Eclipsing The Unessential! (Tribute to Mary Oliver)

On the January New Human webcast (…/january-2019-new-human-new-year/ ) I talked about the need for simplicity in our lives. I live in a pretty small (sweet) space and only have what fits in comfortably without clutter. My mantra around things is, “if I am not using it and feeling grateful to have it – I don’t need it.” And yet, when I think about what I DO have times 7 billion people – the need to simplify becomes even more real and personal and essential.

We have this beautiful powerful Full Moon Eclipse happening tonight into tomorrow ~ (definitely been feeling it for days!) to help us turn up the inner light on Self Reflection. It is a perfect time to get clear on what is truly essential ~ to clear out and move on and lift out of and transform what is heavy and old into freshness and greater freedom. Clearing out and simplifying has as much to do with thoughts and ideas and limiting beliefs as it does material things. Take time for your beautiful and essential self during this Blood Super Moon to meditate on or perhaps journal about who you are and are not, what you love and what is needing release. In honor of the incomparable and beautiful soul, Mary Oliver who passed away a few days ago… I leave you with her wisdom around things and opening the heart and aspiring to be like the birds! 🙏

“When I moved from one house to another there were many things that I had no room for. What does one do? I rented a storage space. And I filled it. Years passed. Occasionally I went there and looked in, but nothing happened, not a single twinge of the heart.
As I grew older the things I cared about grew fewer, but were more important. So one day I undid the lock and I called the trash man. He took everything. I felt like a little donkey when his burden is finally lifted. Things!
Burn them, burn them! Make a beautiful fire!
More room in your heart for love, for trees! For the birds who own nothing – – the reason they can fly”.

– Mary Oliver “ Storage” 2017 RIP Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

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2 comments on “Eclipsing The Unessential! (Tribute to Mary Oliver)
  1. Nikki says:

    And a happy birthday to you!
    What an auspicious full moon eclipse birthday! Spectacular beauty and joy shining through!! The moon was cool as well… 😉💚

    • DeAnne says:

      🙏😊 Gratitude Nikki ~ it was as intense as it was beautiful for me, demanding a 2 day water fast and lots of moon gazing and basking.Weird dreams a couple of days prior shifting into dreams that felt like birthday gifts on the Eclipse and my birthday, 22nd! She was quite humbling in her radiance, her beauty and penetrating wisdom. And I LOVE that you were experiencing the SAME AWE on the other side of the world. SO freakinamazing! 💞🌕

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