New Moon, Divine Influx

How beautifully can you live with uncertainty?

Dear New HUman Family of my Heart,

So much of where we are now, the experiences we are gathering and witnessing, adjusting to and embodying are beyond the capacity of our language. I went to the woods early this morning, drawn again and again of late to yet another new frequency of light anchoring into the pristine nature of our planet for new human exploration and discovery. The New Earth Grid is activating at increasingly accelerated rates, creating crystalline bridges for higher levels of freedom, of service, of embodiment and palpable 5D/7D/9D effect on Collective Consciousness. I feel a continual stripping away of identity, layer upon layer of ego just surrendering, letting go into the mystery and majesty of it all. All of my self care practices, light-body and physical maintenance, attunement between body/mind/spirit harmonizing have bumped up – I feel a different level of Self informing me and creating my day around new levels of physical and inner strength, a new understanding of power and a very refined experience of 5D/7D/9D interaction. Laser focus is the crystalline bridge activity. We are simultaneously walking into and creating new realities with refined focus, this devotion, this allowing and this willingness to truly LIVE LOVE.

The New Moon in Taurus arrives tomorrow, 7:47am eastern. Tomorrow also initiates a significant energy influx for May, 5/15 – 5/22. Tuning into this phase and invitation ~ the first thing the Shining Ones dropped into my high mind was the question you see above. How beautifully can you live with uncertainty? This New Moon initiates a very powerful and potent 8 day window  – the aim of which is freedom. As I write this there are various levels of earthquake and volcanic activity all over our world ~ this activity is not dissimilar to what is occurring in our inner landscape, as well. When stepping into new territory, new choices of who and how and why we want to be, we have an exquisite opportunity to make new choices in our lives that ideally lead to new levels of freedom and potential, both for our individual experience and for our greater world.

This New Moon and the week ahead are opportunities to make great and lasting change. That change may initiate through some major event or through a moment of grace that you have worked many lifetimes to line up with in this NOW. Regardless, get in touch with what freedom really means to you. It could be from a certain job or financial situation, from a relationship dynamic or family burden, perhaps freedom corresponds with courage in your world ~ freedom from certain fears of self-imposed limitations. When the Shining Ones prompted me with the vibrational opening of, “how beautifully can you live with uncertainty” – the above photo immediately came to mind. Yep, that is me, little tiny being in an endless sky… a winged one decided to join me in that nothingness under the crystalline radiance of Solaris. For me, freedom is the willingness to go beyond ~ beyond the mind, beyond fear, beyond logic, beyond the illusion of time and space and death.

How beautifully can you live with uncertainty? Play around with that possibility starting with the New Moon tomorrow and into the coming week. Dance with it, cry with it, create with it, feel deeply your emotions connected to uncertainty, get lost in its invitation and nurture yourself in new and beautiful ways ~ especially so, in times of great uncertainty. Balance the intensity of this new Light with sleep, creativity, nature and simplicity. Remember, you are not a victim of the light, you are a conduit of it. Allow and encourage the increasing flow in your world ~ breathe deeply, still the mind often, open and expand your beautiful heart.❤️

One Love, to all beings everywhere.
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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10 comments on “New Moon, Divine Influx
  1. Joyful Judy WOLLAM says:

    What a wonderful pix of you up in the sky with clouds.(It made me think of my brother who sky dived over 2000 times? How long was that experience before you landed?

  2. Diane says:

    Mahalo DeAnne for using this ever-increasingly inadequate language to articulate what is occurring in this Now. Living on an active Volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii, I can certainly attest to all you are saying here. I too feel this coming week will increase our ability to live in the Wisdom of Uncertainty, preparing for whatever Mother is offering us in our ascension timeline. As without, so within. As above, so below. Happy to be dancing along the leylines with you . Aloha🌋🔥🌹💜‼️

    • DeAnne says:

      DEAR Diane ~ it makes my heart so happy and relieved to hear from you here. The Earth Mother is undergoing such transformation and rebirth, along with each of us – its pretty intense everywhere and I can only IMAGINE what the energy there must be. Just WOW. I see radiant crystalline spirals enveloping you in divine well-being, knowingness, comfort and peace through all of this Cosmic Rewrite. You and all of your island family are in my heart and prayers everyday. Mahalo 🌈🌞☮️ 💞

  3. Jacquelyn says:

    Happy New Moon in these exciting times!

    • DeAnne says:

      Gratitude Jackie, there is one moon and one us, and we are embracing its gifts together. 🕉💞

  4. Janice says:

    Thank you, DeAnne, for this post ….for doing your best to choose words to express what you, and we, are experiencing!


  5. Ruty says:

    Hi DeAnne, The pic above is The Truest FREEDOM image I witnessed.words don’t even fit here, they can’t match, it belongs in another Sphere.

    What I understand from it –
    IS that UNCERTAINTY, holds within it- FREEDOM. quite a mind thump!

    Thank you DeAnne for naturally -probably not even a hesitation thought-jumping into Freedom Space. this pic is unmatched!!! Hands together.

    • DeAnne says:

      🤗 Thank you Ruty ~ for acknowledging how EPIC this moment was. And yes, I agree, this image perfectly captures freedom on so many levels. It really does put into perspective how tiny our physical forms are in comparison to the IS and the ALL. It was a pretty breathtaking DAY preparing for this moment, this jump and the conscious willingness to step into such complete nothingness. I was honestly never afraid because I trust our place in the greater scheme of things… this captured moment itself is a miracle as it was taken with a cell phone WAY DOWN on the ground below. But the SUN and the BIRD and ME in one moment in an endless sky is an experience I will cherish ALWAYS – I felt then, and now, VERY Loved. ❤️🦅☀️

      • DeAnne says:

        and yes, you are so right ~ that in uncertainty and our willingness to embrace it, lies our freedom. ☮️

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