Pause, Take a Breath, Celebrate the Earth

There is a New Day dawning
There is a New Earth rising
From the sleeping folds of a lost and sorrowful world
a shimmering path appears.
The path is crystalline, the way is clear
the air is fresh, the stillness filled with wisdom.
As so much of the world focuses on what is falling away ~
she beckons.
Because the Light of this world is so much stronger
than the shadow that casts confusion and fear.
RISE UP, the Earth Mother whispers…
RISE UP, for you are hard wired for these times.
Come to me, follow me, listen ~ for I will teach you.
Let what is finished, return to my fertile soil
Keep your eyes and hearts on what is REJOICING
even NOW.
 And I will carry you, as I have always done.
let my waters drink your tears
a New Day has begun.

Happy Earth Day all you beautiful people!

The above photo and poem were captured and inspired by my morning run! There is a profound level of freedom in the Field all around us ~ Gaia is radiating inner light, just as our inner light shines out as a new understanding on the distortions in the world of form. There is a COSMIC RESET underway. TRUTH as we have never experienced on this planet is now coming to pass, because of the courageous souls stepping up against the untruths long told.

What the Mother reminded me this morning is how important it is that we keep our footing on the clear path! Walk with knowing. It is essential that we focus only where the way is clear, keeping the mind still and our energy non-engaging to the confusion, the fear tactics, the unsettled mania of those who do not know their own mind; of which there are many. Walk through your life unafraid and unbending to the consensus. We are in a time of GREAT preparedness ~ we must keep our minds free and energy light. As some really wise being once said, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” Take time tomorrow to CELEBRATE our beautiful planet. Let everything else go.

It “just so happens” that tomorrow is ALSO a New Moon – on 4/22 – IN THIS 4 YEAR! Just so much love and Unity and support demonstrating all around and within us. New Moons are a time to PLANT SEEDS and lay down new intentions. This NEW MOON is in Taurus, 10:25 pm eastern, and VIBRATES A CALL TO ACTION. So, whether that call is personal in setting new priorities in your life, in organizing and anchoring new levels of inspiration into your life… OR a CALL to new levels of Responsibility and Leadership in the greater world – EVERYTHING this Earth Day is in support of YOU setting a course to a New Future.

There are many ways to get active and involved digitally, which is awesome! Tomorrow is the 50th Anniversary of Earth day – WOW -take a moment to see all the good happening and all you can be involved in as you choose.

These are highly unusual, intense and beautiful times… breathe often, take time to listen, be still and know. FEEL AND EMBRACE it all, this Life that loves us so.

Love, Love, Love ~
DeAnne and the Shining Ones


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3 comments on “Pause, Take a Breath, Celebrate the Earth
  1. ruty says:

    no words…so beautiful,serene,…Love and Gratitude to you Gaia and All your Kingdoms, creatures -hosting ALL of us on your beautiful face/in your compassionate heart. such generosity unbounded.
    please Love-Cuddle a bear from me/us.they are so happy with ClEAN air, water, land .may all hearts pollution be transformed .
    A Fountain of Love DeAnne and The Shining Ones.better still-every one.

    • DeAnne says:

      Gratitude Ruty, for your beautiful heart. Love “such generosity unbounded” as I feel and witness and LIVE in this generosity everyday! SO Grateful. We are standing in the FOUNTAIN together Ruty – LOVE YOU! 💞

  2. ruty says:

    One World , One People , PEACE.
    if we could hear the bears LOVE Song’s tunes(forms)what will we receive?

    Isn’t a Bear a major image in kids toys- at least before the robot age?-
    maybe comforting ?
    I think their presence on your heart’s door steps are significant.
    How I’d love to meet their silence. love you as they do too.

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