2020 – The Harmonizing Of A World




It is a very big NOW ~ infinite blessings of Oneness and Peace to ALL,

As we begin this new journey into a new year and decade of being human on this sacred, living planet… here are some inalienable truths from the Shining Ones and me, devoted new human and way shower of a new existence, now available.

The essence of 2020 is NEW ALLIANCES and the fulfillment of Sacred Contracts.

The journey is not complete, in fact it is just beginning. And yet, there is no place for us to get to, nothing that we have not yet “gotten” and most definitely no more waiting for the experience of our full and truest experience as new humans. It is so very important to embrace that there are infinite realities of experience and expression happening simultaneously. Breathe that in. Right here, right now… everything that you have been and known and experienced, right along side your highest level of mastery as divine human; future aspects, multidimensional realities and expressions – ALL you, ALL happening simultaneously.

It is really, really brilliant, this NOW; in scope, in intensity, in clarity and transparency. I shared on the December webcast (https://deannehampton.com/archives/16929) how the mind is increasingly still as the ego becomes more malleable. This is a process and it is no joke!! the rewiring underway ~ yet, as the mind is still, you will feel an energy seeking the field around you for a new match, something different. This is what I mean by malleable ego. The egoic mind, fixed identity, limited concept of self ~ it depends on and clings to KNOWN; this aspect of self is habitual, it is what is often returned to as auto-pilot. THAT is the vibrational groove of being human in the 3rd dimension.

But this new energy that wants to live differently in the physical body is OUT of habit, OUT of pattern, OUT of known. This is the Soul taking up residence in form, this is the experience of Embodiment: feeling the Soul taking over, literally changing your human nature. I truly feel this energy/entity filling from the inside out – my physical form. It is as intense as it is breathtaking and beautiful – the AWARENESS of what is happening to us, through us, by us, for us. Breathe that in.

The Harmonizing Of A World; WTF!!!

Remind yourself often that the Divine Feminine inhabiting our world is affecting EVERYTHING, no exception. Depending on the frequency and level of consciousness this new energy interacts with, the experience can be either stabilizing or chaotic. (As I write I AM aware how limiting the scope of language in 3D is in expressing something so beyond the scope of words ~ feel the energy and tune into your heart, you know this, I AM just putting the remembrance to written word.) Again, there is NO WAITING. If not now, when? Who do we know ourselves to be? Who are we ready to be? Are we, indeed, in service to the Light of Eternity, or to our finite human expression?

Today, as it just “so happened” – I had to deal with several companies all about technology issues! There are no words. It was just crazy, absurd, nonsensical – issues no one had any answers for – imagine of a succession of human “experts” in their field all scratching their heads, clueless as to why things were behaving as they were or what to do about it!! I will admit that initially, I felt a bit impatient and just wanted things fixed.😛 You know, like “this is not my problem” – so please correct it. But then, this magical, FELT thing happened, literally in the midst of ONE of said calls where I was on the phone for over 30 minutes, everyone clueless: everything lightened up. It became funny – the absurdity. And the agent and I started talking about our lives and our story and observing ourselves… we got real. As in, we are ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. And it IS absurd, the illusion of it all. After a morning on the phone in the midst of a high level of shenanigans – I felt like WTF??? was that?

And it came to me, like a leaf landing on still water… the experience of a world in harmony, begins with me!! IN EACH MOMENT! It sounds, at once, trite and obvious… but it is an essential TRUTH. Take a moment here to breathe in the essence of the image above. ALL CREATION EMANATES FROM WITHIN. We have cycled through this small self experience enough times now to GET THIS!! As we behave as finite beings that things happen TO with a limited amount of time to experience what we deem important ~ we will continue to feel as if something is missing and keep trying to find it. Breathe that in. The harmonizing is inner world first – that is the creation of the new planetary grid. And it/she, is here NOW.

I watched an interview recently with Jane Fonda ( I really love her!!) At 82, she moved herself and life to Washington DC last Fall and every Friday is protesting climate change on Capital Hill. This is a movement she is endeavoring to create – ACTION ORIENTED – called Fire Drill Fridays. And every week, she gets arrested, smiling, strong in purpose. In the interview what really impressed me to my core is her stating that “there is something very profound when your align your body with your deepest values.” Breathe that in. THAT is the vertical dispensation, a powerful alignment of the outer with the inner in a new harmony. She went on to say that “you feel very integrated, very empowered.” sigh ~

This is not a passive ascent – we are co creating with many dimensions of Self and reality.

We must LIVE as if we are Divine, New humans. There is a story of us. And it as is beautiful and purposeful as it is messy… but it is the tiniest fragment of WHO WE ARE, as Light. We are here to consciously, joyfully, brilliantly and powerfully CHANGE THE STORY of who we are. Because in changing the story – we change the environment around us.

It is so exciting, this NOW. I feel so grateful, ongoing. And it is so INTENSE! But the LOVE is so profound. I AM seeing more and more essence, everywhere. I see the essence of humans I AM interacting with. And most of the time I feel SO STRONG. And yet, right in the midst of that strength and clear seeing and center, I have moments of “I can’t do it, I can’t do it, it is too much!” And the Shining Ones gently drop into my awareness that this “spectrum swing, ping-pong perspective” is simply our human aspect adjusting to a new flexibility in our ego having much more of our natural self or essence available. Breathe that in.


2020 is an Initiation that must be consciously chosen. 2020 vibrates 4, the essence of which is Illumination. 2020 is a doorway to Illumination. New harmony, within and without, requires discipline and responsibility. But this is not the discipline of the old masculine, never enough, angry god, heaven and hell polarity. This is a dedication to a very vast moment in which the Soul is poised to enter our physical, very human experience. I often, without thought, find myself waking in the morning and the very first stream to fill my consciousness is: My intention is to see through the eyes of my soul, to care for my body with the wisdom and perspective of my soul and to allow every experience with the understanding and forgiveness of my soul. Breathe that in.

We are here. Now is all we have. As the Soul comes on line and the many disparate facets of the 3D world clamor for our attention… 2020 will be much more about wisdom and less about emotion. The energy of RISE is strong and profound for those willing to step out without a net and do the challenging work of being conscious. If you have been “sort of” thinking about and considering a change, this is the time to implement it. Make that commitment and do it now. We have entered a completely new cycle with a very new and different energy signature. Again, the image above, radiant, centered, strong in Self… knowing it is all about LOVE. Breathe deeply and embrace this GAME CHANGING, EVERYTHING DIFFERENT, FOREVER NEW year as an Embodied Warrior of Peace and Truer Existence. It is time to WAKE UP and live as WOKE BEINGS. Do not worry that you will not be available to or able to attend to your human connections and responsibilities. However, this higher commitment must come first! If you are reading this – you are one who was ALWAYS going to step out ahead and way show and love with a higher love.

Know that we did not come to this experience to be alone in our endeavors. 2020 is the time of NEW ALLIANCES forming. RE-Unions that were always going to happen in this NOW because we need each other and we are much more powerful together. The lower identity and attachment to “what is” must be surrendered for these new alliances and partnerships to emerge. Because they exist in a different frequency. If you are wondering or have ever wondered where your people are… they are here! They simple exist in the frequency of your greatest truth and highest good. This is the new foundation of a new earth reality, 5D. And with those new alliances in form, come even greater alliances with our multidimensional aspects, as well as, off world, interplanetary unions. Breathe that in.

This month at a glance:

Sunday, January 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th:
New Human Global Unity Meditations: 3 years strong, we gather in unity, in intention, in love for the greater good of ALL.

Sunday, January 19th
New Human, first transmission of the new year!
2020 – The Harmonizing Of A World
11:11am eastern – mark your calendar now – bring a friend or 2!
Meditation: A Meditation For Peace,
Co-Creating with the Frequency of the Universe
Music: In Search Of Home by Michael Brant DeMaria


Wednesday, January 22nd
Registration Closes for PERU 2020 Initiative

A new experience in a new now, journeying into the Sacred Valley and Ancient Mysteries of a mystical land. KNOW THAT you are an active agent in the anchoring of a new grid of consciousness the world over. These New Human Sacred Pilgrimages are journeys of energy into the Self, into the heart of Gaia, the 5D Earth, into a RISE that is opening passages for the greater good of the whole. The channels of Light in our Earth and in human you, are the same. It is time to sync up those merkabahs. As Jane so eloquently articulated, “there is something very profound when your align your body with your deepest values” – devoted expression of the Unity we share with this beautiful blue planet.  I encourage you to BREATHE IN and revisit the invitation (see link), getting out of the way with any thoughts of distraction and with the ALLOWING of your New Self, New Service as Divine Agents of Change. I AM waiting, with grateful JOY, for your SIGN ME UP!

I leave you with this beautiful expression from Ajeet Kaur that I have been listening to as I wrote this post. I AM I AM I AM, the Light of my Soul. And so it is, and so you are.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti ~ LOVE TO ALL,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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4 comments on “2020 – The Harmonizing Of A World
  1. Judy A Wollam says:

    I’m feeling the changes. Could not complete morning meditation as usual-was too restless. Finally gave up. A little later read what you had written above. It all flowed together. Had a dream even earlier of going down a slide in the wilderness and having some hesitancy to do it. But finally did it along with my husband and daughter. It turned out to be no big deal.

    • DeAnne says:

      I love the wilderness slide Judy – the vibrational world is offering an easy ride into the new timeline 😉 wouldn’t it be great to just SLIDE ON IN?? Also a good message about the egoic self making a mountain out of a molehill! “the only thing to fear is fear itself!” 😛

  2. martine says:

    amen sister – totally feeling all this more and more – spot on as usual!!! Loving and appreciating you… <3

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