The Opportunity of Love

Dear Beautiful Community, New HUman Family and Light Tribe ~I AM off on the grand adventure that is the New Zealand Global Light Expansion Event. Know that wherever you are and whatever you are doing, you are very much a part of this experience. These are your brothers and sisters of light gathering and working with this new energy on behalf of an ascending humanity and planet. Our thoughts, our words, our freshly tapped wisdom and unified hearts will be attuned to your thoughts, words, wisdom and hearts during this time ~ amplifying next level conversations and divine embodiment of higher beingness, roles and service. Know that this is a time of clarity, of honing in on the center point of your power and your love for the greater purpose of Unity among people, among nations and tribes, with all living things and with the greater Living Cosmos. Trust who you are and the path you have taken to arrive, here, now, awake and IN the frequency of Love. YOU are the dream you have been dreaming ~ the only work now is to remain conscious in your dream and remember it all, as Love.

From My Heart To Yours ~
✨ DeAnne ✨


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