The Gift

OH the fullness and beauty of this NOW. It really is all about the Self; knowing, believing in, trusting, allowing, serving boldly, living deeply, loving fiercely and remembering the Truth of who you are!!

August is just resplendent with energy; electric, vibrant, intentional… along with new light, movement, grace and the “miracle” of living in an elevated existence. Feeling the current activity in the field, things are really coming messily into the light. The solar activity is delivering a transparency that nothing can hide from or scurry away from. I stand in stillness often. I get out on the earth and I pivot, spin, both radiating out and absorbing the immense wisdom and clarity of the new earth grid. “Messy” is an apt description of the denser realities as ALL humans everywhere feel the impact of this new energy. Tuning into the landscape of the old masculine driven patriarchy of division, hatred and otherness is like observing the finger painting of a young child… except the colors are mostly black and white and gray. Feeling deeper still, beyond mind, beyond time into the worn, antiquated and degraded antics of the outer reality – I sense this descending spiral meeting the ascending spiral as a time not unlike that of Noah and the great flood. This NOW is about TRUTH. A complete wiping clean and reset of EPIC proportion. For that to happen, we must see clearly and get to the core of where humanity has spun so far away from its center and moral compass. The invitation from higher mind, from love and very new levels of understanding and perception is running like a river through every cell in our activating bodies, minds and hearts.

The Lion’s Gate last week, 8/8, was just a cascade of illumination, filling the heart with compassion and kindness for our world. I was taken on a journey into a spiraling portal of light within which the higher realms showed me a much different connection between Donald Trump and the most recent mass shootings than the media and fractured minds can portray. And it wasn’t so much about the imagery of the insight, as the feeling – the activation and freedom in my light body. That is why I chose a feather to anchor this post ~ everywhere all around and within you, is freedom, liberation, elevation and rise. And what happens when you get high enough on the reality and circumstance you are witnessing? Being in the new timelines and embodying the higher frequencies of this NOW means you see the past, present and future simultaneously: what came before and the why and what it means moving forward. August has always been a powerful month for Ascension upgrades. As we come into this Aquarian moon tomorrow ~ we step strongly, with substance and great support into the second half of August. Some of my most expansive experiences have happened in the second half of August (especially so the last 2 years – FOREVER LIFE ALTERING) – and this year promises the same.

Beginning with the Full Moon tomorrow and active through the end of this month, there will be new stargates anchoring and presenting in our world. I talked about a new Sirian stargate I recently discovered in the ancient Atlantean landscape here in the Carolinas. And today, I walked with Metatron, Lord Sananda and AA Michael on the high ridge of new feminine vortices. Imagine the confluence of that energy!! There is a brand new energy emerging from Gaia herself. We are entering a strong alignment point for acceleration. We are no longer on the same trajectory! Please spend thoughtful stillness with the current New Human transmission – it is replete with incredibly transformational energy on behalf of these new stargates. ( The Light Advances, HUGE Resolution To Old Stories 8/4  There were moments where I felt as if I was sitting in direct counsel with the Ascended Ones, their love for this humanity, for me and you and this planet – radiating directly into my heart. Everything unfolding, presenting and felt in this NOW – is building toward the December 26th eclipse. This new energy is our 2020 Gate already in process.

So much is presenting as the greater steps in unifying the Lemurian/Atlantean, New Earth and Crystalline Grids. I AM just one person and in the last 2 years I have been called to spread the activation to the Midwest and beyond countries. I AM still truly, deeply, profoundly affected by the experiencing anchoring a Light Expansion Stargate in New Zealand during an event that continues to illumine a new feminine leadership and the power of LOVE throughout the world. This is being done the world over by many committed Lightworkers. I rejoice and hold the light high for them everyday! These times are ALL encompassing – everything present, everything love, everything an Invitation into Reunion, Remembrance and the TRUTH of who we are, as Light.

Love says:

Hold the world in light. Carry the light within you ~ see it in all things at all times. We serve as conduits of that light in this Now.

Let your breath be quiet and your thoughts be still
and in the depths of your silence ~ listen to your Truth,
which is the Way of the One.

Breathe in love – and breathe out love to all the world. This is your power and a way of returning the Gift of this NOW.

In Unity we pray, In Unity we stand, In Unity we Love
In Unity we transform the world.
Love from my heart to yours…
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

Reminder: New Human Global Unity Meditations – EVERY SUNDAY! 🙏

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3 comments on “The Gift
  1. Dianne McCourtney says:

    Awesome information! I will share it with my tribe over here!!!🙏❤️

  2. joyfuljudy says:

    Though I don’t care for Trump I won’t participate in bashing him because I continue to get the same message-He is here at this time for some very important reasons. It is not a mistake. When Erik from the Channeling Erik site was asked about Trump, Erik replied that he (Trump) has guts.

    Loved reading about your walk with AAM, Sananda and Metatron.

    Love and Blessings,


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