Strange Things and Radical Transformation

I was thinking today about a Netflix show called Stranger Things. It is about the upside down and inside out of worlds most don’t consider, worlds that are always watching, influencing, upsetting the status quo and luring us into mystery, challenging our well-ordered perceptions of reality. This quirky sleeper hit is classified as “science fiction/horror/drama,” which makes me kinda chuckle in a “what else can you do” kinda way. It always fascinates me how the cinema and “entertainment” of our times often mirrors the movement and dynamic of the collective dream of our world.

If you have had a chance to sit and absorb the May 6th New HUman Transmission, ( Grace And Embodiment ), you have a pretty good idea how interrelated all the bizarre, subtle, unpredictable and just plain “strange” encounters and experiences of our personal and collective reality of late, are… and also how to work with and shift your perspective, your consciousness and energy to avoid the traps of looping back into old timeline scenarios even as new levels of transformation, embodiment and life expression are available.

A couple of days ago, I drove with a friend to the West Asheville Tailgate market. I live on the east side of town and in the 10 minutes or so it took to navigate the distance inbetween, we saw 5 car wrecks. I have observed at least 2 accidents a day just in my little flow of reality this week. My friend that was bitten in the face by a dog (friendly dog of a friend, very bizarre) – now has a pretty severe case of shingles. The normally friendly, “use to human” bears in our neighborhood have been hissing and charging people and behaving really strangely. I checked on a couple of “new humans” in Hawaii earlier this week, concerned about the Kilauea volcano activity… one reflection I got back was that “Madame Pele is leading the way to a New Earth configuration.” Pele is the fire goddess in Hawaiian culture, revered and respected  – many believe this fiery activity is Pele cleaning house, making things right, restoring balance to this island community. This reverent regard and trust in nature’s ultimate wisdom is starkly juxtaposed to scientists warning of new and continuous eruption threats while local authorities scramble to move tens of thousands of gallons of highly flammable chemicals from the path of the lava.

“Stranger things have happened” is quickly and powerfully becoming an obsolete phrase in our current relationship to the world around us and existence in general. Strangeness is inversely related to familiarity. More and more, we live in a reality where we are constantly and abruptly thrown “off guard”, shot right out of our comfort zones in various, sometimes (but not always) humorous ways. And what I have noticed is how much closer it is making me feel to the activity and humans and world around me. My heart and energy are leaning much more instinctively toward connection, sharing, touch, reaching out. I do not think this is a coincidence, quite the contrary – this is both the new norm and a new survival intelligence. Mother Theresa said, “we have forgotten that we belong to one another.”And, I might add, that we really, truly, more deeply than we can imagine, need one another, as well.

I couldn’t help but reach out to the “stranger” that checked me out at the local market today. My spirit, my energy and new consciousness no longer content with the “niceties” we typically exchange while already thinking about the what next of our lives… I said something to the effect, “how are you doing in this very strange now?” She immediately perked up, I might almost say, “came to life” with the opportunity to be seen and speak about her true feelings, her inner world. She smiled and said, do you mean strange here ( as in Asheville) or strange world? And I said both! I told her of the 5 accidents I witnessed and the volcano erupting in Hawaii and how I had tripped and hit my head on a tree trail running yesterday (yes, that happened) AND, more to the point – how they are all, all these events, related. Jim had a dream last weekend that the whole planet was undergoing an earthquake – it was not isolated to any one place – it was all encompassing and all pervasive. ALL and each of these seemingly separate things, interconnected, interwoven, the mysterious, high magic and profound reset of Unity Consciousness in the Earth Grid.

We spoke for an eternal moment, this stranger and I. We “connected” – I saw her and she saw me and for a very real moment out of time and in conscious connection – neither of us was alone in this very strange, very bizarre, upside down and intently spiraling world.

Just 9 days into May we find ourselves, thus far – and transformation is presenting on multidimensional, multi-accessible levels, for all. There is powerful, deep and vast opportunity for Transformation both behind the scenes ( I “got it” very clearly what this smashing head into tree experience was about for me – I immediately felt the presence of love there with me as I lay on the ground in remote nature) and in our collective experience. Pele is not just communicating with and affecting Hawaii and its people, she is illuminating her trail blazing fire for all who tune IN – feeling and minding the inner landscape of our collective experience. This month reveals conscious and subconscious choices stronger than ever before, an all-in check point on your ascension process.

What does that mean to you – to be all-in, in your ascension process? This is a decision at an OverSoul level. Embodiment experiences, also based on choice, are revealing the path of Lightbody Ascension. Embodiment is, I AM THAT, YOU ARE ME, WE ARE ONE, Consciousness. You don’t lose your breath, even when momentarily knocked unconscious by a tree – there is not judgement on any experience, just the willingness and heart and courage to be all-in with the shapeshifting, strange and bizarre landscape of our changing world. The veils will get very thin, especially during the influx of May 15-22, (breathe) in order to reveal behind-the-scenes activity. The pure light of Crystalline Consciousness flowing through the Gateways this month will make those choices clear. Your free will choice to either fear it or align with it will present stronger than ever.

The heart and theme of all this strange world around us and within us – as well as the presence of a palpable, deeply felt and expanding grace, is IDENTITY IDENTITY IDENTITY. There is a noticeable loosening of egoic grip on personal identity, the willingness to unify on behalf of all – and the consequent opening of doors to much higher levels of creation. As old systems and realities dissolve, the New presents with wide-open abandon. And the freedom of the New can be overwhelming. New Humans, wayshowers and lightworkers the world over are transitioning our services to handle the collective shock of that Freedom. What a wonderful problem to confront this year!

As I gathered my things at the market today – the beautiful young being that checked me out, shared that she decided at the beginning of the month to just stay close to home and go inward, kinda pull in from all the frantic activity “out there” and keep her nerves calm. 😋 Ah ~ the wisdom to be found in random, unexpected places. Your focus this month, as we explored in the current webcast, is creativity, expanding service and inner attunement. Creations, emotions, relationships out of alignment become draining or uncomfortable. Compassion and inner strength become emboldened when we understand that maintaining our focus, our spiritual poise, joy and trust in this whole process ~ sends light-waves of the same into the collective grid. Know that the intensity affects all of us, and the influxes this month are reflecting the higher trajectory of freedom.

Pray for our human family in Hawaii, pray for those in Leadership roles, envision benevolent action, send love and grace to the whole of our world, every living thing, for the pressure is immense. As the Shining Ones often remind, THERE IS NO WAITING – take care with the waiting game programs. This is a time to MOVE FORWARD, with clarity, with assurance, with Self confidence and wisdom, with positive creations of service and solutions. All the while, remembering to BREATHE. Unity Consciousness was, is and will always be, present, it is our natural state. As new humans, pioneers of a new humanity and new earth existence, we tear down the self-imposed (Higher Self-imposed) veils, the Light level removes the Planetary and Galactic veils, and Unity/Christ/Crystalline consciousness returns as our consistent reality. Blessed Be.

Meditate with Pele, Goddess of Fire above ~ how might you channel her passion, her transformative nature and wisdom into the uncertainties, the challenges, mysteries and potentials in your NOW? There is tremendous energetic support for the energy of abundance, freedom, new creations, Divine New HUman expression. Dance with her, flow with her, co create and intend to assist the Global transformation of this ONE WORLD, ONE PEOPLE, ONE LOVE of unlimited Existence.

Gratitude, Peace and LOVE from my heart ~
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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10 comments on “Strange Things and Radical Transformation
  1. Marilyn Day Slocum says:

    Thank you DeAnne. Beautifully expressed. Arms around you.

    • DeAnne says:

      Gratitude Marilyn, I appreciate you stopping by ~ we all need all the hugs we can receive! ❤️

  2. CYNDIE says:

    Beautiful and eye opening.

  3. Darlene says:

    So beautiful, so touching, so inspiring.

    Much love.

  4. Marianne says:

    Dearest Deanne, your sharing of your own personal ‘stranger things happenings’, and your insights to the higher consciousness – and guidance through them for us all, calms my spirit, and excites it at the same moment. Blessed Be 💓

    • DeAnne says:

      Gratitude Marianne ~ our connection is a circle, we touch each other in various and meaningful ways. I, too, am grateful for the space you hold in the world and the intention you share ~ so happy to share love and discoveries with you! 🙏

  5. Joyful Judy WOLLAM says:

    Well written, DeAnne. Glad you are okay after running into the tree-or did the tree run into you?

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