Earth Day, Ancient Mysteries, Unity Meditations

Every day I see or hear something
that more or less kills me with delight

It is what I was born for

to look to listen to lose myself inside this soft world

to instruct myself over and over in joy and acclamation

Oh to be a good scholar
I say to myself how can you help but grow wise
with such teachings as these the untrimmable light of the world.

Mary Oliver

Sharing my joy with the Earth Mother today…
Wishing everyone a holy inspired Earth Day!


It is so fitting that the first Ancient Mysteries Course just finished up today ~ 4 hours of honoring and celebrating and spilling over with gratitude onto miles of deep enchanted nature. Another course will be starting in May ~ but I have a question for you as I plan. If you are interested and had a choice of a Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday morning adventure each week ~ what would work best in your world. We had several people who wanted to participate that work on Saturday ~ so I wanted to play around a little with the possibilities. Let me know ~ the goal is to be done by noon each outing ~ beginning around 8. I will create an official flyer once I hear from you ~ this was such a magical time and deeply rooted in NEW experience. My goal is to allow for as many as have the desire to come and learn, embody and give back to this beautiful Earth and life.

email me ~

FINALLY – NEW HUMAN GLOBAL UNITY MEDITATIONS on Earth Day – PERFECT!! Let us come together and LIFT HER UP – envision peace and highest possibility – a world where all beings are happy, free and living together, as ONE.


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2 comments on “Earth Day, Ancient Mysteries, Unity Meditations
  1. Joyful Judy WOLLAM says:

    I will be joining you for the Unity Med’n. I have a special sign that I place on my harmonium in my meditation room to remind me to tune in at 8:11 PDT.

    I went to the 3rd anniversary of Stockton, CA World Peace Rose Gardens. It was a magnificent day and, as I listened to kids read their poems about peace, the white clouds drifted slowly by in the deep blue sky. The energies were so high.

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