May Reverence In Us Dwell ~ June Trajectories

You weren’t born a person of cringe and contraction. You were born as energy, as life, made of the same stuff as stars, blossoms, breezes. You learned contraction to survive, but that was then. Anne Lamott

There is a beautiful invitation in this NOW moment, to surrender to the sweetness. Everyday I feel the shedding away, like dead skin, of so many stories, untruths I bought into about myself, people and the world around me. This process is increasingly effortless. Not only is there less resistance to change, to being new and allowing what is leaving to release, unravel, peel away and expose my deepest interior to fierce light… I feel loving assistance, support and great care in this ancient, holy transition to embodiment. When I still my mind and calm the fidgety dis-ease that accompanies all great and lasting change – I feel the tender loving care of being assisted in this shedding, much the same way as someone lifting heavy garments from my body temple. We are not alone in this NOW, so much love, so much presence, so much strong wanting for this species to actualize and know its true worth.

As we settle into June, there is nothing more for us to do but bathe in these new frequencies, welcome and allow the current, higher trajectory in this month of migrating realities. The consciousness shifting influxes will be beautifully intense throughout June ~ you will experience their cadence and magic as an ebb and flow. I talked about this in the current New Human transmission (, one day you may feel on top of the world, strong and elated with everything… the next day you may be numb, without expression and just wanting to be alone, cocooned from the world and your own disorienting experience. This is as it should be, there is nothing wrong with you, you are always divine perfection and seeded with light. Yet, as we near the Solar Gate, midway through this embodiment year, we are working with the masculine energies of will, discipline and refinement of how energy lives in our bodies and our world.

In my Bhakti Yoga classes, my teacher Michael hands each of us a beautiful sutra card, with sanskrit on one side and english translation on the other. They are kind of like flash cards to help us more fully embody the wisdom of yoga. Today, I drew the card for “Discipline” or Tapas ( परिष्कार) in sanskrit. My first thought was a huge sigh, as in really, MORE DISCIPLINE?😛 I would much rather draw Ananda (bliss) or Bhava (prosperity) or Bodhi (enlightenment). And then I smiled ~ I felt the energy in my being smile and soften and allow. The ego is prone to whine, even when there is nothing to whine about. There is nothing being asked of us really, save to remember that we are already bliss, we carry enlightenment in our Soul – these are the secrets of true prosperity. The greatest discipline is in LETTING GO ~ in allowing that every moment IS already perfect.

This peeling away, shedding of the old skin so to speak, Anne Lamott speaks to it beautifully in the quote above… it involves simply and tirelessly feeling the moment, the energy present within and around you. The “discipline” that I offered to you in the current webcast was to see how much of your day you could pause, take a breath and include reverence in the task before you. Brushing your teeth with reverence, for example, walking the dog, taking out the trash, preparing a meal, practicing yoga, practicing life… with reverence.

We are waking up from one dream and walking into another one ~ one where the light is embraced and love embodied and peace remembered as our truest essence. May reverence in us dwell ~ whether the light of our consciousness rests in this awareness or not, everything we do, without exception, from the higher realms, is viewed with reverence.

As we move with this ebb and flow, be still and know rhythm of a New Earth experience, be gentle with yourselves; forgive, allow, see who you are and everything you do through the eyes of love, the energy of reverence, with Sat Nam and Unity Consciousness. This month ushers us through the opening of Creator Gates, changing the way global hUmanity creates in the Now. The more awakened ones who can align with their Creator State in the Now, the easier it is for all. As within, so without.

The great gift in this moment is that we get to  “choose” how we act and do so with joy and confidence. The masculine energies of will and discipline reside in the 3rd chakra – your personal power center. As we work to understand this new energy in our bodies and in our world, we become empowered to create differently, create consciously and in so doing, deepen and expand our service in the world. What do you want, what is your intention, what is your dominant desire… it is time to take responsibility for the life of your truest expression. This is the sacred task given to you as creator being. Dig deep and step into the life you want NOW ~ there is infinite support and inspiration all around you. There is no waiting ~ this Now, Creator Being, True Life ~ these are your treasures, your power, your truth. Sat Nam 🙏

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6 comments on “May Reverence In Us Dwell ~ June Trajectories
  1. Marianne says:

    Thank you, Deanne, for expanding in this blog on REVERENCE!! It resonated deeply with me in the webcast – and now reading it, being able to read it again and again and evolve more consciously into the state of reverence is another huge gift from you! I love in REVERENCE, I intend to live more consciously in reverence this month, particularly. Such a blessing💗

  2. Jacquelyn Benjamin says:

    Oh, the whining ego. “Discipline” and “patience” both are my challenge.

    You are so very in-tune. It’s wonderful! Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

  3. Ruty says:

    Thank you DeAnne, I drew angel cards:”obedience”&”Surrender”.n’thought: ‘I’d love to’ thumped by this Mega Impact of Meaning.
    wanting& willing. yet… can I let the garden go.
    May I make the necessary leap as above.

    your notes-So helpful finding likewise pebbles in The Human ocean of Being/s. just ‘dropped’ into my heart chamber :
    I wish U a beautiful bejeweled tortoise friend. a Love incarnate.

    • DeAnne says:

      Dear Ruty, your words are like poetry and always warm my heart. Thank you for being here, being an imperfectly perfect new human, supporting and lifting up the way… ❤️

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