Creating Miracles ~ Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Blessings of Peace and Abundance to ALL,

Take a moment to breathe in ~ and breathe out. With all its intensity and uncertainty and unknowns, this NOW moment in time is pregnant with the beauty of LIFE, of CREATION, of INVITATION and of FEMININE LOVE. The photo here was taken this morning high in new feminine vortex energies, inside a cave, looking out into the world. The fractals, dimensions, color and light of sacred geometry reflect much about the greater beauty and presence that dwells in each of our moments, even in what may appear to be dense and shadowed places. Breathe in ~ Breathe out.

This coming  Wednesday, January 31st @ 8:26am eastern is the first Blue Moon, Super Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in 150 years! Imagine for a moment that the consciousness and energy you were then, foresaw this moment with such clarity that you agreed at that time to be present NOW. Life and your journey and the experiences currently integrating within and around you really are that significant, that vast, that inexplicable. This moment for lightworkers and conscious beings the world over really is ALL about stepping into a powerfully graceful state of presence.

Take a moment and tune into your experience last August with that magnificent Eclipse that cut a swath of light and dimensional portals across the U.S.  Not only did the Eclipse last Summer open a Trinity Stargate – it initiated a higher level of trajectory toward the Solstice Gateway last month. A powerful, powerful time of upgrade, openings and closings, activating the 7 Sacred Weeks that recently culminated. And now, the Shining Ones draw our awareness and hearts, our vision and our capacity for full embodiment to the fact that the Solar eclipse of last August and the upcoming total Lunar eclipse on January 31 are linked!

I can feel that Eclipse experience of Totality vibrating in every cell of my being, in my mind, my heart, my vision and my knowing ~ still! I STEPPED UP and into an altogether higher and different aspect of Self that I was not even aware of until the moment – and that new, inner mastery and instinctual awareness is buzzing, vibrating at great rate as this Total Lunar Eclipse draws near.

This window between August 21st, 2017 and January 31st, 2018 has been highly transformative – it has affected the way we experience time, our multidimensional selves and the bifurcation of realities. If the Solar eclipse was powerful for you, this Lunar eclipse will be, as well. I feel so incredibly grateful for that. SO grateful and deeply rooted in faith and trust at the greater process underway. Take a moment to review what has transpired within you and in your life in this period. Follow this trajectory energetically and really take to heart what it is telling you about your path, your relationships, your health and well-being, your service and your true purpose on the planet at this time. What has changed? what remains? breathe in the stillness of the mind and breathe out any emotional interference and greater still, anything reflecting drama. Breathe In ~ Breathe Out.

One of the strongest visions/downloads for 2018 is the activity emanating from the Trinity Stargates. These massive interuniversal portals aligned and activated with the Solar eclipse last August. The stargate alignment allows Crystalline templates of superior purity and vibration to merge with the SUN. Trinity of Transformation. Pay attention to how the trinity energy is showing up in your reality and take a moment to breathe gratitude through your heart. A new human from Maryland journeyed with me into high feminine frequency today to witness first hand the superior purity of an interuniversal portal. We lay on a large raised mound within already high nature and felt the presence of Souls who were once incarnated and those who reside only interdimensionally. I felt my body very grounded on the earth as I lay in stillness – yet I also felt my multidimensional aspects lifting effortlessly through these interuniversal portals. This place and this moment very clearly conveyed the meeting of the higher and the lower, the power and heart of warrior spirits incarnate to co-create new worlds at this time. We have worked a lot with the trinity stargate that opened with the August eclipse on the New HUman webcasts – the New Earth grids merged with the crystalline grid during that event. Where the last eclipse required extensive gatekeeping and gridwork (gratitude to the beautiful goddesses who helped with this in the New Human Fall Equinox Retreat ) this eclipse requires open-hearted anchoring of the next level of our Ascension.

Between now and the next eclipse on 2/15 – expect to be flooded with ideas or options (already happening)  – you will likely feel an element of haste but that energy will be accompanied by new ideas that will have positive outcomes – the individual and global implications are that WE CAN CHANGE THE COURSE we are on. As Unity Consciousness continues to spread like a wave of light across and within our world and species, new personal and collective alignments – reunions, will be happening at quickening rates. It will be easy to discern if the new “partnerships” manifesting are of the past – or ancient to future in nature. There will be “losses” (clearings) as energy moves around toward highest alignment at this time ~ but incredibly beautiful, otherworldly manifestations and reunions, as well. Make note that the reunions and alignments of the new timelines will be very expansive, inclusive and heart centered. Themes reflecting isolation, “tribal sects” and extreme diversion from the course you have been laying with your spiritual heart, are not of the new timeline and will lead to increased instability as the crystalline grid comes fully on line. The New Earth grid went vertical last year, merging the crystalline core of Gaia with both the crystalline grid and Solaris. This has been the primary focal point of the upgrade in our physical vessels merging the low and high heart (solar plexus and thymus). Much was shared about this new energy in our bodies on the current New Human Transmission. Embodiment And Higher Service, 1/11/18

Our current service focuses on unlocking as many node points as possible, continuous amplification, and merging our HUman heart grid as one stargate of Ascension. There is no greater opportunity and support for doing this than out on the Earth Mother. The Shining Ones affirm that our starseed devotion and trust is, indeed, resulting in a very Divine Love delivering on ancient promises. Many of us have been unwavering on the path of light for much of our lives and there is now visible, tangible evidence that what has transpired has been created by all of us, in service, as One. We will see the fruits of our labors and the reward of completing our missions this year. Stay the course, love the One, trust your Self, break any lingering patterns, dive more deeply into the mystery, say yes to things that seem a little beyond your reach… because your reach in this NOW is empowered by a new energy that will not be denied.

Trust the wisdom with which you chose to BE HERE NOW – in a world fraught with imbalance and chaos. You came to both witness and be a part of a huge shift in conscious… so don’t sit on the sidelines, be an active part of the birthing of a new Earth from your heart, your gifts and your presence! In addition to reflecting in deep spaces on what is expanding within you from the merge of last August’s Eclipse and next Wednesday’s Blue/Super/Full Moon Eclipse – work, as well, with the understanding that during a Full Moon, the Moon (feminine) is sitting opposite the Sun (masculine) and is fully illuminated as it reflects the light of the Sun. This energy reflects masculine/feminine integration – or the suns power now fully shining thru feminine. Magnificent!!

Breathe In ~ Breathe Out. Reflect and drink in once more, the light intelligence in the photo above. The energy of 2018 has been phenomenal so far, a vibrational conduit of 2/11 – Earth and Humanity’s Year of Embodiment – the Gateway of the Golden Age of Enlightenment. Om Shanti!

Peace To All, Life To All, Love To All,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

Bubbling Brook Harmonics from the Shining Ones woods!

***REMINDER – New Human Global Unity Meditations – every Sunday!


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5 comments on “Creating Miracles ~ Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
  1. Joyful Judy WOLLAM says:

    Your picture is Magnificent! And I loved the Bubbling Brook Harmonics too.

    Yesterday 30 of us gathered together here in Stockton, CA to meditate for an hour at a spot especially selected for its energies. It was wonderful. We had a nice balance between feminine and masculine energies. We plan to meet monthly.

    Looking forward to the Lunar Eclipse as we embrace a great balance between the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine.

    Love and Blessings,

    • DeAnne says:

      the harmonics in these waters CALLED us from a distance where they were inaudible to the physical ear…. there was a light shining on the rocks that was very other worldly. So happy to share them in this way! Love to you, as always!

  2. Jean says:

    Love the photo and the sentiments shared here! ♥

    “… say yes to things that seem a little beyond your reach… because your reach in this NOW is empowered by a new energy that will not be denied.”


    • DeAnne says:

      Gratitude Jean – good to hear from you. We are tuned to the same frequency 😉 sending you energy and love always! xo

  3. DeAnne says:

    The light in the image was the energy INSIDE the cave – wow!

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