This Is A Full Circle Moment – Gateway/New Moon/Unity Meditation

Beautiful Dreamers and Keepers of The Light,

My heart is so full in this moment and my mind so still ~ the energy of peace is so profound in this now I feel it coiling around my physical being, enveloping me in a cocoon of the Mother’s love. The Solstice Gateway is already pulsing with strong gravitational pull into the deep heart of Gaia, the Human Heart Grid and the true core of Divine Human. It is a STUNNING moment – I trust you are all creating space and ongoing moments of gratitude to recognize and embrace the many ways Cosmic Mother is speaking to each of us as we near the transformational gates of the 7th Golden Age of Consciousness.

We did a lot of grounding and preparation in the current webcast (Showing Up, Embracing Divine Destiny so spend time with those light codes and pure christed frequencies. We are being rewired energetically in preparation for something new: new ideas, new insights, new belief systems, new experiences, new attitudes, and a new relationship with life. This is always hardest on the physical body so have patience with however your upgrade is choosing to show up. Again, I emphasize, when you feel tired – REST. My new acronym for REST: Remember, Ease and Stillness = Transformation! 😉 Yesterday the Solstice Gateway was pulsing so strongly I felt physical strangeness I have NEVER felt before. I knew to keep breathing and asking my Self – what do I need, what do I need? I put on various kinds of crystals which helped tremendously… and noticed that any time I was inside – the strange, vibrational influxes that kept moving me in and out of dimensional spaces my mind couldn’t process – inside I felt more weird, unstable, was I hungry or not hungry, was my blood pressure low?? but the minute I stepped outside – I stabilized and got instant relief. So, STAY CLOSE TO THE MOTHER. And remind yourself daily that you are indeed moving towards an UPGRADE. This is important – we must OWN this process fully, however you are experiencing this movement.

A week or so ago, Bodhi and I were in the woods when we came upon what I felt, strongly, was a pack of wolves! We did not “see” them – but were close enough to have quite a surreal experience of the whole pack, babies and all, howling for what seemed like an eternal moment. When I got home and shared this incident, everyone insisted it was not wolves, but coyotes. Fast forward to 2 days later… we were up in the same woods and came face to face with a WOLF! No mistaking. Coyote are smaller, more lithe, sinewy – they have pointed noses and their howls are really high pitched. Wolves have rounded noses, are bigger and more robust – they look a lot like a “dog” (shepherd) – and their howls are lower and mournful. I was grateful (though cautious) for this second encounter – clearly the “powers that be” wanted me to be aware of WOLF energy – not coyote. This is KEY in this NOW – you will not be left wondering about ANYTHING. The field, the Solar Christed Light, Cosmic Mother – as you align with your core and trust in Divine providence, your guidance will be clear. You will not be in emotion – you will be in your feeling nature and knowing.

WOLF ENERGY: offers some of the most striking animal meanings in the realm of spirit animals. The power of the wolf brings forth instinct, intelligence, appetite for freedom, and awareness of the importance of social connections. Wolves come to teach us about personal power, self-control and balance.

Is this not EVERYTHING we were working on and anchoring in Sunday’s show… connected to the December energies!

Another strong influx with the magnetics of the Solstice Gateway next week is the amplification of your Guides! Remember in this webcast I shared that the Shining Ones are wanting you to “turn up the dial on your curiosity about them?” Well, this holds true for your personal Guides, as well. They are so near, so present, in a truly mystical and powerful way. They are here to help you with this transition to New Divine Self and environments. TALK TO THEM. As if you were talking to someone in the room with you – because they are. Be very specific with your requests and needs. Ask with the intention of truly clearing your way to mastery – to greater service, to clearer seeing of all things and persons… ask in absolutes without doubt of their presence or willingness to serve you!! You will be aware of Guides that have always been with you and also of new Guides “showing up” just for the purpose of this shift into Primary Christed Timelines and new roles of service and beingness. Express your gratitude at their presence freely and deeply.

I woke up this morning in such deep spaces ~ like a marriage/Divine Union with the Soul of Creation. It made me weep for the love of it all – grateful for the immensity of my own Soul that keeps scooping me up into greater awareness, greater forgiveness, greater harmony with the whole of Creation and greater Love that just shines radiantly through any remaining veils of separation in our world. A song came to me – a video actually – the very one you see here; wolf and all! When this video came out, I was in my 20’s – the Judds were fresh and new to the scene of the music world. I was working for a radio station at the time and had the good fortune of sitting down with them in conversation before a simple concert in a country bar in Tampa, FL. When this video came out – it just melted my heart and filled me with a knowing of what energy would prevail on Earth and for humanity. Love Can Build A Bridge... We are the bridge that love built – you and me! I am sharing this moment with you here – and then ask of each of you:

How does the world look to you today? What is the best case scenario moving forward?

Primary Christed Timelines support the emergence of collective creativity, expression of your Highest Self, and next-level embodiment – in other words – walking into every experience no matter how intense or unfamiliar – as expressions of Pure Light. The energies are transformative ~ and all of us must surrender to personal, global and cosmic revelation, while demonstrating the compassion of unconditional love and ungovernable strength in holding the spaces of TRUTH. Any shutting out, shutting down or blocking of experiences, emotions, persons in this NOW is FEAR! Let it go – let the past be in the past – see and be ONLY Love because that is the ONLY Truth.

Sunday is both a New Moon – and of course, our weekly New Human Unity Meditations: This New Moon, much like the Native American/Cosmic portal recently discovered in the Shining ones vortex… acts as a portal for you to recalibrate your dreams and intentions. What is your vision for your life and our global society moving forward? As was demonstrated and modeled in the current New Human transmission, this period of time between the New Moon and the Solstice Gateway is all about UPGRADES! What do you wish to truly upgrade and change and DREAM IN, for your life… and for our world? This is a time to release any attachment you have to anything in the past. Be grateful for the memories but allow the energies of your personal and our collective past go so we might all, move forward into more love, greater unity, deeper service and the radiance of Oneness.

Mitakuye Oyasin – (All My Relations: reflects the world view of interconnectedness held by the Lakota people of North America)

To you and you and you and you ~ all my relations…

One Love, All My Heart, Blessed Mother, Blessed Be ॐ ????
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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4 comments on “This Is A Full Circle Moment – Gateway/New Moon/Unity Meditation
  1. Darlene says:

    Oh my! That video is powerful beyond words. Thank you so much for sharing it and for your beautiful post reminding us to step up to LOVE. Much gratitude.

    • DeAnne says:

      yes! I can watch it again and again – the “story” and the role of the wolf and the hawk… and how it all transforms into Unity. “Love and only love can heal the tribes of man – and it all begins with you and me” ♥

  2. Kathleen says:

    So POWERFUL, Deanne. I felt the energy of Wolf power coming through the photograph so profoundly. It wrapped around me like a blanket and touched me to the core. The video made me cry…good, hopeful tears.
    Thank you.

  3. Joyful Judy WOLLAM says:

    Ditto about the wolf. So glad you got to have such a powerful encounter. How did Bodhi react?
    I’m so glad you mentioned about experiencing the New Human updates in various ways. A cold caught me along with a low fever. This has not happened to me in years. I was told from within to go outside and absorb the energies which I did. I went with the flow and am feeling better.
    One of my wishes has been to be able to talk with my husband more about my spiritual things and that is starting to happen. YIPPEE!
    I’m glad you mentioned speaking to our guides as if they are right here with us. I definitely need to practice doing that more.
    And you getting to talk with the Judds when you were in your 20’s. COOL! Loved the video featuring the wolf and the eagle too.
    Your comment about shutting down, blocking etc of experiences was coming from a place of fear was so significant for me that I stopped reading and immediately wrote the comment in my journal. Thanks.jj

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