NEW COURSE!! Ancient Mysteries Of Asheville

A 4-Week Sacred Nature Experience
with DeAnne Hampton, BS/MA

A 2018 Initiative To Heal Body, Mind, Spirit and Earth

DeAnne has been teaching and guiding vortex and sacred site experiences in Asheville since 2009. This  experiential course is in response to the New Earth Grid and expansion of the new masculine/new feminine energies activating at this time.

WHO: This 4 Week course is for anyone who has a deep love and appreciation of the Earth with a desire to deepen that relationship. The nature experiences will be off trail, in deep woods and will involve a good deal of climbing. You will be challenged if you are a good to average hiker, advanced hikers will experience their edge!

WHAT: Learning to follow the energies of the Earth
             Deepening your trust in the Earth
             Embodying Peace and Safety not found in this world

WHEN: Saturday mornings, May 5 through 26th.
8am to late morning 

WHERE: The hikes will be different each week. The Shining Ones and Gaia have initiated this experience and we will be following their energies and guidance, co – creating with the greater ascension energies and Solar activity underway. We will have a central meet up place and go from there. 

How: Wear comfortable shoes and clothes you do not mind getting dirty. Bring water, a snack, layers, an offering for the earth… think LIGHTNESS of being! I typically don’t even take water on a 3 hour hike – I just want to be as free as possible to explore, climb, crawl into, jump, leap and fly! 

ENERGY EXCHANGE: $160 per person for 4 weeks
Limited spaces available for quality of experience.
A deposit of $75 reserves your space –
remaining due on first day of course.

Deposits: – donation button

The breezes at dawn have secrets to tell you ~ don’t go back to sleep. Rumi

Gratitude to Darlene Sowa from the 1st Course for sharing her perspective:

“This class was an extraordinary experience of love, surrender, adventure and rebirth. I discovered a greater depth and intimacy not only with nature but with myself, as well. Thank you, DeAnne, for gently guiding us to stretch beyond what we thought was possible… all the while having a fun and glorious time.”




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2 comments on “NEW COURSE!! Ancient Mysteries Of Asheville
  1. Elizabeth says:

    As always, with you in spirit on this grand adventure, DeAnne! One love. All one.



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