Preparation For the Equinox: Highest Choices, Highest Good

Fall in love with every aspect of this NOW
and the future belongs to you.

Blessings on this Beautiful Light Tribe,

Gratitude for the immense gathering and felt unity within the September webcast. It remains with me, as with many of you, still. As promised, here is a 2019 video sharing a channeled message about the Lemurian connection to Machu Picchu, as well as, the undiscovered mountains and channels of crystal beneath this ancient land. Adam and I are still working to refine the intention of our journey to this sacred place in 2020 – but I welcome the initial stirrings you felt as I talked of this initiative on the 9/8/19 New Human Transmission.

Carrying on with the live streaming of the changes occurring with the earth in this same webcast – when I AM in these pristine spaces of nature, more and more, I feel as if I am experiencing no time, the sense is that of being no where and free from all of my worldly concerns. Remembering and developing this relationship with the earth, that of being suspended in nothingness, completely surrendered to the energy of who you are, to consciousness and the frequency of LIGHT – this is the intention of the container I AM creating for all who are called to this Peru, Andean initiative. Speaking of Andean energies and the power in using your intention to create personal crystal grids at this time – here is my most recent crystal grid – featuring pink crystals to spread love to our planet and amethyst quartz, intending the highest transformational energies for our world. The pink crystal to the left of the Stellar Beam calcite in the middle (oddly shaped like the Andes mountains) is a pink, andean opal. The foundation of this grid is a piece of North Carolina red cedar – to honor this land that has so loved me into my truest Self.💞

We are all deeply feeling the immensity of the Earth changes underway ~ all of which have been prophesied over the ages, including the magnificent work of Lori Toye in the I AM America maps. Personally, I have been spending time each day with both the crystal grid and with imaging golden light over the areas and humanity most recently affected, such as Abaco and Marsh Harbour, in the Bahamas. It is so very important to remain steadfast in your own center of balance, using the breath often, in trusting and lifting the ways of the Light as our beautiful planet continues her transformation. There are no souls lost to the Light. When I envision the Abaco Islands from the higher realms, it is as the earth mother carrying floating souls into the great mystery – with the great equalizer of LOVE. Know that Dorian created a portal over this earth, what remains is a lot of matter and form, but the energy of this land and population, is brilliantly free.

I shared on this current webcast, The Generous Present Moment, the profound physical changes our bodies are undergoing, as well. I AM having such an interesting experience of Self. This revelation washed over me as I spent 2 tedious hours at the Verizon store today – assigned the task of having to replace my phone! There is a not a moment, no matter where you are or what you are doing, that the Divine Merge underway is not working with your mind, your body and your heart. As you are aligned with that activity rather than the daily check list of 3D duties… you are, in effect, “escorting” the souls transitioning from the zones of density and destruction to the higher echelons of the new earth grid now manifesting. ALL is always in Divine Order. Breathe this in every chance you get. The same activity occurring within and to our planet – is happening within your human form. As in the personal experience I shared on this webcast – we are in the process of “unzipping” the cocoon of our human suits to step out in full embodiment of our light, our mastery, our authentic and true aspects of Self. It is destined. We are ready. It is time.

The people are stirring! Humanity IS WAKING UP! I feel this and we see evidence of this all around the world – from the protests in Hong Kong to the Green Peace activists suspending themselves from the Houston Bridge (during political debates) over climate change to the “everyday” humans calling in to progressive talk shows actively VOICING what they SEE and seeking ways to stand against the perceived imbalances and injustices. It is a NEW DAY! Breathe that in. Pray daily to see your role clearly in what is transforming. Keep the intention of LOVE close to your actions and be willing to shed your personal limitations and inhibitions in service to this RISE of a very new and different NOW. Walk through September with your mastery focused on the highest choice in each moment. Pay attention to what presents or drops away this week and through the end of the month. The balancing act underway is Global, yet as you practice balance in your own lifestream, it compliments the higher Ascension timelines. Grace, Ease, Creativity and flow are reflections of balance in your day to day and along with deeply rooted compassion, rule the frequency of the higher experience. Balance in your personal reality = a felt Joy about nothing in particular. If you need a refresher of how to best shift your energy from a linear pull (3D) to a vertical dispensation (5D) and energy, revisit the New Human energy pie in the 5D Forum! 

Do spend time with the current offering of transformational energies in Septembers webcast. The more you listen, the more you will derive and gain from the supports and higher mind wisdoms of this ancient to future remembrance.


*The Sun – photonic light is KEY to our current activation
*Current physical sensations are expressing shifts in our DNA
*From August webcast – but active ongoing – new awareness and attention given to our bellies where the etheric glands in the diaphragm are remembering how to take on more light.
*New sensations of becoming a vortex and managing this new energy  – increases in electric and magnetic activity as the torus field expands. No where is this more evident than out in nature. Spend devoted time in nature.
* New sensitivities to sound, tones and sensations can be expected ongoing.
* Be compassionate and gentle with your newly emerging Self – expect the unexpected and stay true to making the highest decisions and choices in each moment. The Light is right there with you.
*Meditation, Movement and REST – essential everyday!
*Hydration is critical – plasma influxes make us thirsty, because they are triggering the water in our bodies to change. Remember – this planet is built for ascension – as are you! Water is key for upgrading the cells and DNA – and activating crystalline structures to hold more photonic light on the planet.
*Collaboration, Co-Creation, new alliances between dimensions and races are an active part of the New Earth Crystalline Grids and bridges to the new realities.

Prepare the space and LISTEN to these New Human Transmissions with your HEART. You will recognize the frequencies and light intel – as your own wisdom.

September 22: SUNday Global Unity Meditations – prep for Equinox. Join the many, as ONE: 8:11am, 11:11am and 5:11pm Eastern Time.

September 23: Equinox at 3:50 AM EDT. Global Unity Meditation and collective Gatework. This will be a BEAUTIFUL time to be awake and engaging the energy. Allow the balance to unfold with ease and grace. Breathe in DEEP GRATITUDE ~ Breathe out PEACE to all the world.

September 27th: New Moon at 10:27 PM EDT. Plant Seeds of highest intention!

September 28 – 29: Collective Timeline shift. Strong boost for RADICAL Self expression of Embodiment and collective DNA. ALLOW the partnership with your own future aspect to unfold as you Co-create the palpable experience of Ascension across all densities and parallel realities, to the highest level allowed by cosmic law.

September 29: SUNday Global Unity Meditations. Join us at 8:11am, 11:11am and 5:11pm Eastern Time.

October ~ I AM off to Ajijic, Mexico ~ into the mystery and the experience of UNITY, COMMUNITY and sharing the gifts of the Light in this NOW. Gratitude for your patience as I take on this journey and integrate its energy for disseminating with you at a “to be determined” date mid October! Remember – you are always in my heart and I AM so very grateful for each and every one of you.

     May we be the Ones to change things 💓

DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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2 comments on “Preparation For the Equinox: Highest Choices, Highest Good
  1. martine says:

    Oh my Goddess DeAnne – the latest webcast was AMAZING! I had chills and recognitions and synchronicities running all the way through. It kept me riveted from beginning to end and I thrilled when seeing, with you, the layers of the old constructed self lifting from the woman on the birthing rock. Everything – the music, the meditation…what a joy…complete peacefulness and wonder filled me all the way through. I highly recommend people listen to this one. Much love to you sweet woman 🙏💕❤️

    • DeAnne says:

      Gratitude Martine ~ it means so much to imagine these golden threads linking our minds and hearts and intentions all over this planet. Every moment that we witness the light lifting the old, the past, unconscious life – we are embodying more of what is true and powerful in our lives – and the spiral just keeps on expanding. THANK YOU for being here, shining your light and valuing this work and intention. 🤗💞

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