And The People Shall Rise, Part 5

Blessings of Peace and Wonder to this New Human Collective,
I feel as if I AM standing with all of my brothers and sisters of humanity, looking out on a very new day dawning. I feel that rise inside of me so deeply and gratefully so. I feel more in love with LIFE than I ever have, happy deep in my soul for the gift of this time, all inclusive. I AM equally so, feeling such a level of tenderness and compassion through me for the current frailty of humanity.
I live in an abundant and safe Universe
and so do you!
I have been thinking a lot about abundance. One of the many gifts of this Global Spiritual Event in our world is that it has created a radiant spaciousness in the field around the Earth from which we can feel and access the intelligence of the Light more directly. This is a very organic and purposeful process that is lending itself to the consistent peeling away and rewrite of our individual and collective story. Without even a fraction of our innate awareness active, it is our beliefs, our history, conditioning and story that have created and defined much of our human experience, again, individually and collectively. And yet, because of what is being presented as something so destructive, devastating and deadly to the human experience ~ we have a rare and historic opportunity to uncover a greater truth about who we are, as Light, and our time here in this NOW. 
This has amplified our feeling nature to an unprecedented degree. The “new human” design of new minds, new bodies, new hearts, is activating within and assisting our awakening in truly miraculous measure. There is a profound understanding now present within our individual and collective psyche that is allowing us to STEP BACK from the duality of human experience that thrives on fear, panic, control and manipulation. It is a stunning revelation that is activating a very ancient wisdom within that we do, indeed, have a CHOICE in which world and which version of ourselves we want to experience.
Where there is Love, there is no Fear
Coming back to the idea of Abundance, this has immeasurably opened up my world, my daily experience of life and people and nature and love and spiritual autonomy. Breathe in and feel the energy here of what I AM sharing with you… the words are a secondary vehicle to the incandescent new levels of Self now emerging into this very human experience. This is a brand new story of Emergence and Truth. This reorganization of body, mind and spirit is shifting our relationship to Abundance, an expanded awareness of how loved and supported we are in pursuit of our dominant desires, which are and have always been about community and service, about FREEDOM and Life!
The May New Human Transmission ) is 2+ hours of a lot of transformational energy and much for us to process. This is a time of great discernment – of waking up to a new light and greater truth for our world. I know those reading this will agree that our world has not had a foundation of Truth for a long time. It is not easy “allowing” into our psyches and hearts, that our trust and liberties have been betrayed on a global scale for a very long time. We don’t necessarily want to hear information that challenges our beliefs about life on this planet and the capacity of human beings to stray so very far from center and the consciousness of love. But listen and learn and educate ourselves we must!

It is precisely and purposefully the level of Light that is here now, that is exposing great shadow, deceits and a gross misuse of power that has poisoned the Earth, the people, the minds and the hearts of humanity for many decades and lifetimes. And we must FACE and STAND UP to these injustices and egregious actions of the few to the detriment of the many. This is the TRANSITION, the PIVOT POINT of Consciousness we have prayed and worked for since the Light first blasted this planet with the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. (Coinciding with an exceptional alignment of planets in our Solar System – this time, this moment, this gathering in greater intention around the world set the arc of humanity upon a different trajectory.) While humanity continued on in the lower dimensions flexing many different levels of ego and consciousness, the spirituality on our planet continued to mature and the level of Light crescendo into Christed Consciousness and the activation of a new human, crystalline DNA.

There is no precedent for this time, no template to follow. This NOW is like a perfect storm of a wholly unsustainable planet driven by greed and the sacrifice of our humanity MEETING a new energy and new light embodied by a necessary number of light-workers to TAKE BACK OUR POWER as a species. We must be willing to LOOK at what is present and see this NOW clearly, which can be scary. One suggestion I offer is to look to the people who you have valued as wise, as consistently capable of stepping back and offering a perspective on our world and spiritual nature that is inclusive… and to find a way to engage in conversation with them! It’s not just about knowing what questions to ASK, but who to ask them to! As I emphasized on the May Live-stream, this is a time to question everything! I really want you to hear that EVERYTHING is in place, in this NOW, to assist this humanity and planet towards a new human/new earth outcome and victory. But, it will not happen without us, in our clear minds and hearts, NO FEAR, BOOTS ON THE GROUND!
You are Loved, You are Free.
Even as suffering has taken over in our world, can we remain in the truth of the beauty of the world? That is abundance! It is meaningful to me to share with this tribe, as a reminder? as a reinforcement? that there is an incredibly beautiful, uplifting, compelling and expansive energy present in this NOW. There is a razor sharp focus that can be felt within and without being stimulated by new Solar activity and waves of new light that are overwriting and overriding the lower realities and lesser agendas. This “new story emerging” can be felt and experienced through our dreams, through personal experiences and encounters, through marked changes in old habits and routines of self. Even as the lower bands of consciousness on our planet continue processing through fear, creating mass confusion, more hysteria, panic and distrust of themselves and one another – there is such a strong, very feminine presence that continues to urge us into preparedness. Yes, we are gearing up and getting ready – as many are experiencing SO CLEARLY full bodied Ascension activity.
I have been packing up books to sell and give away, sorting through and clearing stuff as if I am literally preparing for a move. And I feel like I AM going “somewhere.” I AM having consistent visions of a new home, (home representing consciousness) of packing up a new car (car representing the physical body) with the dogs and heading out somewhere. I do not need details, I AM not attached to any outcome. But I AM listening and paying attention, following through and staying in the motion of a very real, intelligent Force that does seem to know where IT is going. I can honestly say that everything feels elevated, polished in the field we are passing through. There is such a sense of FREEDOM that can be felt, a profound sense of how much we are loved – and a peaceful calm that is vibrating with both revelation (people waking up in greater numbers) and resurrection (as in, phoenix rising from the ashes).
We must, must, must hold the light high and our minds really still as we approach the larger gateways on the horizon. We will look at this more closely on the June webcast. This planet and humanity will continue to experience both the dismantling AND ascension as a simultaneous phenomenon, all for the purpose of shifting consciousness and opening new dimensions of reality. As ALWAYS, ALL WAYS, we get to choose the reality and experience we want to have. Get quiet, align with those who see the greater and positive potentials and take great care with what you are exposing yourself to. 
My devotion to the Earth continues as a daily activity that continues, as well, to anchor my mind and body and heart to the New Grid. There is a great deal of phenomena being felt and experienced out on the Earth, from the types of crystals being found to the animal encounters experienced to the increased activity of higher realms and star being visitation! The old paradigm is driving this sudden lock down (paralyzing) of our world that will continue to devastate our current experience of life on every level. And yet, the NEW PARADIGM, Divine Feminine, new energy carries a multidimensional presence that is helping us to maintain a completely different focus; on behalf of the many. A constant mantra that is so strongly anchored within me, I especially love to use as I walk and run with Gaia, is this: “Everything is different. My ENERGY is different and so I AM attracting TO ME all new experiences of support, community, health, vitality, abundance, service and LOVE.” This reinforces in a very felt way the full-bodied, Christed DNA activations that are both underway and increasing.  
Everyday, you are encouraged to align your choices, your actions, your thoughts and heart with the understanding that ANY experience or encounter you have as a shiny new, divine human will result in the highest possible outcome. PERIOD! It can be no other way. SAY NO, do not allow the energy of fear, of doubt, of lesser agendas and control into your psyches and hearts. You do not live in the reality that is dismantling. You live in a NEW CREATION RISING, a powerful force and new foundation always destined to anchor into existence at this time. You have new roles to play, new paths to walk, new agendas to serve. DO NOT GIVE ANY of your energy and consideration to the old power structures and people driving them on our planet. This is OUR TIME. Their authority and power is crumbling, the curtain has been pulled back to expose their agendas, their time is no more. I know this with every fiber and cell of my being.
I live in the SAME 3D reality as you, one in which it is very apparent that the very nature of reality as we know it is being restructured. I had 2 significant retreats cancelled in April and I really have no idea how things look moving forward. But I feel immeasurable peace about it. I know I (DeAnne) am not driving. I AM co-creating with a new dimension of reality. I miss you all, I miss community, I want to get together and play and CREATE NEW STRUCTURES of reality with you. I know that time will come.
Right now, we gotta NOT be looking at the “horrible accident on the side of the road.” EYES STRAIGHT AHEAD – HEART HELD TO THE LIGHT, we gotta KEEP MOVING. Have immense compassion for those who are suffering and in fear and believing every little thing that is being fed to them, following every CHANGING rule and instruction given. Their experience is very real to them. It is what they know now. OUR role and responsibility as the bringers of a new dawn and the gatekeepers of a New Earth Experience – is to show them a new way of being, to direct our thoughts and visions to the new horizon, to be IN the energy of preparing for something fantastical and otherworldly and unprecedented in the human experience. Will you do that??
It is so very important for you to connect to your own inner Light now in a way you never have before. This will create a tremendous opening in your personal and the collective field. Trust that you have all the power within to STEP INTO new beingness and experience. Fiercely determine to connect to the people and things that bring you a lot of joy. Consciously redirect your mind, however often necessary, from fear to something bright and beautiful. The bright and beautiful is EVERYwhere, all around. You have the eyes to see it, you have the courage to LIVE it. You are a powerful manifestor. You are all visionaries and way-makers. May we continue to Grow Evolve Rise together – consciously choose, everyday, LIFE. No external circumstance can take that choice from you. Imagine the momentum you are lending to the consciousness pendulum on our planet each time you choose to shift your awareness to something good. What you focus on will continue to show up in your reality in powerful measure.

Be conscious, especially right now, of fears coming in from others, and recognize that not everything should be held by you. Joy is your best medicine, but tears can also be a powerful release. Let go of any judgment you may have around that. Remember that you are never alone ~ and if you need to be reminded of that, ask for support and it will show up. There is a presence always with you that is deeply connected to the fulfillment of your potential. I know many of you well and deeply, I SEE YOU. You have incredible hearts and understand that your biggest ally, especially in this NOW, is INTENTION. Your intention is a center of power that is connected to many universes and dimensions. We are remembering a little more each day that there is something larger to which we are here to add meaning – that we are here to ever move
toward integrity and love and participation in the Greater Universe.

This NOW, every last detail of it, is a GIFT. You are participating in it from the highest level of your being. You know the way through this. You have everything that you need. THIS moment and THIS sudden pause on the turning of the collective grid – THIS has allowed for the level of energy that will fling open the gates for those who are prepared within. For as long as I remember, I have been stalking the wild truth of my spirituality and human potential. Somehow, today, in this NOW, there is an absurd mix of chaos in the world of form and exuberance in the realms of light that lead me to feel everything has led me/us to this moment and these circumstances.


I still understand far more than I know how to be. But if it is any comfort to those reading these words… we are are at the nexus of remembering ourselves as universal beings and integrating our multidimensional nature with our human identity. Our Earth is very close to a time of intensified interaction with the Greater Universe. The people of the Earth and those of the greater Cosmos need to correspond experience, information and understanding. This is an awareness I have had since I was a small child… fill your mind and days with that focal point at this time and we will come through this current crisis much quicker, with greater ease and grateful outcome.


It is TIME for a new LEADERSHIP – Spiritually and Socially – in the many stagnant and ignorant facets of 3D! The energy now emanating SO STRONGLY from the planet and Cosmos because of the clearing this shut down has allowed in the Field – it is also COMMUNICATING CELLULARLY to humanity. It is activating the ones who are positioned now to slide right into new power, using their voices in new ways. We will start to see very soon ones who never get the microphone – getting to the mic!  We are seeing this more EVERYDAY with the brave doctors coming forth and admitting their unease with what they are being instructed to do. If you are not already signed up on London Real, with Brian Rose, I encourage you to do so. The truth tellers and truth seekers are growing in numbers. Take care when you hear (or refer to something) as Conspiracy Theory – because that catch phrase was created by the very factions that do not want us asking questions and looking to other sources for TRUTH.

I AM so aware that the ARMY
of LIGHT (in human form) is going to overturn the old regime – as in ENOUGH!! We are no longer afraid – “you have NO POWER over me, we are CALLING YOU OUT and we will not go away or back down.” We have new dimensions of Light and energy within and without to SEE and ACT and CHOOSE differently! It is ENERGY that will turn this all around – the old to the new, the control to freedom, the fear to love, the blind to new clarity, the defeated and tired to RENEWED and EMPOWERED. It is a FREAKIN beautiful thing! It is ALL coming to bear! And you know what, I remember ALL of this – and feel SUCH a strong center in what I have agreed to do and be at this time. NOTHING ELSE MATTERS. Shall we step fully into this incarnation of enlightenment, together?
 I love and miss my beautiful family and friends and I can’t wait for the joyful day when we are all able to reunite. Until then please keep your lights on. ❣️
We Got This!
Be The Light that you are – NOTHING IS MORE POWERFUL!
Love to All, Love IS All,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones
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6 comments on “And The People Shall Rise, Part 5
  1. Michele says:

    You brought me to tears with your beautiful words, your courage, your wisdom. Thank you again for your direction & clarity🙏🏼❤️.
    Oh & yes , London Real and the courageous doctors. So many coming forth. No fear, time for change 🕉. May love/light lead us❣️

    • DeAnne says:

      Gratitude Michelle, I am grateful to have you here and appreciate your generous reflection. May love/light lead us, indeed. 💞

  2. Darlene says:

    What an incredibly powerful post! It’s filled with so much passion and love that I could feel the energy run through my body and touch me at such a deep level. It’s something that I will reread many times to help me stay centered and focused on Truth. Thank you so much for that.

    And, by the way, the energy was so powerful that you really don’t notice any problems with the spacing…..not in the slightest!

    • DeAnne says:

      Gratitude Darlene, you are a sweetheart and SO supportive of me and this intention. I have reread the post many times my SELF and also get so much from it every time. Things are moving so quickly now – there is a saying, if you stay on the bus – the scenery will change!! Well that seems to be happening ONGOING. We just need to remain still and balanced in our efforts – because NEW SCENERY and BIG CHANGE is coming. Love you! xo

  3. Joanna says:

    Thank you. The Loving passion in your message is incredible. I’m grateful for you. Your messages have been Resonating with me since world Puga. Love you DeAnne💕 And YES “The people shall rise”

    • DeAnne says:

      Gratitude Joanna ~ I Am grateful for your presence here too ~ it is meaningful to have you stop buy and connect with the community here in this way. ALWAYS appreciate the reflection and feedback.💞

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