Rising.
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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2 comments on “The Choice Of Expansion
  1. Jayne Herron says:

    Just THANK YOU, BLESS YOU – you’re so beautiful and your words sing to my heart!

  2. Joyful Judy WOLLAM says:

    Thanks, DeAnne. That was wonderfully written/conveyed.
    Indeed it time to have Faith and not fear bringing the Divine Feminine into balance with the Divine Masculine.
    A new website-great! I’ll check it out.

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