Strong Influx ~ New Earth, New Lives

Dear Beloved Light Tribe,

We are all feeling it and witnessing it in our individual lives and the world over; tremendous clearings, rapid acceleration, dreams reflecting the divine merge of past and present into ONE beautiful and illumined now and ongoing release of the old to prepare for higher purpose! WOW! How fitting to wander into the deep forest today to find this elegant reflection of Unity, Oneness, a joining together of separate flows of energy into a new, stronger and unified alignment. Gateways opened yesterday for the new activity anchoring in today through Tuesday, revealing some very sacred encodements I could see reflected in the crystalline waters today. These encodements are for our benefit~ new beings with renewed strength and desire to live more fully in the light and to know confidently, the new paths opening before us.

This latest energetic shift is a strong one ~ it feels a little like getting hit with one wave right after the other without a chance to wipe the salt from your eyes and catch a good breath. Welcome the intensity with calm and grace as much as possible, knowing its higher purpose. In the current New Human transmission ( I talk about the drop off of energetic support for negative realities that occurred at the end of September ~ opening us to the higher frequency force of the Christed timelines, New Earth and higher positive trajectories. Spend some time with the frequencies and support in this webcast because this activity is the restoration of Divine New HUman, crystalline DNA while opening bridges to the New Earth/5D realms for all willing hearts.

The abundant waters shown here reflect the activity of Hurricane Michael. Last week’s storms prepared us for this new influx coming in today. I AM getting to experience (no accident) the impact and work of the higher purpose activity in humans from every walk of life, male and female and varying degrees of awakeness. And what I notice is that there seems to be a common level of allowing, of acceptance and the need to move on. As we focused on a good bit in the current webcast (Stability And Balance -see above) this passage through January will feel surreal and expanded, or chaotic and scattered, depending upon your focus. The more we view these shifts (and the accompanying weather, politics, social media etc) through a positive lens (vesica piscis) – taking personal responsibility for the frequency of our thoughts, words, deeds, feelings ~ these gateways will thread right through our hearts.

These next few months, the entire landscape in our lives is poised to change – out with the old in with the new – to anchor fully the new embodiment of the crystalline DNA, Christed (Diamond-Solar) Heart center, and unity consciousness. Embodiment affects the light quotient of the planet ~ and her grids shift to the higher dimensional crystalline grid as the lower realities dissipate. Make a conscious, heart centered choice to focus on the unification of positive consciousness, rather than the division and dissolvement of the negative polarity. See every moment as an opportunity to CREATE something new, to invite in and influence the NEW as much as possible. Know that everyone is trying to find their way to these new timelines, new possibilities within and without. Spend some time really working with the play of masculine and feminine energy dynamics in your own life ~ loosening your grip on the known, the familiar, the what might have or has always been. It is time to soften, to radiate kindness into a wider perimeter of reality as you know it and to BE LOVE as a frequency of power and change in ways great and small each day. To feel and BE Divine Unconditional Love in action links us to the purified realm we are currently anchoring in our hearts.

Join us tomorrow, SUnday October 14th, for 3 opportunities to put that Divine Unconditional Love in action:

Sending Radiant Love, Kindness, Gratitude and PEACE to All ~
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

New Zealand Light Expansion Retreat:


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4 comments on “Strong Influx ~ New Earth, New Lives
  1. ruty says:

    AHH,,,water-molecules cross ,meet, merge…Wow.
    Humans are aprox’ 80% H2Os molecules. AHH,,,

    Thank you Andines.
    Thank you Shining Ones for DeAnne. receiving/reflecting your Healing , like water drops reflecting /projecting light .
    A stream of pure drops sounding “Thank You” DeAnne. Gratitude. beautiful.

    • DeAnne says:

      Gratitude Ruty ~ we are very blessed here by the earth’s waters, happy, abundant, wise undines. Every time it rains I looks forward to going to the rivers to see the joy in the waters. I always appreciate hearing from you ~ sending New HUman/New Earth Love xo

  2. ruty says:

    Thank U DeAnne. here,there isn’t abundant water as where U R but still,seating on rocks on the Mntn watching, listening,breathing the water purity,so refreshing/ moss beautifies the rocks – always grateful for the Awesome Undines,even when showering. Love 2 U & Undines.

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