Blue Light/Plasma Bridges/New Moon/Unity Meditations!

Stimulating the NEW in our minds, our bodies, our hearts and our world – I will talk about the Blue Light energy on this Sunday’s webcast ~ but I wanted to share these images with you. This energy is alive, with intelligence. It plays with me ~ it isn’t always easy to capture the energy but I always feel it and am very patient in coaxing it out. What we see and understand as the plasma bridges are actually spirals ~ they are always in motion; mutating, undulating, rising in cadence with the light. These bridges are within us, as well ~ and throughout the many universes and galaxies. They are becoming much more prevalent on Earth because we are remembering. It is time. 💞

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These first photos were taken at “The Grove” which was described to us as a very sacred place with many secrets, chambers, dimensions and spirit guides. We all entered together – but as magic always sees to – 3 of us ended up going off trail together and found/felt ourselves being led deeper and deeper into other-dimensional mystery. The nature is quite thick interwoven with giant stone beings ~ it would be very easy to get turned around and in fact, we were told of persons that know the area well getting lost for hours and having to call in search and rescue. Every time we were unsure where to turn next – a little fantail (Piwakawaka)  would appear and begin chirping incessantly to get us to follow!

The 2nd and 3rd image here, I actually looked up a steep cliff and something called to me ~ and when I climbed up, found an activation chamber INside the rocks~ my 2 sisters joined me and we toned in this powerful energy, bathed in this beautiful blue light.




These 2, (right and below) were taken within moments of one another – you can see how the energy changes ~ very different frequencies are present and interacting.

emerald green ray and bridge just entering in as a portal!!




Next Up – blue water crystal energy captured on the beach at Farewell Spit!



The following images were captured at Rawhiti Caves!

Notice on the left photo here – how at the top of the arch, one side of the “bridge” starts to fan out! This affirms the energy vs some refracted light phenomenon. The milky plasma energy depicts the movement of the light in the photo – and the exquisite green hue? the emerald ray. This whole phenomenon was making sounds – as was the inside cave photo below.

This image was inside the cave and more challenging to get it to be still enough to capture. I was really working with it on a subtle level – I think it finally recognized me! 😉

This was captured in the Lord Of Rings Forest, hiking to Harwoods Hole. Again, notice the irregular nature of the arch! And the color is truly other-worldly!!

As I will share on the show this Sunday* – this Blue Light energy is directly linked to DNA activation activity. This gives you an idea what to look for and be aware of as you start to identify this energy in your own surroundings – it is everywhere!! It may also present as sacred geometry in your field and in your dream time – all super fantastic to acknowledge and recognize!

The Aries New Moon Friday, April 5th – 4:50am eastern – is a powerful ally for proactive decision-making and refining what your TRUTH is in your current circumstances and relationships. Remember, New Moons are about planting seeds and new beginnings – so take time out to meditate on what has been working, supporting and uplifting you in the last month and what needs to change for your highest good and most empowered expansion at this time. Stay in your heart (the center of your positivity) and be open to unexpected opportunities and change!

*** New HUman Global Unity Meditations – as always – a constant centering practice that anchors the intention of the highest good of all. When you come to this space with your intention – you are connected around the world with others in your New Human Family of Light. Unity = Empowered Change for our world!

* Becoming Divine Reflections – April New Human Webcast – Sunday, 4/7 – 11:11am eastern Meditation: New Balance, New Reality Music: Breathing Space by Sacred Earth

Next Webcast: Sunday, April 7th, 11:11am eastern

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  1. Jayne Herron says:

    Thank you so much for your beautiful work over many years Sister! Uplifting, comforting and of course … Divine.

    Love to All …

  2. Jacquelyn says:

    Love reading and vicariously living through your experiences!

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