The Great Drawing Inward

Namaste’ to this beautiful tribe,

I spent the early morning hours of Thanksgiving Day climbing to this magnificent waterfall. The windchill was in the upper 20’s and the steep, rocky ascent required fortitude and commitment ~ but the rewards were many. “Back in the day”, we would take this tiny trail through a local’s yard to make our way to the falls. The way was natural, organic, involved a few creek crossings that would challenge the best of anyone’s balance and there were plenty of peaceful interludes on the way to the lower falls.

Now, there is a parking lot and built in trash bins and even a restroom, along with a couple of footbridges to the lower falls to make the experience more accessible to the many. Most visitors tend to stop at the lower falls. There are even WARNING and DANGER signs deterring anyone from climbing on to explore the upper falls and the magical but little known trail system that exists up behind the image you see here. This was Jyoti’s first time climbing the jagged cliff edges to reach the high falls – she mastered it like a champ with a little coaching from Bodhi.

I sat on a perfectly placed rock out in front of the falls – the still water surrounding me was so clear – crystalline in essence.  I felt the negative ions and crisp, morning air co-mingling with my skin; stilling my mind, expanding my heart. I felt so very grateful. I have plunged into this swimming hole you see here just in front of the falls, many times. Logic and reason kept turning my mind to the warmth of the jacket, mittens and hat I had on. Yet, LOOK AT THAT RADIANCE? Does it not just exude warmth and invitation?

My first level of “yes” was to somehow stick my head in the falls – while remaining otherwise dry! 😉 In the photo, I climbed that lower embankment of nature you see to the right of the falls. I was able to get over the fallen log you see and close enough to, indeed, get my head under that full cascade you see coming from the top of the fall. I had to step out into ankle deep water (with shoes on) to balance myself and needless to say – after fully submerging my head in the power of that cascade, I was wet!!! I smiled – I might just as well have followed my initial instinct to plunge myself in the crystal pool in the first place!

We tend, as humans, to make so much of our experiences and decision making and choices, about the known, observable reality. When in truth, the magic and bliss of eternal realities are always at hand; waiting for a foot or a toe or even a nod, the slightest hint of YES that will allow us to dance with the divine and stir the remembrance of the timeless eternal, within and all around us.

There is a profound deepening underway. If you are paying attention and creating the stillness to do so, there is a great drawing inward manifesting in the most ordinary of experiences that is palpable and pregnant with wisdom. This is the ascending spiral taking up residence within your physical form. It impressed me immeasurably how much these falls have changed over the years… from a quaint discovery of sudden magnificence in nature to now, a busy, populated tourist favorite. And yet, the stillness is still present and palpable. There is still mystery and unknown to be found within the ordinary and well traveled path.

The new norm is the opportunity to stand in the midst of what seems an ordinary moment or day or place – all the while experiencing/connecting with the Higher Realms and Gaia’s ascended platform. These are the gifts streaming in this exquisite bridge between the 11/11 and 12/12 Gateway of 2019. On the most recent outing with my “goddess group” that is gathering once a week in sacred nature – I turned toward a trail that leads up to the new feminine and one of the women declared, “oh, I did not know there was a this way!” breathe that in ~ drink deeply of the mysteries unfolding in this now. Let this be the window that is now flung open in your clear mind and expansive hearts. This NOW has been waiting for us, it has always been, so that we would arrive in this moment and be prepared to align with an intention we set long ago.

Remember the December foreshadowing we did on the last show… it is your capacity and responsibility to mirror this great drawing inward with your choices and the managing of your time in 3D. You are the way-showers and teachers of the WAY in this Now. It is important to intentionally create space for a reset to the next level – next phase – it is essential to pay attention and can be detrimental to your ascension process if you are trying to do busyness. We are traveling the in between spaces a lot, which is challenging to explain, but I will talk about this and share meaningful examples on the December webcast. For now, stay with the breath and STEP AWAY… way show that others could be, should be, by choice – doing the same thing. The physical body is undergoing a quantum reset ~ this cannot be emphasized enough and I will again, share insights and tangible understandings to help the mind get on board with this new energy on the next New Human transmission.

Suffice it to say that your physical form is adapting to different frequencies inside and out via a new operating system that your mind and emotions are not privy too.  Be gentle and flexible with what your body wants and needs and is communicating. Surround yourself with high vibrating persons and experiences as much as possible. Devote yourself in ways the mind may resist to time in nature and drink lots of water. Ask yourself often throughout the day – “what am I conscious of in this moment?” Do this with your eyes open – and do it with your eyes closed. Be aware of the presence of bridges everywhere, all the time, in every circumstance, ever with you and around you. Breathe this in… feel the metaphor; you are going down a path and you look to the left and you look to the right and there’s going to be a bridge that will take you to a new location, a different frequency, a new awareness and insight. Take care with routine and known and “comfortable” – this is not a time of comfortable. This is a time of RISE, of FREEDOM, of FULFILLMENT and greater service to an ascending world.

The December webcast will seal up the 12/12 and 12/21 Gateways. Revisit the 11/17 transmission often as it will support and guide you through this passage. There will be a GLOBAL UNITY MEDITATION on the 12/12 – @ 12:12 pm eastern. Create your space, gather your crystals, stones and sacred objects and acknowledge there is no separation, no time, no distance – only Unity as you prepare to receive and exchange codes for the highest good of this planet, of all humans everywhere and of all living things. We are bound by the Light. We have always been, are now and will always be, United in the frequency of LOVE. Be willing to be called to Knowing. Be willing to be filled with your Truest Calling. Be willing to Surrender deeper still, the mind, the heart, your experiences and tethers, whatever they may be. The Shining Ones have spoken clearly, wisely and with such love over the years (and in book form) about the Antahkarana – the rainbow bridge. This is the bridge to the Sacred, connecting the lower mind with the higher mind and the fulfillment of the Collective DNA Activation. This is the way in ~ the inbetween spaces of the current known and unknown realities. Feel the spiral – celebrate the Unity – say YES unceasingly and without attachment.

Antahkarana – Divine Union; masculine, feminine, New Unity.
Breathe in deeply this remembrance.
Superimpose this image upon the waterfall above.
And Breathe.
Incredibly blessed, are we.

December 1, 8, 15, 22 and 29 – New Human Global Unity Meditations

December 12/12:  7th Anniversary of Gaia’s Ascension on 12/12/12! This is a magical and blessed passage – an invitation to stand in a new power, Divine Feminine marrying (see Antahkarana image) the masculine and feminine energies into a new harmony. No place will you feel the profound gift of this experience more than on the Earth, in sacred nature and intimate Oneness with the Mother. Wherever you are – we are all gathered, as One. May your one and highest intent be to be in service this day.

December 12/12 – Early Bird Registration for PERU 2020 Closes. This is a co-created experience of Divine Service, not a retreat or vacation.  Stay out of the mind and tune into, trust and feel those already anchoring this intention – you share profound connection long before this now. May the gathering of the Light Tribes commence as we step into Divine Power and a New Unity forged by Feminine Light.
December 22, 11:11am eastern – New Human Transmission on this Master Number Day – sealing up the 12/12 – 12/21 passage with an expansive container to welcome in 2020! May we each celebrate who, where and what we are – such a glorious gift of Divine now manifesting through willing and full hearts – in service to Love – in service to Unity.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

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4 comments on “The Great Drawing Inward
  1. joyfuljudy says:

    You are not only part hybrid but part mountain goat too.

  2. Ruty says:

    I LOVE goats.took them to nature as a youngster. I lay in the grass while they ate it.they’re wise,courageous,carry a sense of Purity,Gratitude . just love.
    In my language a goat means – Fierce. same as human means earth.

    Love you DeAnne/The Shining Ones and your shinning community of courage and Love.It’s a privilege to be part of it.So Grateful. Namaste.

    • DeAnne says:

      Gratitude Ruty ~ I know a children’s story that my swedish grandma use to tell me when I was a child. I can retell to this day – almost an hour long!! And GOATS are a central part of the story. What you shared here about lying in the grass with them reminds me of it. 😉

      Sending you LOVE and HUGS during this auspicious time and many bright wishes for the new year! 💞

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