Happy Bonus Day!


Good Morning Beautiful People!

I have the BEST story to share. I was on my way to a meeting this week. It was pouring rain. There was a pickup truck in front of me that began to curiously slow down. Then I noticed a woman walking in the rain along side the road with 2 large bags of groceries in either hand. There is a bus stop on the corner of the single lane road we were on, I imagined that she had just gotten off the bus. The extra detail that makes this moment even more special and true and powerful and NOW… is that the guy driving the pickup must have been early 30’s, a white person with a goofy rolled up hat on his head… (very asheville) and the woman was a black person in her mid 50’s. He stopped, she stopped, he rolled down the window and offered her a ride!! She smiled wide with appreciation. I feel the SAME JOY right now, sharing this, as I did when I witness this simple act of kindness. This moment of inclusivity and goodness and just doing the right thing.

There is an innate human goodness, it is instinctual and requires much less effort than carrying around the illusion of separation and “other”. I see this goodness OFTEN!!! And the thing about kindness and being in the heart where there is no other – is that the one DOING the right thing and the one WITNESSING the right thing vibrate the same inner joy, a peace within that permeates out into the world. Not to mention the lightness and gratitude of the one receiving the kind gesture.

I really want to acknowledge what is right and good and true in the world, it is important! What we see and give our energy to, is what we continue to create. There is an old reality and consciousness that thus far, we, as a humanity, have invested a lot of time and energy into. This belief in separation and other, the illusion that we can live in isolation and are here to just get by, to struggle and survive the best we can. But there is a NEW NOW, a new reality being born, coming into view, rising from our own interiors. I imagine a time in the not so distant future when the new humanity that we have become, looks back at this time as ONE when the people of this mystical, magical earth star CHOSE LOVE. It is that simple. In every moment, in every circumstance, whoever you are with, whatever is presenting… that we powerfully, consciously, unapologetically, CHOOSE LOVE.

On this BONUS DAY in what is already proving to be a very new decade of human potential and reach ~ may we all LEAP into greater Love; for our Selves, for ALL humans everywhere, for the reality before us and the really bright Truth within us. LOVE to all, LOVE is all. DeAnne 💓







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4 comments on “Happy Bonus Day!
  1. Jayne says:

    LOVE YOU DEANNE! The times we came for —- how magnificent!

    • DeAnne says:

      ahhh gratitude for stopping by Jayne – LOVE YOU TOO ~ and yes, indeed, this is the NOW to be a part of! <3

  2. Judy A Wollam says:

    Thanks for sharing your story. It is so true that even the person witnessing the act of kindness or even reading about it gets to feel the joy of the situation. I had not thought of it that way before but certainly recognize the feeling. We are becoming more and more kind and loving. HOORAY!

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