March 2019 ~ Here We Go!

We are all feeling it ~ that something new, something different in ways that can’t be explained… something vulnerable, innocent somehow, yet so strong in place and purpose; something pushing through from the deep.

Welcome to March! In Asheville, we are seeing the first signs of Spring; green shoots peeking out from Winter’s soil, buds adorning tree tops and mountain bluebirds joyfully speckling the landscape with otherworldly shades of blue and rust. If we are really present to the gift of this now ~ we feel the powerful synchronization of outer and inner worlds; an invitation to begin new life.

I AM in the final days of preparing for the great adventure that is New Zealand. My mind is so happy with anticipation and free to contemplate what profound and transformative gifts await me with this YES I Am stepping into. But my body went into a tailspin about a week ago ~ spin being the operative word, as my whole left side from the hip down, is rotating UP, forward, counterclockwise in ways my amazing team of chiropractor, rolfer and acupuncturist have found both interesting and puzzling. They know me and my body, this support team. I AM keen on maintenance body work, so when something feels off or tweaked or I roll my foot on a rock trail-running, I go in for a session with one of them and boom, my body springs quickly back into place. But, not so, this unique and persistent energy dynamic.

I have always processed things through my body more so than my emotions. I feel a respect and gratitude for the fierce, committed companion my body has been for my spirit, my soul. So, I have spent time tuning into this “left side spiral” expressing through my body vehicle, listening to its voice, feeling into the energy (discomfort) for the message, what is it that I need to “get” at this all important, beautiful, expansive time of being human on a dynamically changing planet? And answer it has done; in mystical, magical, meaningful ways to my expansion and desires at this time. I feel the deeper marrying of the mind to the body, DeAnne aspect to the innate wisdom of body temple; Divine Merge deepening through many facets and profound dynamics as the Multidimensional Self comes into full expression of being.

I share this personal odyssey with you because it SO VERY MUCH reflects the movement from February into March. We can see and feel and acknowledge new movement in our lives, new possibilities, new opportunities and connections, plans made that resonate strongly with a new direction for our lives. And yet, there is resistance, pieces that don’t make sense: “why is my body protesting (pain) at such an incredible (New Zealand) moment in my life?” March launches with both and invitation to wide open possibilities and equally so, what may appear as blocks or resistance to what is clearly beginning to manifest for you. Reminds me of the beautiful daffodil above, that has come out in all its glory ~ saying YES to Spring, when another harsh blast of Winter is still possible.

But, just like that daffodil, we must rise to this moment, it is inevitable that we will push through to new life, new existence. There may be plenty of unknowns, areas that are unclear, questions unanswered and a certain lack of clarity that may be producing anxiety, worry or fear. This abrupt and disarming discomfort in my body (one day I could not even get dressed!) has resulted in unplanned expense in trying to take care of and tend to the temporary distress. And so we observe this fluid movement from far reaching expansive places where the mind cannot muddy the clear waters, to awareness of limited thought that clings to a very old way of life. We cannot underestimate the full breadth and depth of this new energy on the recessed, deeply guarded areas of the subconscious mind. Whether it is conscious or not, part of you is experiencing this new energy as certain death! Change has been activated on a core level in our world and in your being. There is a collective anxiety, an apprehension about what is to come that has been triggered by all encompassing change.

The wise and most powerful way to respond to this “what’s next” uncertainty that is inevitable in times of great change, is to keep moving forward. There is a momentum present that is carrying us as we move into a higher octave, a higher vibration, new level of being where the windows are vast and clear. Compassion is an essential tool at this level of the game. The subconscious instincts of survival will bring up every fear when the light of a new world shines so brightly. Think of the seed of the above daffodil, long encased in a dark chamber of security, a different kind of nourishment. But the intelligence in that organism knew when it was time to push forward, move to higher ground, live in the fullness of the light. There is no stopping the evolutionary process; for a tiny seed or an ascending humanity.

As I write these words, a giant red tail hawk circles in the sky above me. At first I thought it was a turkey vulture, its wingspan was that magnificent. But as it flew between me and the sun, the rays of light illuminating its brilliant red feathers, I knew it wanted to be seen as a participant in this sharing of higher perspective.

Hawks can soar and fly high at the same time. They have the power to provide support in gaining higher level perspective.They appear to remind us of the power of FOCUS and that whatever detail you are working with or challenged by – there is a HIGHER PERSPECTIVE to be gained.

Take care this month to keep your focus on what is moving, on what feels like LIFE and freedom, the opportunity to merge with new beings and opportunity and experience. All around our world we see compelling evidence of what is old and dying off, enmired in the negative polarity of a changing reality. No matter what your current circumstances, you have the power to see clearly and your connection to the Light realms is strong. Remember that, own that, allow that. What we know for sure is that we are all going somewhere, creating something new and when we have all the parts together in our heart, the center of our being, we will know when to take the lead, where and how.ย 

I feel an intelligence coming on line within me. I sense it in small things I am doing, in my thoughts and perspectives on just about everything. Something greater than my Will is making choices in my life now and there is peace around that, even as my lower back twinges in spasm. “I AM Ok, I AM Ok, I AM Ok.” Can you repeat this mantra to your self in and between the no’s and anxiety, the worry and fear? I will tell you a great secret; the Light shines brightly in the unknown. The Shining Ones say that the biggest secret hidden from this humanity is “the extent of your own power, your sovereignty.” And that together, our power is phenomenal.

Stay with the momentum! If an opportunity presents itself that is NEW to you, a chance to travel or be in community with other powerful, woke beings; if a door closes unexpectedly or perceptions around health and abundance get challenged ~ lean further into the unknown and follow where the energy is pointing. It is not possible to fail or be disappointed when you trust exactly what is unfolding in your life. Trust it, Bless it, Allow it ~ and remind yourself often, “I AM Ok!” We are all ready for the next step and we are taking it together: you, me, the collective body, the planet, the Cosmos and a very great Love. Declare it so!

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9 comments on “March 2019 ~ Here We Go!
  1. Joyful Judy WOLLAM says:

    I’m seeing you well and spasm free as you leave on your trip to NZ.

    I read your article with interest because much earlier (4 AM) I was overwhelmed with feelings of something/someone dying. I decided to, once again, listen to a meditation called “Pleiadian Journey” to see if that would help the situation. And it did. I calmed down and enjoyed the journey. I felt something had come up to the surface to be acknowledged and then released.

    May your situation also resolve peacefully and quickly so this trip to NZ will be magnificent.

    Love and Blessings,


  2. ruty zarosta says:

    Thought of you today DeAnne -now saw your mail.Want to send you special Love Beam Blessings for Healing , Healing, Healing.

    It’s 3;3;3 today. it feels like DeAnne. Expansion Shinning.
    Do paint NZ with your Light Rainbow transforming colours.
    Up, up and soaring you go.Have a fantastic trip in a vibrantly strong healthy and magically supportive body. Namaste

  3. ruty says:

    Hi again, Just read your propelling FW and upward article.
    YEE ! YES in cosmic size letters -BLUE-to your (and everyone’s) flight thru dim (illusion)’facts’ encounters , experiences (I have my share)our translations/perceptions of ‘that’.

    You hold t’ Arrow DeAnne of straight & Narrow. you can’t miss The Target.


    • DeAnne says:

      This is meaningful to me Ruty ~ I have a lodge family that I have done many sweat lodges and vision quests with… they gave me the name “straight arrow” many many years ago because of my devotion to truth. ๐Ÿ™ So thank you for making that connection and thank you for your thoughtful words and wishes. All is well ๐Ÿ’ž

  4. Mark Sims says:

    It really kind jolted to me to hear, to imagine, that you were suffering from some
    kind of physical distress. Of course it shouldn’t come as a such as surprise.
    You are human as well as a wildly inspired sainted being. But sometimes when I think of you -and although I go in and out of contact with your site and your messaging-
    you are never really far from my thoughts- I partly overlook the human part.
    My very first thought on reading this blog post yesterday on a Parisian bus
    was that I/WE love you very much and that I/We wish you a rapid and magnificent recovery. Thank you. (just in general!) And have a fabulous trip.

  5. DeAnne says:

    Namaste’ Mark ~ so great to hear from you here. Yes, I have been kinda “jolted” too ๐Ÿ˜‰ so I can totally relate. Sending you a big hug of gratitude for your healing and heartfelt words… Parisian bus and all. Everything is as it should be – NZ will be a dream come true! ๐Ÿ’ž

  6. Aralyn says:

    I am looking forward to sharing time with you DeAnne and seeing the sparks fly in Aotearoa soon! I was so struck that your left side and pelvis spiraled as you describe. In January I experienced the same thing! I confess I was not as expansive with my exploration of the pain as you, I was flat on the floor for days, but the messages were not lost. thank you for your reflections. Many blessings and see you soon!

    • DeAnne says:

      Kia Ora Aralyn, It never occurred to me that this manifestation was physical – even tho it was presenting VERY physically. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ But I knew it was energy and I knew it had something important for me to grasp – the pain was the teacher for sure. With what little I know about you I am not surprised that you had the same energy working with you – that of an adamant upward spiral, higher reach into the Divine Feminine. This “pain” very specifically (as if it had a voice) communicated to me “abuse” and one of the aha’s I felt so deeply is the level of abuse the feminine has endured, living in the shadow and not being allowed to let our light shine. This is all old history now and we want to leave what is past in the past – but it did bring right into my center how important it is that we RISE – that we stand strong in our power and that we do this not just for ourselves, but for HER, the Great Mother, Divine Feminine, Goddess New Light all inclusive. Everything is changing so deeply and profoundly – we are ALL being supported in new ways ~ and we must be vigilant in not accepting limitation, defeat, powerlessness or resistance to the forward movement either from outside forces or from our own, personal history. ๐Ÿ’ž

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