New Webcast: 2018 ~ Embodiment And Higher Service

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?
Mary Oliver

Greetings of the Highest Love to One and ALL,

What a powerful, auspicious, beautifully unrelenting and seriously magnificent NOW. Spend some moments breathing into the image above, there is a lot of remembrance to support your embodiment and your heart. The image reflects Namaste’ – which represents the Divine Spark within each of us that is located in the heart center – a gesture of acknowledging one soul by the soul of another. Namaste’ literally means “I bow to you”. Additionally, the masculine/feminine reflection, a balanced compliment of one soul – reminding us that when all is settled and the rivers of consciousness are flowing clearly with love – that we see ourselves in every being and are seen in the same way by all others. Ommmm Shanti Shanti Shanti

Speaking of rivers flowing, the blue reminds me of water, which is consciousness. We are the drop in the ocean and the ocean is in each of us. Blue is also the color most associated with the Shining Ones and spiritually symbolizes Truth, speaking Truth, living in Truth and aligned with Truth… blue is the color of spiritual life and peace.

There is a preciousness to this image (and this NOW), a sense of grace, innocence, of deep and abiding love. I feel the invitation of this NOW emanating through the simplicity and tones of this image. It is with these characteristics and trust in the Mystery that we step into the Embodiment and Higher Service available in 2018.

In this webcast, we will spend time on the December Gateway and the profound shifts underway in our bodies, our minds, perceptions and ultimately our relationship with all of existence. The nervous system has been taxed, still I feel bright and shiny – I feel my Self as overseeing my decisions and thoughts… there is a deep harmony and peace present. We have moved deliberately and distinctly from the evolution phase to embodiment of the ascension path. What does that mean to you and our world? This month and the rest of this year are aligned with a new trajectory of service work and embodiment of the Logos… even the dynamic around the division of realities has shifted. SO MUCH NEW is required from us right now, comparable only to the magnitude of the approaching New Light. We will deepen in that awareness and ACTION in this webcast on 1/11!

I come to this NOW moment and this first webcast of 2018 with a lot of humility. I feel as if the foundation of my world prior to this moment has been wiped clean with the construct of my ego – SO much repatterining and RESET requiring that we stand in our truest power NOW, in Truth and only Truth, in Love and only Love. It is essential to discern and see clearly what belongs to you and what belongs to other – this is the piece de resistance of the division of realities. Then you are free. Projection, emotional attachment, judgement and the practice of separation of any kind will not accompany the new timeline experience. Our conscious choices and actions are of the utmost importance at this time. What this phase is teaching me and the many is that love and a sense of living in compassion is the deepest and most liberating path. For those of you concerned about the polarization underway – the Shining Ones assure that the current unfoldments will shift us to new experience rather quickly. As reality shifts – the only requirement is to stay true to your heart.

I AM guided to anchor the container for this first webcast of 2018 on 1/11 – 11:11am eastern. I AM sure I will need and welcome that extra vibrational support with so much new technology upgrades – to my website, computer and the greater system of human biology. It has been QUITE a ride! As always, I AM ever grateful for each of you and the support you generously shine my way. Come for the live webcast or come when you can – but do come. Your presence and intention are integral to the ongoing dissemination of a new human consciousness and energy and this platform of 5th World, Divine Feminine Love.

New Human Transmission –
Thursday 1/11/18 – 11:11am eastern

Theme: 2018 ~ Embodiment And Higher Service
NOW Meditation – Music: Climb by Asheville’s own, Kristin Luna Ray



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  1. Joyful Judy WOLLAM says:

    I’ll be listening on the 11th.

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