Crystalline Earth Emergence and Embodiment

One week ago it seemed as if the whole of existence danced with metaphor and Divine Light ~ so palpable and beautiful and vast was Easter Day, 2018. I was grateful and honored to create a New HUman container of transformational energies within which to share the incredibly strong Solar flare frequencies and energies of resurrection, rebirth and new life that permeated the multidimensional grid of our world. There was a stunning surge of Source codes through the field that felt like a Cathedral of light invitation, activation and divine remembrance for the NEW that is emerging from within. Divine Merge is underway on every level ~ we are stepping out, stepping up, stepping into more and greater and TRUTH in ways that reflect a new level of commitment and devotion to the essence of beauty, of peace, of unified existence and of love.

I shared many new expressions and levels of phenomenon that are presenting on and through the planet at this time on the current New Human webcast ( ) Part of my commitment to this Embodiment Year is stepping up in the ways I may teach, guide, share the energies of the New Earth, 5, 6 and 7D Earth. As such, I began the first of many Ancient Mystery Courses here in the ancient and crystalline beauty of Asheville. One of the miracles and gifts I AM so delighted and honored to share is how the crystals are changing on our planet – even as we, divine new humans, shapeshift, embody and merge the Higher and Lower Self in consistent experience.

In this photo, I AM showing you 2 sides of the same crystal ~ an amethyst quartz I found early this year in the Shining Ones vortex. Notice that one side looks like ordinary “rock” we see in various parts of nature. Yet, as I turn it over, you see the greater truth of its beauty and nature – just as you and I and every human on this planet, has a greater truth in identity, expression and purpose. In this photo you can easily acknowledge that this amethyst quartz has a Lower and Higher Nature (Self) that is currently in Divine Merge along with every other living thing on this planet.



For many years while teaching and sharing vortex energies, I have relayed how the crystals of the earth are moving closer and closer to the surface. I use to experience them deep within the earth, safe in the mothers pure energies and light. But as humanity is waking up and the surface of the planet is accruing more light, the crystals have been slowly “rising” … to the point where last year, more and more began poking through the outer most surface of the planet – desiring and ready to merge with a new humanity and external world existence; a Golden Age of Light.

In case you need more convincing of this light and transformation phenomenon underway, not to worry, I have more!! Last Saturday, the day before this spectacular Easter Sunday, the Ancient Mysteries Course was exploring in the Trinity Stargate that anchored in masculine vortex energies the day after Valentines Day this year. If you remember, February 14th was the day of the shooting in Parkland, FL. We found a giant quartz currently in the midst of transformation, rock to crystal, Lower to Higher Embodiment. Here are some photos of this stunning display of shift, of change to new timelines and movement to a new residency and frequency on our planet.







You can tap on any of these photos, to enlarge. In this one, I pulled back the leaves along the bottom rim so you could see the transmuting rock along the entire edge. You can also see little spots of quartz starting to come through above and to the right of the main “bulge” of crystal quartz.

Another awareness to pay attention to… this rock is in the midst of VAST forest without trails. Seeing it was not a given ~ and yet, this living quartz actually “called” to us – pulling us up the mountain right to it – sensing our crystalline energy and radiating out a felt, similar energy. It was manifestation of the highest order, an alignment of the new timeline and a reflection of multidimensional embodiment; rock, earth, human, solar energies, Divine Crystalline Merge of the Christed Self. This Embodiment is all about becoming the Christed Self. The deep peace that we have been experiencing of late is a huge part of this merge. Being in a dimensional space where we could experience this transformation in process was incredibly joyful, sacred and humbling.

Yesterday, a rainy, not so inviting outdoor day in Asheville ~ Bodhi and I stayed closer to home ~ climbing the mountain just behind my cabin home of the last 16 years. There are no trails of course, we just explore and move with intention, following the energies and our hearts. We were called to a large pile of rocks I had not explored in a while because it was recently home to a pack of coyote! Here is another shapeshifter we found along the way. Notice the difference between the 2 ends… one still the former self, appearing as rock, the bottom side clearly changing into quartz crystal.

No matter where you live, no matter what your current relationship to the reality, time and space around you – it is so important that you are taking time to experience, to dream and feel, imagine and create these higher timeline experiences for yourself. I AM currently participating in a research study being conducted by a local university. Answering certain questions several times a day, one thing we are asked to reflect on is how much synchronization there is between our internal and external world. This is an incredibly important concept in this NOW – this experience has heightened my awareness of my internal environment, how I feel in any given moment physically, emotionally, mentally and then relate that internal experience to what is going on around me. Are you aware what your ideal internal space feels like? Can you then honestly discern what in your external space aligns with that peace, that sense of well being and balance… and what needs to be shed, let go of in this NOW?

Now through the Summer Solstice will be a period of ongoing adjustment in our lifestyles, plans, creations, relationships ( to Self and other) even adjustment in our location to accommodate the higher trajectory. I AM so aware of this Divine Merge in my daily habits ~ behaviors and thoughts that just are not aligned with the growth and desire that I AM embodying now. And I have to say, everyday it feels like learning to ride a bike – and I fall off and then have to get back on. In one of my yoga classes the instructor repeatedly says that if we are not falling out of tree – we are not at our edge. If we have perfected traditional tree, then practice tree looking up at your thumbs, and when you perfect that, then try balancing in tree with your eyes closed!

I reflect on this as I endeavor to refine my relationship with Self, with energy, with old habits that have become comfortable crutches and my desire to truly experience my own radiance. The good news is that because of the level of peace that is present and available now, my mind is not attaching to repeatedly falling off the bike in my repatterning ~ because my earnest intention is to realize more and more of my Higher Self, to embody my Christed Self. Ego will always focus on failure and what is wrong, the heart just yearns for home. ❤️ Gone are the doubts about worthiness or skill when it comes to embodiment and mastery – this NOW is about practicing and polishing a Self that is already divine. Remind yourself of this EVERYDAY!

Rock changing into crystal, human merging with the Divine, focusing consciousness on higher expressions within the reality around us and this presence of Pure Source encoded light ~ these are all expressions of homecoming. As we work to embody this New Light, it is very much like moving into a new home. We are creating new internal and external environments to match the vibration and light of our higher consciousness. And we are doing this with the presence of grace, of the Mother ~ there is forgiveness and no judgement. The more we expand our hearts and minds to the extraordinary beauty of existence, the easier it will be to begin applying multidimensional consciousness to everything. It takes practice, this is all so brand new. But as we clear and refine the habits of the lower self, ( and that is all they are, habits – there is nothing about you that is not already perfection) the more powerful we will be in realizing instant manifestation of internal change. Honor your heart in each moment, honor the sacred processes of the Earth and her kingdoms ~ embodiment of the Christed Self is the essence, the wisdom and love of God returning to us. We are “coming home” so that we may globally activate these crystalline portals to New Earth. We are returning to Self and remembering the inherent wisdom and gifts we carry on behalf of Love and eternity.

Leaving you with some 4 legged love on this day, that is as perfect as the ones that came before it and the ones yet to come. We are sealed up and cherished always by this love that both gives us breath and takes shape on the backside of dog being. Bodhi means  enlightenment, my we embrace it, my we own it, may we embody it and may we be it.

Om Gate Gate Paragate, Parasangate Bodhi Swaha

One Love, always in my heart ~
DeAnne and the Shining Ones



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4 comments on “Crystalline Earth Emergence and Embodiment
  1. Joyful Judy WOLLAM says:

    I like Bodhi’s heart.

    Is the research project part of someone thesis? I’m glad you are participating.

    Love what you wrote about the crystals coming up to the surface. Exciting times!

    If I lived closer I would certainly be participating in your Ancient Mystery School Course.

    I’m going to try to do the tree with my eyes closed. Just today my yoga instructor had us do the tree but reminded us to keep our eyes open.


    • DeAnne says:

      haha – the difference between your yoga teacher and mine! Michael says if tree is easy for you or any other asana for that matter, you are no longer developing strength, balance and mental acuity – there is always a way to go further to your edge – perhaps your teacher is just concerned with you falling! You will definitely fall out of tree with eyes closed – it takes practice. Michael says trees don’t have eyes – so this way you can REALLY experience what it feels like to be a tree. Trees bend and waiver when the wind blows right lol – so he challenges us to both close our eyes AND keep the ujjayi breath for even 30 seconds – you are a marvel. I am going for MARVEL! 🤩

      The study is part of a greater research project by WCU!

  2. Joy says:

    Thank you for this post. I am starting to notice subtle changes in myself and then see them magnified back to me by the environment. I have moved to a place by the sea and just last evening I stood by the shore in the evening calm and felt the peace all around. I have been giving myself lots of time and opportunity to walk in the forests and on the beach and am learning to self-reflect without judgement. I liked your bicycle image. i seem to fall off every day but I keep getting back on.

    • DeAnne says:

      Thanks for sharing Joy! I chose/feel the bicycle metaphor because bikes are ALL about balance and we are in the process of learning a new state of balance without the mind and emotions – reliant only on our inner source of being, intuiting, choosing and decision making. The really powerful piece about this phase and embodiment is the lack of judgement or feeling not good enough because we can’t yet ride that bike. It is almost as if the mind is not there – ooops – feel off (lost balance and my center) and without hesitation – I just want to BE on the bike – and there is a smile on my face along with a little skinned knee. I can feel your experience in the forest and on beach as if I am there with you – THAT is the essence and power of these new levels of peace. 😘🙏

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