The Great Revealing

You will find its beginning in any circumstance, within any moment, the world over… you may be seeking it fervently or it may catch you by surprise. It may appear within the shadows or dazzle you with its brilliance… but the path, the open door, the way in is always right before you and love is always there, waiting ❣ (path of light across a vast ocean in New Zealand)

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe, I recently had an impressionable experience of endless runways… in fact, I experienced as many runways as the days I spent in New Zealand, all within a very concentrated period of time. It is a complicated journey – getting a physical body from one side of the world to the other! But it gave me a wonderful metaphor for this kinda preparatory phase we are in of preparing ourselves, our lives, our minds and hearts and energies for 2020!!

Lifting off and landing, lifting off and landing ~ sometimes the experience is smooth and effortless and sometimes there is turbulence, bumping and feeling unsettled by the momentum underway. Indeed, there is a collective mental and emotional purging underway as both timelines and experiences express the energies around and within us, of dividing worlds. And these experiences, the felt reality of them, are amplifying greatly in our personal and collective world.

The only thing you can really know for sure as intense frequencies continue to break up all the illusion behind the scenes, is the intention and the extent of Divine Neutrality you bring to your moments, your days, your experiences and chosen reality. This is a time to truly be asking yourself why you are making the choices and decisions you are ~ and to hold a council of Light with the higher realms and your own Higher Self on the level of integrity and unconditional love you are able to maintain, independent of how people interpret what is or is not happening.

It is not possible for you to not have the exact and perfect experience you are meant to have in each moment ~ as no one else has that much power to influence your reality to the contrary. AS you trust the Light within every experience and the love that is present on behalf of your highest good – you will continue to experience the bliss and gratitude of the Higher Self now taking over the journey. The last few blog posts and the current webcast (Becoming Divine Reflections) emphasize the shifting dynamics of our perceptions, lifestyle, relationships, work, personal choices and even our spirituality – all to accommodate the Crystalline Self stepping forth and making those higher choices to fully support the Ascension (and new life) you have personally chosen to express in this NOW.

The energies are building all this week in preparation for a stronger Embodiment experience and the next crystalline grid activation April 25 -29. How you interpret each of these Embodiment experiences is key in determining the level of ease, connection and freedom you find in showing you the “what’s next?” of your Ascension path.

I love the photo above – taken on our way to Farewell Spit in Golden Bay, New Zealand. The metaphor is that of an opening, a doorway by which all other scenery becomes but a backdrop – all attention, all awareness on the clear path and the imagining of passing through the gateway. Is this not what we all yearn for and aspire to as spiritual seekers and masters? These portals, gateways, openings are ALL around you energetically – keeping your energy light and blissful, no mind, will allow for Divine Merge with your physical aspect and your Higher Self, poised for new levels of expression and power in your current reality of experience.

Here are some key concepts to keep close to the heart as we bless and pray for ease, grace and swift delivery of highest good and outcomes for all in the coming weeks.

* Move past your perceptions of what you think is…

Meditate on this! The New Timelines are here, 5D is here, all that you need is here and all that is LOVES you. This is the true reality – anything other or less than that, is your perception. 

* Set your intentions ongoing and often ~ dream with care.

State what you need and create it – day dream about what you want – no limits. Move into that feeling nature that is so empowered in this now. I came home from New Zealand and created a TREASURE MAP with 4 quadrants: Home, Relationship, Health and Work/Service. I bought a large foam board and magazines that had the most exacting mirrors for what I AM ready now to create. This Treasure Map (words, images, photos) is a powerful way to cut through the mental dross and CLAIM YOUR TRUEST LIFE – a life that adores you and supports you and nurtures you and celebrates you when you shine in your power and joy. Place it where you can see it often but where you can put it under the bed or behind a door when you have guests. This is a sacred creation board between you, your Higher Self and a vast, abundant Universe!

* Do not allow the mind to interpret the details – whatever they may be. MUCH is falling – but in actuality – it is YOU Rising.

This is a biggie in this NOW. Practice and become experts at watching, observing, the shifting players and reality around you – but keep that mind still.
I came back from New Zealand to discover some familiar relationships GONE – let’s say they exited left stage for whatever reason. (*don’t forget the humor in these times!) I am admittedly sensitive and wonder why we cannot all just love one another and accept who we all are and be one big global family?? 😉But the truth is – WORLD’S ARE DIVIDING. We are not all going to land in the same reality – we will not all choose the new ways and energies because there is great attachment still, to drama and being right and knowing more! I had the most exquisite experience of seeing the people falling away not as loss or devastation, a piling up of what is wrong or broken around me. I actually saw the “debris” of what is leaving as earth pushing me up from under my feet – lifting me higher into position to SEE EVERYTHING MORE CLEARLY. This is where we get to demonstrate (or not) our absolute FAITH and TRUST in who we are and the choices we make and the intentions that guide our path. Allow what falls to fall – and in so doing – see, with WONDER and ecstatic bliss what comes in NOW – to support your dreams, your gifts, your heart and the cosmic jewel of your True Self.

*Meditation is changing – as you set aside time to SIT and stare into 3rd eye – you will notice an array of colors – many of which appear to be gem tones of a new world. In this stillness and discipline of showing up (think of it as sitting with your Higher Self or Angels or the Shining Ones each day ) you will feel filled with beautiful life! It really is indescribable but these new timelines and solar activity are allowing for much deeper meditation experience. Each time you catch your mind wandering ( and you will, it happens to me often) but each time your catch your mind and then refocus on the 3rd eye – you are creating NEW SPACE in your field – ie your operating system – for your new life and supports to come in.

* Joy and Lightness – Bliss  (about nothing in particular) just notice and sit with this feeling – acknowledge it and create space for it. (hint – you will not find it where the ego is!! ) but it will feel like you are in love!

*GIVE THIS NEW time to integrate  – Stay in your center, don’t jump out from old impulses. (This is the process of becoming conscious.)

* Be ready!!! BREATHE every time your energy cinches up.

* ASK to be shown what you need to THRIVE. I love this – definitely a 5D awareness – you are CREATORS – and we are meant to THRIVE in our lives and time spent here.

Finally – you have a responsibility to Live An Inspired Life – to surround yourself with inspiration everyday – no excuses, because the very existence of you is inspired by a fierce and loving Creator – you are HER inspiration and she has great plans for you!

I want to thank each of you for how much support and love you have offered me over the years ~ I came back from New Zealand inspired and FILLED UP with the content for a 6th book! So I know that is up for me in the coming months. As well as TRAVEL – more trips – EPIC Trips – and people kind of coming in from everywhere wanting to be a part; as a photographer, as experts on certain parts of the world, as musicians and videographers and ground support persons. What this means to me initially is the opportunity to spend time with each of you. I’m feeling more connected and inspired to the message, to this work of a new consciousness and energy in our world, the UNITY of Earth/Human/Cosmos and to LOVE, than ever— and I cannot wait to share with you the tools and supports and light intel that I have found in my own time of transition.

There’s the wind that through the souls of my feet into my lungs go
Meditation of an ancient kind exhaling through my third eye
Stand aside from the Ego.
As the day turns to night through the breeze I hear you cry,
I believe in you, I believe in you – I will pray for you, I will pray for you.

from the song, Nanna by Xavier Rudd

I AM rededicating my life to WONDER!! Will you join me?

See you somewhere on the open road and in the dreams of our radiant becoming!

✨✨DeAnne and the Shining Ones🙏 💞

Farewell Spit – from the back of a horse! ~ LIFE IS BUT A DREAM!

*tap photos to enlarge!

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