Dreaming Awake ( Waking Dreams)

Breathe in ~ Breathe out, feel this moment and allow.

Good Morning Beautiful Dreamers,

Something is waking up from deep within ~ something with no story, no relationship to fear or loss or time.

This is a time to really tune into and feel what is waking up through you. Dreams lost or forgotten, new dreams you haven’t had the space for, until now; new power, new desire and immense new clarity as the Soul comes on line and the grids continue to migrate to New Earth mode. What is existence waking up through you?

Everyone is experiencing this intensity – it can be real easy to get so overwhelmed by your own thoughts and process that you think you don’t have room for another. But reaching out and staying connected and supporting one another in anyway we can during this time is critical. The ego will get buried in its overwhelm and confusion, whereas the soul expands when there is need to bring in more of the higher dimensions and light. This is important information for you. 5D, the current environment of the New Earth, is about unity, joining together, combining efforts and gifts, strengths and wisdom in collaboration and co-creation. Whether you relate to the analogy “where 2 or more of you are gathered” OR “2 heads (hearts) are better than one” ~ expand/lift out of the details of your experience by staying supportive of others who are going through their own shake up and sifting out and reboot of the human soul.

What does the soul know? The soul knows commitment – love – unity – beauty – peace; the soul knows purpose, limitless abundance and JOY.

What is the opposite of those knowings? Take a moment – our truest guidance is to follow what the soul knows. The December Solstice is a cosmic trigger for the 12D anchoring. Collective and personal choice points are a focus from here forward. Refining and fine-tuning our alignment, guidance, dreams, inner knowing and light intel will shift to emphasize full embodiment.

As we covered in depth in the current New Human transmission, (https://deannehampton.com/webcast/october-webcast-stability-and-balance/) we are in a profound period of taking inventory of our lives; clearing the deck, wiping the slate clean, creating a definitive exit strategy for ALL outdated modes of being. This includes everything from beliefs to habit, conditioning, relationships that remain unchanging or that don’t allow you to shine. In this inventory, keep an intuitive check list and really pay attention to what is expressing FREEDOM and what is not. All the while, it is so very important to get good rest, get your DNA outside often to activate new levels of service and continue to SIMPLIFY your life and person in preparation for Two Major Gateways between now and the end of 2018. More on that in the November webcast.

There is a bit of a course correction underway in the way lightworkers process information. Being astute students of energy we know to follow where there is ease and effortless flow. But in this moment in this now with SO MUCH refinement underway, we are being asked to make strong, definitive decisions first ~ and the “instructions” and ease will follow. These are very new spaces, new energetic environments ~ they won’t necessarily feel “easy” at first, but when you commit to them, they will support and guide you along. That is the Divine Feminine way. ❤️ You are more empowered than ever to CHOOSE YOUR REALITY ~ choose wisely.

A beautiful example: A woman contacted me that has been getting much confirmation and intuitive knowing that she is to go to New Zealand next March for the New Zealand Light Expansion Retreat. When she first contacted me, she said that she and her husband would look at their budget and get back to me. As I held space and honored her process, I was talking to her etherically to “go ahead and make a deposit,” for this would anchor the energy. A couple of weeks passed and I didn’t hear anything. Finally, this week she contacted me with this beautiful “free” energy and said she was sending a deposit for herself… and her husband would need to see if it was right for him. But she wasn’t waiting!!! She knew that she was being called to this experience at this time and that she felt New Zealand was very much about COMING OUT and BEING SEEN and feeling the true joy of life. Which is exactly right – and for us all.

It is “ok” to not know how the puzzle pieces fit together ~ but when you are clear on any one or many pieces, you must dive in and surrender, trust and allow this goodness and love to unfold a new dream from within you. There is a strong energy supporting our ability, as Divine Humans, to help ourselves, first and foremost. To do what we need to do to feel peaceful and vibrant, nurtured, expansive and strong in our light. Even if you have just one good thing, one really positive or absolutely right thing in your field ~ embody the one good thing with all of your heart. The focus on higher unified consciousness and heart-shifting light influxes will overwhelm the challenges of the fading illusion. And remember, the desire to connect and know and be and grow can be broadcast through your consciousness and your heart. You are a wildly vibrating chamber of love and wisdom, fortune and necessary purpose, each and everyone. Real love is not a biased love that is reserved just for our family and our friends, but a deeper, free love that includes all people everywhere. Which then leads to genuine happiness and peace in our lives.

How can you cultivate that over the next several weeks?

What generates the type of energy field that cultivates this kind of love?

Embodiment precedes Expansion: we have spent this year clearing, simplifying, calling energy back to Self and rising up to truly shine and stand strong in our Expansion.

Something is waking up from deep within ~ something with no story, no relationship to fear or loss or time. Can you trust and just say yes to it? Will you allow yourself to experience this love and expansion freely, unconditionally, without bias or doubt?

If you haven’t listened to the show (Stability And Balance, 10/ 6) – you might not be aware of just how much this adventure in New Zealand relates to this NOW: all that is moving and expanding and shifting to new. The world is a really big place and as humans, we are so conditioned to living small, believing we are a solid form with a finite relationship to existence. We live SO contained!

When I was first invited to bring the New Human and the Shining Ones to New Zealand ~ I imagined it would just be my small person traveling this vast distance … to share this new consciousness and 5th World with the Kiwis! But that is not what is happening at all! We are coming as a tribe, those of us from one side of the world to join our energy and hearts and intention with FAMILY seemingly so far removed from us. This is an intentional collaboration marrying the consciousness of Unity, of Oneness, of Reunion. I see often in the etheric realms the golden threads we will be anchoring in the New Earth Grid. This will be an experience of cultural immersion ~ of seeing who we are in others we may not know with our finite sense of self but that we know deeply in the aspect of our Soul that is waking up to the truth of this NOW. Nothing happens by chance, beloveds. The synchronistic world is alive and well and calling us into very new and expansive lives. New Zealand and the very unique way we will be experiencing it as new humans, is a powerful opportunity to feel the fullness of what is expanding in YOU at this time. As one of your sisters in this light tribe so astutely intuited ~ this experience is about COMING OUT and BEING SEEN and feeling the true joy of life.

On a personal note, I AM currently in the process of turning my world UPSIDE down, I AM in many ways clearing the deck and bringing in TONS of light in doing so. And even though my DeAnne aspect may be holding the reins pretty tight on all this power and movement and RISE underway… THIS IS WHERE WE ARE.

Something is waking up from deep within ~
something with no story, no relationship to fear or loss or time.

Remind yourself as many times a day as you take a breath ~ the past is over, you are free now. Give your energy to what is NEW and SEES YOU TRULY and loves you beyond measure. SAY YES, walk into it… big, bright, beautiful life. It is safe to wake up now ~ but these new spaces within and calling to you need to unfold with purity, peace and no drama. Then your star families and New Earth unions will not only come in to change the trajectory of your life ~ but the collective trajectory of our world. Our work now is to BE IN PEACE ~ to be wayshowers and bridges for these very new alliances of Light. 

Keeping it real, I just had an upset ~ between the last paragraph and this, as I write. It spun me and had me trembling and I “felt” the only thing I could do was cry. It is interesting ~ this now. So challenging on its own, and then we have the Full Moon tomorrow, which is proving to be one of the most challenging Full Moon dynamics of the year! It is just 15 minutes since said upset when everything went sideways and topsy turvy for a moment. I AM fine now ~ still feel a bit jittery but, do you know what I did? I LET GO. I surrendered to what was happening and just LET GO! I don’t know about you, but I AM just too exhausted to resist ANYTHING. And that, beloveds, is KEY to our expansion and power at this time.

I had a brief encounter with someone that still lives with the experience of betrayal and indoctrinated belief. I did not know this about this person until she tried to project some of that drama on to me and my world. Yes, it was momentarily intense and I did not see it coming at all. But the energy I felt from deep within communicating back to her was completely unattached to her fear. It was like the energy within me did not have the “time” or “energy” to give back to her. There was nothing I needed from her! All the while she was hurling her belief my way, I remained in my space, soft, allowing, forgiving. The Christed era is near and will dissipate the religious dogma (FEAR) over what is truly emerging on our planet.

Belief in drama, in betrayal and rejection, in lack and struggle ~ these belong to the old timeline. They have no power in 5D. As we embody more and more of WHO WE ARE, of the truer forces of power that are here now – experiences that reflect those belief will get the message there is no place for them in these higher vibrating spaces.

It is the FEMININE that is driving the new foundation now anchoring in our lives and in our world. That is the force and it is a powerful presence that will not be denied. We talked about this on the current webcast, as well. Divine Feminine energies are the lighthouse to 5D. It begins with learning to truly nurture and support ourselves, standing strong in our independence as sovereign beings that deserve to be fully embraced, fed, nurtured, valued and loved to the very core of our being. No matter what your relationship with feminine energy has been in your waking life ~ give yourself over to this immense container of feminine love and support that is here now. The secret you already know deep within, is that this powerful presence of feminine is who you are – it is the nature of the True Self.

I AM SO grateful for you all, my new human family of light. I know that, just like the Kiwis we will be joining forces with in New Zealand, we know one another in very deep and purposeful ways beyond time and space. And yet, as these gateways continue to grow more non-linear, the influxes and guidance more refined – we are remembering, waking up, strengthening our desire for true life and helping the grids to continue to migrate to New Earth Mode. Yes, we are becoming ONE with our beautiful Mother. New HUman/New Earth mantra of the moment: Everything new, everything now, everything love.

Peace To All, Life To All, Love To All,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

New Zealand Light Expansion Retreat!
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3 comments on “Dreaming Awake ( Waking Dreams)
  1. Joyful says:

    Huh! What did you mean about 12D anchoring? That is a big jump form 5 D.

    • DeAnne says:

      Excellent question Judy – I always encourage asking questions! And even though the new day blog and the monthly transmissions are light encoded to speak to more than just the mind ~ it is a good habit to not take ANY information, data, wisdom in as your own unless you can embody it. THAT being said ~ I am going to answer this in the next show – coming soon. I AM adjusting to being a new mom again, sleep deprived 😋 but plan on getting the November webcast up soon! And YAY on “allowing” ~ which is feminine energy and will always empower you to be your best self. ❤️

  2. Joyful Judy says:

    I’m getting better about allowing/communicating that I am unwilling to listen to /speak about the negativity in the world. I’m unwilling to give my power away.

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