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There is a lot unfolding in this NOW. The meditation in the current New Human Transmission directing the waves of incoming light inward with kindness, compassion, gratitude and patience for the Self, is essential for well-being, stability and peace of mind. These incoming waves contain powerful, DNA activating, consciousness shifting frequencies to support making higher Divine choices in our lives and in our world. These frequencies are here to support your expansion, to free you from the polarity that leaves you feeling alone, without, less than and ordinary. Because you are anything but! Right now, your DNA is being stimulated to activate the next level of Embodiment ~ and you must direct it to do so, while consciously working with the emotional, mental and physical levels toward a new expression, a new possibility, a new day. We must move forward into a new level of Unity, which this weekend’s Full Moon, Wesak, Gateway supports.

What the image here 💞 captures for me, is devotion. Devotion from the lover to the Beloved – and also the love that something so much wiser and grander has for humanity – each and every one. This image also expresses Unity to me, the inclusive nature of Oneness. The light depicted is a universal light. It has the capacity to be fully present to each individual – a very personal and felt experience. And yet, that same light is the light of the world – it shines brightly and unconditionally, for all. I invite you to take the energy of this image within, as you open to this latest gateway. Allow the choices you make about how to spend your time and with whom, to create balance within ~ so this New Earth/Crystalline Grid System may collectively unfold with ease and grace.

Additionally, this image expresses a lot about the nature of NOW. The mystical is not something only a rarified few get to know and experience personally. This reunion, this divine merge with holy moments and holy experiences that reflect a truer nature and purpose and time of being human, are becoming more and more common. I AM so grateful for that. Even as our world appears to be more imbalanced and driven by hatred and greed and fear than ever before, equally so, I feel closer and more connected to everything, my Self, my Truth, my purpose – to God, to humanity and Earth than ever before. And I hold this intention and prayer for all beings, everywhere. 🙏

I shared on the current New HUman Transmission ( The Self, The Soul and a New State Of Being https://deannehampton.com/webcast-page/ ) that the mystical is, indeed, becoming more real in our lives. The kundalini activations and experiences inside the torus are happening globally for the many awakening, and for our planet, Mother Earth, as well. Daily, we witness weather phenomena and shifts in animal behavior that reflect energy, all of life, seeking a new balance. On a personal level you will notice the shifts taking place in your brain – how we are perceiving everything with more clarity and at the same time, more forgiveness and greater still, gratitude. I have moments when I am aware my mind is completely blank! This is a curious experience when you are trying to speak and there is no mental cache’ to draw from. Just remember to breathe and smile in these moments to release some of the intensity we are navigating.

We, you, me – this collective human family – we are remembering a truer nature within, while opening ourselves up to a new reality – “in place”. Indeed, that reality is not somewhere else to get to – it is activating from within. With this new perception and understanding – you will find yourself declaring that there is no reason why you (and everyone) cannot have beautiful life here. ( This reflects the experience I shared in the show of embodying a time when dreams come true) We are here to have beautiful life and joy and abundance and ease. Anything not reflecting that experience is a faulty program – like a chip inserted into a computer resulting in faulty programming. We are awake enough now to over-ride that false reality.

This weekend is the Wesak Full Moon. Wesak is a celebration of Light. Happening once a year, it is seen as a time when the Ascended Realms and Beings of Light draw especially near to the earth and her people. Think of the Wesak energy as a pure and powerful channel of light that knows nothing of your struggles or fatigue, but an energy that will amplify your wisdom and gifts and deep desire. Also seen as the Festival of the Buddha –  always coinciding with the Taurus Full Moon, this time is seen as the High Point of the year when our greatest acts, our greatest service is to prepare ourselves spiritually for what is pouring into humanity. And so much is pouring in, indeed. Place your intention, your energy and heart on staying centered and balanced while spending as much time in nature as possible. This will allow you to uplevel and expand your fields right along with the grid awakening within Gaia. I AM so grateful to be sharing vortex experiences all weekend and through the rest of this Gateway – a beautiful sign of Unity Consciousness, of more and more seeking reunion with the Self, with true alignments, with light family and with a New Earth.

Wesak Light –
serving Mother Earth and the Illumination of all of Life.

Finally, I AM sharing the image below as a visual of the kundalini activation and torus experience I shared in the current webcast. The small self, finite being, personality aspect with all its story is literally “pixeling” as we merge with our Higher aspects and Divine Light, once again. Use the meditation suggestions I shared to assist you in holding the inner connection in everyday life and to open the inner eye. Because when the inner eye is open, all is Light.

The focus this year is Embodiment  – and Embodiment changes everything. Rest, Create, Breathe into any anxieties or doubt and remember, everything that is occurring is US activating our ancient intentions and higher future outcomes. We’ve got this. CALL IT FORTH! It is our power and wisdom to allow new levels of peace, harmony and Divine Love to present with as much ease and grace as possible. And so it is!

Full Moon is on Saturday, May 18th at 5:11pm eastern
WESAK LIGHT – Sunday, May 19th
May Gateway – 5/15 – 25.


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