Earth Magic, Earth Medicine

So many magical things, evidence of LIGHT and promise, new experiences of new LIFE, invitations to deepen and open the heart and embrace embodied existence!

A beautiful soul named Marni came in January to experience mystical life and grow her spirit. We started out with sound healing working with the new DNA ~ then we went to experience crystalline waterfalls in pristine nature votices. She also journey with Mother Aya and experienced Kambo cleanse ~ it was beautiful and gratifying to witness her connecting with her ancestors and healing a lot of feminine lineage in her past and present lives.

The last day she was here we went exploring downtown Asheville together – immersing ourselves in the healing gifts of the Herbiary where we found so many divine feminine medicines and potions and herbs. Then we went to Enter The Earth ~ on a mission to find a certain crystal to take home with her. I was kinda tagging along, an energetic support since I live here and can experience these things all the time.

Yet, as we walked in Enter The Earth – I was pulled over to an enclosed case with jewelry. I have been in this store too many times to count over the years – and yet never have I looked in the cases. If you saw the crystals everywhere – you would understand why. But there was one wrap bracelet in particular that was calling me – I asked with curiosity to see it closer. I put the wrap on and wore it to show Marni – who loved it, as well. I then asked the clerk what it was – and she told me BONE, specifically COW bone. I thought, “why am I feeling so attracted to this bracelet made of BONE – in a CRYSTAL store.” I learned the bone was from India – where they worship cows, so much so, that when they die, they use every part of the cow to create and craft and employ so as not to waste (or sacrifice) any of this revered animal.

I gave the bracelet appreciatively back to the clerk to put away… only to have Marni generously gift it to me!! This whole experience with this lovely “new feminine human” was such a blessing. There was such a strong connection, a familiarity, a sisterhood from this re-union. Our time together left me filled with many things… and VERY curious why this Cow Medicine so strongly inserted itself into my life.

Fast forward to this incredible, powerful, ELEVATED and pregnant with generosity Pisces New Moon, just past. I was incredibly excited to be spending this New Moon in pristine nature with another sisterhood, on what was week 2 of the Exploring Ancient Mysteries Course. There was a strong pulse to follow on the heels of last weeks journey – but as this New Moon came in ~ I was guided to change the day and make it ALL about this New Moon. I created a ceremony that would take us deep into the womb of the earth and was guided to explore exclusively in the New Feminine energies… spending much of our time in crystalline waters. Hold That Thought!!

As I worked on preparing this ceremony Friday evening before the Saturday morning New Moon – a new friend (male) came back from being on the road for a few days… and brought me a very cool discovery. Can you guess??? A Cow Skull!! Seriously! I immediately went and got my cow bone bracelet, put it on, and spent time and wonder exploring every nuance of energy in that cow skull. I never once thought DEATH or poor cow ( though I did tune in for a moment to bless its soul) – but NO – this felt very sacred and ceremonial – shamanic – something to be worshiped – and a powerful gift from Gaiwey Ho (creator and creation!)

Ok – so let me fill in some very magical, significant, relevant and compelling “rest of the story” nuggets about COW and this NOW and just how stunning the Mother is in anointing, caressing, loving us back into the remembrance of Holy Life, Holy Being, Holy Love.

Key Energy Characteristics Associated with Cow:

* Motherhood                              
* Mother Goddesses
* Mother Gaia
* Fertility
* Nurturing
* Understanding
* Commitment
* Gentleness
* Quiet Strength
* Divine Feminine
* Lunar Energy

Already we see a whole lotta evidence of Divine Mother, Feminine Energy, Grace, New Sustenance.
Nearly universally the metaphysical meanings for Cows include life’s continuance, motherhood, Mother Goddesses and a nurturing soul. Among Hindu communities the phrase “holy Cow” is not simply an expression – the Cow is truly sacred there.

If your spiritual path is working toward the greatest good, Cow guidance is a fantastic helpmate. She will stay with you compassionately with watchfulness, making sure you stay inside the spiritual boundaries you’ve set.

This is what is so magical about receiving my Cow Skull before my New Moon Ceremony…

Cows are a lunar, divine feminine energy. If you’ve ever looked into a Cow’s luminous eyes it’s easy to feel how loving they truly are. But, as soft and magical as moonlight is, never forget it is the moon which is mighty enough to influence all the waters of the earth. The divine feminine is just like that. Pliable and giving, but it should never be mistaken for weak.

Cow people have the ultimate ‘mother’s intuition’.

A reminder for ALL females in this NOW: though you were born with the natural instinct to take care of the world, YOU are part of it. Your needs are just as important as everyone else’s. A wise Cow momma knows when to take a break and nourish her own mind, body, and spirit. (hmmmm this sounds a lot like the invitation to the Costa Rica Embodiment Retreat – “Nourish, Restore, Rest, Replenish!” 😉 )

There are Three Goddesses associated with COW – needless to say, each have been visiting me a lot in uncanny and undeniable manner:

Nut (Ancient Egyptian: Nwt), also known by various other transcriptions, is the goddess of the sky in the Ennead of ancient Egyptian religion. She was seen as a star-covered nude woman arching over the earth, or as a cow. She was a cow goddess who adopted some of the attributes of Goddess Hathor, who embodies joy and the ability to survive. In addition to Cow’s connection to the Great Mother, there is also an alignment with the goddess of fertility, Isis. The cow is symbolic of the maternal instinct to nurture and care for others by performing both a duty (milk) and a sacrifice (meat). The cow is representative of the Elements of the Moon.

Cow is a very powerful Spirit Animal – it calls on you to love fully. Look at the world and the wonders of creation and let that fill you with all the characteristics you most need to embrace life. Note, however, that this power animal will not let you give and give and give without refilling. Those that serve need service including you. Put out a cattle call and let people give back (it blesses them too).

Finally, I know it is no accident that a new herd of cattle, most of them young, has suddenly “appeared” in the large meadow on the way to the Shining Ones woods. Sensitive and warm-hearted creatures ~ calves when separated from their mothers, cry for them and often stop eating. This simple fact of nature illustrates the strong connection between mother and child that reflects the love of the Divine toward all creation.

Breathe In ~ Breathe Out.

I AM sure you each have many beautiful stories and meaningful encounters with the Mother of late ~ the Feminine is anchoring with quiet strength and graceful beauty everywhere, into our lives, our hearts our world. May we acknowledge them with sacred reverence and childlike JOY – we feel her, we welcome her, she is home and she is gathering us up! Blessed Be The Mother of ALL.

I have so much more to share… especially so about the WOMB of the Earth that beautiful women warrior goddesses climbed through today on this New Moon ~ but you will have to stay tuned here.

I want to leave the space in this moment, for the Mother – the gift of the Cow – and its timeless, ancient gifts of Earth Magic and Medicine.

For Now, with Love…

She Carries Me by Jennifer Berezen

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6 comments on “Earth Magic, Earth Medicine
  1. Joyful Judy WOLLAM says:

    Thanks for all this information about cows. I had no idea of their symbology. Loved the synchronicities with the bracelet and cow skull.

    It saddens me greatly when I have to drive past a farm where the calves have been taken from their mothers within 48-72 hours of birth. Sometimes the mother cries/bellows for over a week.


    • DeAnne says:

      I AM sharing something with you from the Shining Ones Judy – very important in these times! It is essential to begin truly understanding the world, reality as we know it – as a mirror of consciousness and energy. Anything that appears in our personal reality – is there because it is vibrating with us, there is an energy match. Energy = Energy. As we see and identify things in our outer reality, we are both giving it our energy (feeding it) and tethering ourselves to it. This is why certain things remain in our lives – or why we see certain things again and again.

      In giving voice to this terrible sad situation – you are metaphorically throwing logs into the fire of its consciousness. It then becomes a black whole that continues to make you feel worse and worse, lowering your vibration and assuring that you continue to live in an experience of consciousness and energy where animals are mistreated.

      I live in a valley where cow are very common. Out in spacious pastures with clean running creeks – these cows live in near idyllic conditions – I feel happy each time I pass them – I talk to them when I can. In this scenario – I AM vibrating peace and happiness – and sending that out into the greater world. It is not that these cows are lucky and the ones you see are not – they are reflecting a consciousness. There are as many levels of consciousness and energy in our world as there are people. We have the power to GROW the awakened awareness while taking energy OFF that which still reflects unconscious patterns and beliefs.

      The scenario you share here is a vein of victim consciousness – this is a very old, very entrenched archetypal energy in our history and on our planet. When connected to the Truth of who we are – there are no victims, not in the human kingdoms, the plants, animals, etc. On this current webcast – I (via this NEW consciousness) suggested to each of you – that when we witness the devastating weather in the southeast, for example, that has been happening of late – take your consciousness, your mind and any emotional tendency OFF feeling pity or viewing the skewed news media over and over – and instead – to simply say the State or Town aloud and then visualize the NEW EARTH – that this is doing more to help the situation than feeling sorry for them.

      There is not ONE SOUL – not a blade of grass or a baby cow that is not overseen and loved by creation – rather than sharing your sadness and sending that out into the grid – perhaps in your own quiet and empowered way – because you ARE a powerful creator – meditate SEEING those very cows in the very circumstances that you are experiencing – FILL THE SCENE with light – including the humans that manage it – SEE THEM ALL ON THE NEW EARTH. And you will do a powerful service for human kind!! xo with love ~ xo

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Beautiful sharing, DeAnne! I’m in love with the magical, nurturing power of the Divine Feminine … there for us all in quite unexpected ways. 🙏🏻♥️🌟

  3. Cynthia Woods says:

    THANK YOU DeAnne.If you don’t mind me asking, when you envision New Earth what do you see? And thanks for the beautiful song, I ordered one of her CD’s.

  4. Joyful Judy WOLLAM says:

    Thanks for your input and observations, DeAnne. You have given me a different perspective to focus on which I will do.

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