And The People Shall Rise Part 3!

It Is A New Day!

I have had such an inspiring, powerful, other-worldly experience over the past 2 days… I felt moved to share and connect with you once again in this profound energy of RISE. All around and within you, all across this planet, the Light shines victorious. Everyday, brand new – ready for us to create a new and conscious world. A new existence is here. Indeed, this is a time of powerful, beautiful, sacred remembrance. There is stunning and wondrous healing taking place in our fields and reconstruction of LIFE on a cellular level.

Last Thursday, I had just returned from a powerful run with the dogs in awe-inspiring nature. I want to emphasize here that I run in nature that is fierce with both elevation and beauty, the trails are rough and challenging with rock and roots. I AM always very present and IN my body. I do not push my body ~ I trust and allow my body’s wisdom to flow and guide my conscious mind. Even though these runs are technical, they are always filled with joy and I feel centered and safe.

I share these details as a backdrop to what happened next. I was coming from the wooded area around my cabin, having just rinsed the dogs off. I was standing in the garden which is lined with quartz from nature. I would typically step over the small wall of quartz onto the path at the bottom of the steps, leading up to the front deck. But I was just happy and feeling childlike – so I leaped from the garden, over the path, TO the bottom step of the deck. This would normally have been a NO THING. However, the wooden step had some algae on it from a long cold winter, invisible to the eye mind you. When my foot, supporting my entire body weight, landed on the step – it slipped as on a newly mopped floor! My foot then went in between the bottom and next step up, full throttle, ramming my shin quite forcefully into the hardwood.

Took me a moment. No other part of my body encountered any mishap?? I got up after some centered, deep breaths – and hobbled into the house. I got a quick shower and went to the Co-op to get some arnica homeopathic, knowing the quicker after an injury you do that, the better. By the time I was walking into the Co-op, there was a knot on my shin bigger than a golf ball, and growing. It looked incredibly deformed with scrapes and a tinge of blue/green entering in. I found the wise woman, (Melanie) that works in the supplement section, showed her my leg (to her horror) and told her what I planned; arnica homeopath, perhaps external arnica – and as soon as I got back home, ICE!! She then instructed me (after inquiring what in the world I had done! ) that instead of Arnica 30C which is what I knew and would have gotten, recommended Arnica 200!!! because the injury was new and needed a stronger recovery effort. She then said she would not do ice, because the blood was rushing there to HEAL the trauma – and ice stops that process. She also said no external arnica gel because there was open skin. Finally, she suggested that instead of ice, to put a warm chamomile tea bag compress. That chamomile is a powerful anti-inflammatory and has a myriad of other medicinal properties, as well.

I followed all instructions – took the next day (yesterday) off from running, though I felt pretty good. I wanted to convey kindness and gratitude to my leg, which took quite an impact on my behalf. I am sharing ALL of this for 2 significant reasons. First, to show how plentiful nature is with natural, powerful remedies. I did not know about using chamomile tea bags to reduce swelling. Within 10 minutes of taking the little homeopathic pellets – I could feel all the pressure backing off the injury and my shin sighing with relief. It was actually kinda moving, this synergy of nature and human, in cooperation, for one purpose, wholeness. 

Second, this morning, less than 48 hours from a pretty serious impact – I was back on the trails in time to meet the sun rise. I had every confidence that my leg would tell me if my activity was agreeable. At first, though the swelling was almost non-existent – I could feel needle pricks in my foot and toes on the injured leg. I tuned in. I understood that the circulation had been kinda stifled with the swelling – and that the prickling was the blood returning to my foot. As I climbed, I wiggled my toes on occasion, I talked to and affirmed how strong and powerful my body is. These were not just words. I ran all the way to the top of the feminine quadrant of the Shining Ones forest – a serious climb – across the top ridge in the direction of the new feminine – ALL instinctual, all intuitive, this was the pattern and area of nature I needed to journey in this morning. I then ran all the way back down – 5.69 miles total. I felt amazingly energized and powerful. There was little effort physically. My body and I AND the nature, were one. My body had healed that fast and in powerful measure. I AM SO GRATEFUL. 

It could not NOT occur to me that this WHOLE flow of events, had everything to do with this weekend – with the deep healing and reconstruction of our fields, our bodies, our minds and hearts underway. I feel immense gratitude for the opportunity to experience this process in such an intimate way. Additionally, of COURSE, I looked up SHIN pretty early on in Louise Hay, to see the emotional, biological connection to this very physical event. SHIN reflects breaking down of ideals!!

This is everything I have been sharing, blogging about and experiencing over the last month to 6 weeks. Everything that is here NOW, including the presence of this global virus, is to assist humanity in waking up; in moving from subconscious programming (old belief) to conscious awareness. Between the 4/4 portal last weekend and Easter, through the amplified Gateway on Monday 4/13… contrary to everything out-picturing in the world of form, the lower realities ARE phasing out and there is immeasurable FREEDOM and the energy of RESURRECTION (RISE) enveloping this planet. Pay Attention to how these codes of Light are communicating with and affecting your known. What is dropping away? Are you allowing? Are you giving yourself fully to this time of rest, a time to balance and integrate these new frequencies? The Golden Race is activating (see previous post) through unconditional hearts and new DNA sequences. It feels like SUCH a grand moment on a personal level – and yet, this RISE, this deep, cellular rewrite and transformation on every level is truly about the Collective DNA Codes of Unity Consciousness on our planet. 

This New Light, this all encompassing LOVE for planet and species is incredibly inspiring. Check in and stay really present to what is happening in your personal journey. I am not talking about your journey as a wife or a mother or a partner or a single dad. Check in and stay really present to what is happening in your deeply personal journey on the planet at this time. Our Lightbodies are in transformation, which dismantles the old consciousness. I shared in the previous blog that I feel somehow different everyday. It is so important to be creating the space and allowing for this activation and rewrite via creativity, time on the earth, movement, quieting the mind and finding time for stillness, EVERYDAY – loving your body with lots of clear water and vibrational foods, balancing your mental intake with nothingness, actively preparing your body, your heart and mind to receive.

As I ran the trails this morning, I was joyfully, giddily affirming how STRONG my body is, how powerful and wise my body is, how I trust my body and KNOW my body and am grateful for that awareness. We are a team, my body and I. Together, we create a worthy vessel for my spirit, the anointing river of my Higher Self to flow through freely.

Here are some inspiring, uplifting reminders for you and your body, mind and spirit!

You radiate beauty and grace. You are courageous. Your obstacles are out of your way. You wake up with strength in your heart and clarity in your mind. Your ability is limitless. You are the architect of your life. Your thoughts are filled with positivity. Everything that is happening now is for your benefit. Your efforts are supported by the universe. Happiness is your birthright. You feel joy and contentment. Your body is healthy and your mind is brilliant. You are admired. Your path is carved for greatness. You choose happiness. Your potential now is infinite. A river of compassion brings you love. You are a powerhouse and a well spring of joy. You radiate beauty.

Breathe That In 💞

Yesterday, as I stayed in, being kind to my leg… I had THE most inspiring experience and it brings me GREAT JOY to share with you here!! A friend sent me a link to a video with Bruce Lipton. I was aware of Bruce Lipton, but I have never read or viewed or had any personal experience of him. After this video, I can honestly say that I LOVE him. I had a very similar experience with him, that I did with Osho. This correlation is so relevant to this NOW, so humor me here. I have never read or had personal experience with Osho either. Then I met a man in Asheville that lived in Osho’s community. We had a conversation on the sidewalk in front of Lowes over a year ago – and from that conversation, he invited me over his house. There has been a good deal of controversy around Osho. I did not want to learn from the controversy. I saw meeting this man who had experienced life with Osho and his community personally, an opportunity for me to discern a level of truth around this teacher.

Arriving at his home, there was a large photo of Osho on the wall and hundreds of cassette tapes in book cases around the room. Having just met me and having just one conversation with me, the man had chosen one cassette, a talk of Osho’s, in his voice, for me to listen to. As I listened, there was a familiarity. About 20 minutes into the talk, Osho began to talk of “the New Man”. My interests peaked. What he was saying about humanity and its potential, about the earth and our purpose, about the TRAITS OF THE NEW MAN – were as if he were talking about the New Human.

In that moment I felt such love and gratitude. Love for this person. Love for life. I told the Osho devotee that I felt as if I was standing in the same river as Osho, though he has been gone from this life for a while. Standing in the same river, sharing the same consciousness and energy, speaking the same Truths and understanding – from different times and places. I went on to say that I felt that who Osho was in his time somehow honored who I AM today… and that who I AM today, is somehow honoring him.

Fast forward to yesterday – my FIRST experience of Bruce Lipton. In the video you will hear below – he started off saying the SAME THINGS I had said in my last 2 shows. That this virus and this NOW IS about taking our power back. We must pay attention to what this virus is truly here to teach us because it IS a learning moment! He talks a lot about programs… this was a strong focus of support and understanding in the current New Human Transmission.

I won’t give too much away because you get to have your own experience below… but I felt the SAME THING with this person in this moment, as I did Osho. That we are standing in the same river. That we are connected in ways and wisdom that supersedes the ways and intelligences of the world of form. Bruce Lipton voiced what I have been sharing and knowing deeply for many, many years… that Fear is much more powerful in influencing us than the cellphones and chem-trails and energy towers. Truly, when we are IN Love, when we KNOW the truth of who we are, we live in a different frequency than anything that can bring us harm; including this virus. 

What is SO RELEVANT that is SO meaningful to share with you here in this NOW, is that as a Teacher and disseminator of a New Consciousness and Energy – it is important to me to not live in the woo woo – to share everyday life and concepts with you in very tangible, grounded ways that move right past the mind and land in the consciousness of your heart. My intention is to marry different constructs, teachings, sciences, philosophies, religions – because there is no separation. I feel this is one of my greatest gifts and contributions – to find and demonstrate the connectivity – the Unity we all share. There is TRULY NO OTHER. That there is ONE SOURCE – like a great sun – radiating this energy of life – and we are the individual and unique rays/streams of that consciousness. Ideally and ultimately – we will all be saying the same thing through different modalities and with different expression, even in different times. And yet, these simple truths span and cross the eras of time – they are, in their highest expression – ALL HAPPENING SIMULTANEOUSLY. Me, Bruce Lipton, Osho, Jesus, Joe Dispenza (people have shared in my vortex experiences a similar awareness that Joe teaches about Quantum Physics), Jane Roberts and Seth (mentioned in current webcasts)  – there is a fluidity of common truth, threads of wisdom. One could say that Bruce and I share the same Soul… if we are indeed, teaching the same understanding thru a different science.

What I teach IS a science – it is a science of the new earth, it is a higher mind, 5D technology, it is profoundly, unapologetically FEMININE. This is the NEW ENERGY. It is so much bigger than I am in a female body – it is a frequency we are destined to both embody and inhabit –  that will raise the existence on this planet beyond that of Lemuria, Atlantis, the 5 races that have become extinct, thus far. The New Feminine IS the new power and light of a new earth/new humanity. What I AM remembering more and more each day – through my devotion and connection to the Earth, is the role this planet plays in the Universal plan! 

The video below – it was a MOMENT. A singularity. To feel such moments is a direct, felt moment of Zero Point. People often say I am fearless. Using the analogy Bruce brought up  – when I walked across hot coals – I did so with the intention of releasing what limits me. I did so in ceremony more than once – it was liberating. I did not get burned. I also jumped out of an airplane – SOLO!! I did these things and say YES to such experiences not because I AM brave – (ok, maybe a little) but mostly because I know my life belongs to something greater. I live in trust that spans way beyond this known. I AM devoted to, my life surrendered to, this something greater. I am not attached to the things of this world. My life is in a constant state of surrender, to the unknown, to the mystery, to attachment at how things are suppose to be or look. This is what it is to live in the mystery. My life does not belong to ME – to DeAnne – DeAnne is an infinitesimal part of a greater whole – of Oneness. That Oneness carries me. IT imbues my life – not things of this world. 

Bruce said we were born INTO Heaven. It is pretty easy for me to agree with that. We have been given (chose) the GIFT of this life – he struck me as such a jovial, animated person. What I encourage you to pay attention to (always) is how you FEEL after listening. This is what I intend with my shows – to leave you feeling uplifted and inspired to be your best self. I am like a 100 watt bulb compared to his 1000 watt bulb. He has close to 2 decades on me – and has a masculine background of support (medicine and science) – but I know I AM on a path of the same objective and potential; the same Truth. He never believed in spirituality – but the SCIENCE revealed the evidence of the Field. I started from that awareness. Yet, we are standing in the same river.

Happy Easter to this Beautiful Community. May what is wise and true and powerful in YOU, continue to RISE and find its voice and SHINE BRIGHTLY in this transforming world.

Interview with Bruce Lipton on London Real:

Sunday, April 12th – New HUman Global Unity Meditations – 4 years strong in intention and support of the Ascension sequences. This week we focus on RESURRECTION: May ALL beings be happy and free.

Monday, April 13/Tuesday,April 14th – POWERFUL GATEWAY and another global Ascension Timeline Meditation: 10:45pm eastern. Suggested length of time: 20 minutes or longer as we welcome the downloads and flow with the Energy that pours through.

REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE BELOVEDS. I SEE YOU. Inspire yourself with the biggest, most expansive dreams of self-expression and freedom you can imagine. We’ve got this. We were made for these times. New Minds, New Bodies, New Hearts… we ARE the New Earth.
One Love ~ DeAnne and the Shining Ones


Becoming One with the FIRE!

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3 comments on “And The People Shall Rise Part 3!
  1. Judy A Wollam says:

    WOW! That was quite interesting. First your injury and how you dealt with it. I’m glad you have healed so quickly. Then your encounter with the man who lived with OSHO. And finally Bruce Lipton. I will watch his video later. I also loved the pix you you beginning your walk over the not coals.These are truly amazing times. I’m glad you are here at this time to assist in the Ascension Process.
    I just re-read my personal reading from you and will soon respond.


    • DeAnne says:

      I know Judy, I kind of took ya’ll on a walkabout… through my life, through consciousness and energy and possibility, perspective and potential. It is meaningful to me to show the ONENESS present in all things and experiences. Remember the New Human understanding, “it is not possible to have an experience that is not ours to have.” With this understanding – EVERYTHING, every moment and experience and encounter is ultimately for your highest good and a loving teacher on your path! I knew it was a LOT to share – and I appreciate you all being such a gracious “audience”😉 – but sharing the speed of recovery, the magnitude of healing… the support and love that “showed up” with wisdom I needed… the message from the SHIN!! that I already trust the connectivity between biology, belief and LOVE – then Bruce appears and affirms that. I appreciate his perspective on the Virus, which I share… and I feel as if I KNOW both him and Osho intimately – tho we have never met. These threads are POWERFUL and BEAUTIFUL examples of the SHIFT we are now in. That we are ALWAYS Ok – that the Light is present in every circumstance – that we ALL share a profound connection AND that there is ONLY LOVE. It is SUCH a gift – living in this NOW with an unprecedented opportunity to WAKE UP, to KNOW ourselves and to assist in the healing and liberation of a world. WOW!! Indeed! xo 💞🌎 p.s. POWERFUL time to have an energy reading, I look forward to hearing how it had landed for you.

  2. ruty says:

    Love Support. Wonder-filled experiences for you.thank you for sharing.

    After I wrote my comment re the 04/04 – a whole batch of your Emails VANISHED from my inbox, Gmail account – from everywhere.that included Sanat Kumara pic. whatever you wrote in such comments -as here -space for the 4/4 -all removed.just beautiful blue sky…I might not get a comment to this either- or you don’t get mine -it seems there are ‘those’ who didn’t appreciate the 4/4 event or me relating to it.
    Wishing you another expanding experience in your 22nd event.Heart

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