Process and Refuel: Key February Energetics

GRATITUDE to the many for the beautiful, inspiring gathering last Sunday for the New Human Transmission. “Deep and powerful”, are among the reflections you have shared… many of you are starting to embody the purpose and understanding of regular mantra use – and there was a quite a bit of excitement about Costa Rica! So, let me share some energy and thoughts about the show and the energies that continue to hold the most influence this month.

We talked about the gifts of the Eclipse (new and higher trajectories) and a new relationship with time on Sunday’s webcast. I remember the Shining Ones nudging me to talk directly to the masculine audience, encouraging a deeper level of personal reflection and responsibility to the spiritual path and new expanded roles now activating. What is equally important to hear and work with is that it is the masculine in us ALL, that will meet with challenge and opportunity, this month.

The old masculine energy and construct of time on our planet is about will, drive, impatience – this pressure of making things happen and the fear of it never being enough – that we are never really enough. If you are really present with your perception and willingness to CHANGE from a deeply transformational level of your being- you will be aware – maybe for the first time – of unconscious patterns that reveal a certain level of addiction to stress and drama.

I arrived early to yoga this morning, YOGA! and a woman that I know has been practicing regularly for many years was asking the front desk staff if they had any ibuprofen – to which a huge bottle was pulled out to share. The one in need of the OTC drug/anesthetizer, commented that  she didn’t know if it was the drive in the rain to the studio or tension from having just returned from travel and snow skiing… but she had a headache and muscle tension. I watched from another perspective – expression of this addicted state of being – where we are unconsciously caught in a loop of this old masculine energy. We need vacations from our lives – and often take the energy that exhausts us with us, remaining in a perpetual state of tension which then requires unhealthy, unconscious, addictive response! If I witnessed this at a yoga studio – (one that keeps OTC drugs on hand) – imagine the level of addictive life – stressed out by stress! that functions unconsciously on our planet! Breathe In ~ Breathe Out!

Let’s take this thread a bit deeper ~ say you are currently working on a pattern that has tripped you up for many years. You are breathing deeper and taking the pattern higher in your wisdom, you are sincerely desiring to SEE your Self and this pattern more clearly. All these efforts and the presence of new choices, new decisions – you feel the determination that this will be the time and year you will set yourself free, at long last. THAT is definitely where we are energetically – that is what all these gateways and new trajectories and new timelines are all about – freeing us from the prison of the small self. And yet – if you find yourself getting frustrated because you aren’t seeing results quickly enough, if at all – if your adrenaline starts racing because something or someone is not cooperating with your new efforts and determination – THAT is the very same “addiction to stress” creeping into your energy body, your energy world and best of intentions.

This is the razor sharp level of Self Awareness we are working with now. There is a huge collective pattern of “not enough time” that we are being forced to face in this current trajectory of reach. This pattern is deep and it is cultural. Time is a very old and manipulated construct on our planet. We race against it – ALL THE TIME; we race against death, we compete to be the first and the best, because we think that is what makes us matter. We are almost never present – this energetic understanding is beautifully illumined through story and parable and guidance often, on the New Human Transmissions.

The good news is that as this new radiance calls all of our fearful and small habits to the surface – we are being given the opportunity to witness the old persona through new levels of awareness and perception. This is the moment we are empowered to experience something new. It is not in the future, we did not miss a turn or were not up to the task at a previous time. We have the incredible gift in opportunity IN THIS MOMENT – to examine how we have been living our lives and to begin each day – in great and small ways – to make changes in our attitudes, our beliefs, our relationship with time and our fear of not being enough.

In this current webcast – Eclipse, Transformation, Embodiment (February 4th, 2018), I shared some technique, tools, energy around STOPPING the runaway train of these old patterns quickly, so that the mind is disengaged and you are aware of your heart, your feeling nature and the presence of this new feminine power in each moment. Our physical bodies are undergoing massive changes on levels beyond what we can intellectually comprehend. The more we are able to draw a correlation between how we engage a moment and how we feel in that moment – the more apparent it becomes that we live in a reality where our hearts and adrenals are shot. And only we can CHANGE THAT COURSE.

The old habits and patterns, personally and collectively, will not change over night. But you will see almost magical manifestation as you begin to shift, draw back from, consciously breathe and begin to practice alternative ways of engaging your life with all its variables.

The Full Lunar Eclipse of January 31, has opened a time frame that is bookended by a partial solar eclipse mid-month, on February 15th. It creates a perfect structure of time for observation, review, and change. Since eclipses are always about supporting change, we should always take the opportunity they present to keep things moving in our lives. Do spend some time with the difference between acting with attachment – and acting without attachment that we worked with on the current webcast. Much is coming in fast – DISMISS NOTHING and yet – relax into this new rhythm of co- creation, community support (you are not alone), Self Care, Divine providence (everything in its perfect timing) and epic change in the way things have always been done.

Flower metaphor and energy kept “popping” into the February transmission like a fresh bud pushing up through the lovingly tilled soil. February vibrates the invitation to allow everything to “unfold” and blossom as a flower coming into its own. YOU are the flower new human. You have tilled your soil well, you have pruned the weeds of your mind and habits with devotion for many years. ALL is flowing well and in its perfect timing. Trust the seeds you have planted and allow the process of NEW LIFE to unfold in new ways, with new supports, new opportunities, new freedoms. We are working with grounding to anchor new ways of “being” and “doing” in our lives. Stabilize your Self often with conscious breath and the awareness that this YEAR is about Embodiment, Power, Divine Alignment and your Divine Truth. It is TIME TO SHINE.

We are Oneness Rising, The New HUman 💜💜💜



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