What If…

What if…
everything that is happening NOW,
is for your benefit?

Blessings to this Powerful Light Tribe,

The above question is one that has been pressing on my heart and consciousness for the last couple of weeks. It is a reminder that every moment and every event has within it possibility, the potential to transform into something positive and powerful. The moment that we understand that every experience carries a gift and that the Light is always present… we are empowered to serve and to shine in any circumstance.

I AM really looking forward to (and feeling) the opportunity to share a new consciousness perspective and fresh, new energy in tomorrow’s webcast of The New Human. Please join me,

Sunday, May 3rd ~ 11:11am eastern
Theme: Peeling It Back – Looking At Truth!
Meditation: Grounding Into A New Foundation
Music: Grounded by Sacred Earth

All shows are archived for your listening convenience, so come when you are able to be truly present. I always recommend listening without distraction – creating sacred space to be with these light encoded frequencies, the wisdom of the Shining Ones and higher realms presence. Choose a comfortable place to relax and settle into a timeless space so that these transmissions transport you to a deeper and truer alignment with your own wisdom. 

Blog with show highlights: https://deannehampton.com/archives/17275

After a New Human shared a perspective about the video link I sent out a couple of days ago ~ I felt moved to share a few additional thoughts with you regarding the points made by the 2 CA doctors.

First, I consider this platform a HUGE responsibility – so I do not share things lightly or without tuning into it from many levels, the intention always that it both represent the light and reflect Truth. This video reflected critical information that I have been receiving, hearing and feeling into from MANY sources over the last month… from the sciences, from the medical profession (including Dr’s working in the ER in NY) and from respected “new paradigm” teachers who have spent over 30 years teaching that ” Infinite Love is the only truth. Everything else is illusion.”

I would never send something out to this audience in isolation – and too, I always tune into the energy, including that of these 2 CA doctors. This particular video had already been censored and removed several times and there will be those invested in discrediting them!

This is a time when it is essential that human beings begin to think for themselves, critically, and not just believe and follow something, especially out of fear. There is a great deal of manipulation going on… I will speak to a lot more on the show tomorrow.

I will be the first to admit that there is a lot we do not know -which makes it all the more critical that we pay attention to what we DO know and not just what mainstream media is feeding us. I intend to share some insights on the media with you tomorrow that is so very important at this time. There are massive clues we can all become critically aware on when it comes to how information is presented and ways we can each become more discerning on what we allow into our brains and psyches!

I AM A Truth Teller! It is my devotion and service to this new human paradigm and the humanity that will RISE from this time, empowered to incite a new level of leadership for our world based on compassion, kindness, fairness and love for ALL beings everywhere. It will be a powerful show! As always, I encourage you to pay attention to the ENERGY I share.. and how your energy responds. The remembrance here is cellular – the words are secondary to what is activating within you. We are DESTINED TO RISE! I AM grateful you are walking this path of light with me.

From My Heart To Yours,
One Love,

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4 comments on “What If…
  1. Charles Carruthers says:

    Thank you, DeAnne… looking to tomorrow’s show. I enjoyed the doctors’ perspectives.

    • DeAnne says:

      Gratitude Charlie, for your presence here for a LONG time ~ and for your support and reflection and love. 🙏

  2. Tara Jeffery says:

    Hi DeAnne, I was a little perplexed by the Bakersfield doctors link you sent as well. I am glad it is being addressed. You are one of the few people I feel who posts things out of integrity. I come from a medical background although I find most of what Western model medicine is very narrow. I don’t use it unless for emergencies. I think that is what it is good for, and not much else. I did a great deal of research on some of the things they said, and who they are in general. To be succinct, they are not out for the common good. They own and operate Urgent care type centers that stand to lose a lot of revenue due to COVID-19. They also mentioned the oil industry losing money and they happen to live in the Oil Capitol of California. Why would they mention this?? OIl industry losses and not the small businesses that may never recover? Odd. They are Trump supporters. While I have some very good friends who still support him, It is something I will never fully understand. There is a lot more I could say about what I know to be true about the doctors. They are absolutely spot on about the immune system and the ill effects of social distancing, but their data is skewed, and I could tell when they were sharing it. They are not comparing against the general population, and so the data is seriously flawed. I think there are a lot of good points, but to take this as the way to move forward would be a mistake for many.

    • DeAnne says:

      Hi Tara, first, I appreciate the “perplexed” response… as it suggests questioning, yet remaining open. One thing that is important to point out for us all, ongoing, is that what we experience is always framed by the consciousness with which we are perceiving/receiving it! What is interesting to me is that what stood out in this video for you, for me is secondary to the critical points. Do these 2 individuals have a bias – WE ALL DO, according to our beliefs! I encourage everyone to not get distracted by biases, either their own or the biases of others. It does not negate TRUTH or our ability to discern it. So, where this particular information may not be the WHOLE truth – it is very much pointing at THE truth. The media is driving this event via fear – INSIDIOUSLY so… people are afraid of each other – hospitals are closing down because no one is going, even when they need to – because they are AFRAID of the virus… which on today’s show I demonstrated is not a virus at all – but because of this FEAR – what has happened is that everyone is looking over “here” – whereas certain points in this video and other voices speaking to the same points – are getting us to look over “there” ie PIVOTING CONSCIOUSNESS. It is the “emperor with no clothes” phenomenon the Shining Ones eluded to in the March New Human Transmission. I hear your concerns about Trump – I have spoken OFTEN to his role from a higher perspective from this platform. What is true in light of recent events and revelation – (have you seen the video Out Of The Shadows) the Democrats are not that much better – even Hollywood is in on the LIE that has taught us not to trust our ability to know what is best for us… and that US cannot just be singular, it must be Global. Big Oil has been an issue for a long time and absolutely needs to change. Because of this nonsensical shut down, (medical marshal law) no one is driving and gas is getting backed up in storage which is why our gas prices have gone down. But right now – we have an entire infrastructure, from the amount of plastics we depend on to even the small businesses that are DEPENDENT on Big Oil. So, we can’t just throw it out without detrimental effects to everyone! They are very much a part of the transition that must take place. I am speaking to your points and yet, even as I do so, I feel the main point, purpose and gift of the video is being missed. This pandemic is NOT THE PROBLEM – it is a distraction from the problem. People in every sector of society are waking up to this. This virus itself has an agenda. These Dr’s were attempting to say this – I found them brave to speak up. MANY Dr’s all around the country are now being pushed to make the Covid 19 diagnosis. On March 20th, the Surgeon General came out on the White House Lawn and said that masks were useless! As I emphasized today – they are using confusion to SCRAMBLE peoples ability to THINK FOR THEMSELVES – to say, hey wait, the King has no clothes. This is really a powerful time for us to LOOK AT OURSELVES, to understand where we get our own beliefs and understandings from – and determine to receive ALL data from a neutral, intuitive, clear mind and awake consciousness. Bottom line, for those listening here and resonating with this NEW CONSCIOUSNESS – we are in a different reality RIGHT NOW, moving through a different consciousness that affects how we perceive and take things in. We ALL must let our fear and biases go so that we can connect the dots of Truth that are now really starting to make themselves known. It takes courage to state the unpopular or less substantiated views – but it is the way we are going to make the transition to a reality that is more sustainable and a society that works for everyone.

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