Stillness, Deep And Wide


Dear Beautiful New HUmans,

I AM being really present with the stillness, more and more. It has been less than a week since the new human transmission, A NEW FOUNDATION.  I continue to hold the Light high for each and everyone of you during this unprecedented time of challenge and opportunity. Know that I AM here for you and that the New Human community you are all a part of continues to be a strong container of stability, wisdom, support and LOVE. It is beautiful to see so many engaging creativity in the ways they are connecting and sharing and offering resources. This comes with a reminder that this is a MOMENT IN TIME of powerful inward discovery and REBIRTH… of RESURRECTION and RISE. I AM holding that space for you, the Shining Ones and I.

Each Time Something Dies… Something Awakens

There is a palpable joy, excitement even, along with a felt wisdom – and a very familiar vibration in this stillness. This is the invitation present within the observable chaos and unknown – that when we get still enough and tune into the greater frequency of Light – this is a time to step into new levels of service and existence. As I reflected in the current New Human transmission, beneath the rumbles and imbalances in how the 3D reality is currently being rolled out – there is a stronger impetus to GET READY. It is clear and without concern, without fear, without question or what if! An old story is playing out, a new story is being written. Consciousness is playing itself out across our globe and within every construct of human life. An essential part of spiritual awakening is to become aware of the difference between the situation you find yourself in – and what your mind says about the situation. Particularly the challenging ones.

We have power in what we will and will not tolerate

Tuesday, April 7, News Headline: Coronovirus U.S. Death Toll increases as States struggle to contain outbreak.

Wednesday, April 8th News Headline: Vice President Pence announces he feels promise that the Coronovirus has flattened and that “we” are looking at lifting the restrictions and closings.

At this, observable level of reality – the agenda is to keep the people confused, not in their center, fearful of one another and feeling powerless.

I remain confident, certain and CLEAR that this 3D phenomenon choking the known reality is omitting a great deal of Truth. If we are still, we will see it for what it is. If we are still, there will be no fear and an equal measure of knowing that you will not be affected by it. The Coronovorus is a Consciousness and Energy – it has its own vibration. It is seeking hosts. Notice everyday, MANY TIMES A DAY, if you are complying and feeling content in following what is being handed down from the observable reality. Or, if you are feeling your choices and inspiration, your mandate of Self rising from within, unapologetically. Unapologetically ME, does have a nice ring to it. 😉

Becoming True Reflections Of The Divine

Each day, I can feel my consciousness and energy being activated at a new level. Especially so when I AM out on the Earth, in the stillness of nature, I feel this Rise – Galactic Presence, Higher Realms Wisdom, the Light aspect of my humanness – I feel it LIFTING ME UP, PULLING ME UP, RISING within me. At times, I can literally feel something take hold of my arms and shoulders as if to lift my feet off the ground. There is also a gentle urgency to remain above all that is dismantling. We are not alone in this. We are not operating solely of our own human capacities. I cannot emphasize it enough from my deepest heart and love for humanity; do what you are guided, reach out and support in the ways you are inspired. Yet, take care that in the mental and emotional searching for what you can “do” – you don’t forget there is something VERY NEW waiting to fill you. The Shining Ones stated that as a Global Spiritual Event – this virus is meant to humble our human aspects, egoic consciousness, throw us very purposefully OUT of our comfort zones – and hollow us, empty us out really – to be filled with something else, something very different, something greater than our concerns of Self and attachments and fears. Even spiritual outreach and service can become comfort zones, ways to busy ourselves in great mystery. We must get up above the patterns to experience the new grid and timelines, to embody this new freedom.

Before this virus made its presence known to this humanity, the world as we know it was unsustainable. Take time to sit with that awareness, feel that awareness everyday. If this is a divine lesson in what matters, it is a real concern that the engines of capitalism and over-consumption will just crank right back up where we left off. Instead of looking, with relief, to when this Universal Pause will be over… ask instead, how will I move forward? What is my next? If I was a willing player in what has been created (which we all are) then AS a Creator, what greater purpose and power and future is possible – and what will my new role be?

You Are Here With Great Purpose
I AM Here With Great Purpose

If you truly allow yourselves to feel this stillness, this presence and accompanying frequency – you will feel the FEAR on our planet subsiding. The energy of the virus has shifted since the 4/4 Portal – the Light is Dominant within the suffering, the ignorance, those choosing to transition at this time and those choosing to remain steadfast in knowingness and calm about the True Nature of Reality. I encourage all the spiritual movers and shakers, the wisdom keepers, the truth tellers, the gatekeepers and healers and teachers among us to fiercely renounce your routines, your habits of self, your usual tools and resources in your spiritual arsenal – to truly, deeply, unconditionally feel the rich tapestry and stability of this stillness in ways you never have before. Make room in your mind, your body, your heart and wisdom for the Divine Feminine, the Christed Consciousness of a New Golden Age. As the outer world vies so defiantly for the consciousness of this current species – the most powerful thing we can do is to confidently and deliberately CHOOSE not only what reality we support and give ourselves to… but also who we are in relation to that reality. Everything is a choice. Who we are. The experiences that we have. What we encounter. What we manifest.

There Is No Fear In Truth

This is a time of building a New Foundation. This is a time of New Leadership in how we are responding to what is manifesting in our world. The first question to ask yourself, DAILY, is… what IS manifesting in our world?To answer that truly, you must look only within. You must be willing to sit and receive your knowing independent of what appears to be happening all around you. There will be profound peace in what you receive – and even greater wisdom. You will feel a desire to step back from what is… trusting that the Light is within every moment and person on this planet, here in a NEW WAY to help this humanity make new choices and LIVE new lives of purpose.

Everything, ALL OF LIFE, Loves you
Including me!

The 2 meditations in the last 2 New Human transmissions are vibrational supports for what is activating within, for the new energy now rising in your embodiment. Golden Wheel Of Light (3/15) a meditation for working energetically with the Coronovirus and Digging Deep (4/4) in support of the New Foundation of Light, within and without, we are now creating on this planet.

This NOW is a Tremendous Gift
and so are you!

I AM learning so much about my Self in this stillness. Everything is becoming so clear, lucid, transparent. I Am aware of being in a divinely altered state ongoing where I can literally feel previous concerns and attachments falling away. My view of humanity is zoomed way out, light radiant with golden particles. I share this because even as spiritual beings, aware and in our hearts, we each have those human triggers and traps we fall into. And this current ascension RISE, the portal of the 4/4 and the Sacred Week of Easter, is in support of you finding new freedom to create new visions and dreams for our world. Transformation on every level is present. This is a time to be astute observers of Self as we climb with eager anticipation to the new realities. This is a full body rewrite, renewal, resurrection and rebirth. WE ARE THE CREATORS OF WHAT IS NEXT. Trust Love. Breathe in the Light ~ Exhale Only Peace Upon this world.

You are always in my heart and I LOVE YOU SO.
With Deepest Gratitude and in Service to Oneness.
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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2 comments on “Stillness, Deep And Wide
  1. JONATHAN says:

    Thanks for more in-spire-ation. The spire within is the stillness. Thanks for the reminder.
    Thanks for your service. Thanks for your loving heart.

    • DeAnne says:

      Gratitude Jonathan, for seeing me and feeling the transformational energies here as a part of you… which they are!! We are reflections of each other, very grateful you are in my NOW! 💞

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