Light Shining Through, Eclipse Reflection

Namaste’ New Humans,
Take a moment to breathe in the beauty and light in the photo above. This was taken during the eclipse this last weekend. Beyond the peace and beauty present, it is the golden rays of a new reality pouring through the clouds that truly captivates. This was such a powerful and liberating eclipse – a passage filled with the essence of Freedom. My heart is very full, mind centered, body strong. No matter what your individual experiences, know that these golden rays disseminated light-codes for the purpose of quantum realignment. This can most easily be felt as a sense of calm, of clarity, a strong center and the willingness to consistently OPEN TO THE NEW. 2020 is an ACTIVATION YEAR. We must not allow that to get lost in the turbulence present in the dismantling in the old reality structures and belief systems. Our becoming is ON. YOUR becoming is ON. The next levels of Crystalline realities has landed – again, so undeniable in just this one simple moment captured above. 
I worked much of the weekend ~ JOYFUL, MEANINGFUL, FULFILLING investment of time and energy. The reality around me was abuzz with light and movement and celebration. I guided several vortex experiences and did many remote healing sessions. The intention that kept coming into every experience from many different individuals was the desire to KNOW why they are here – what the next step is. THIS was the activity of the golden solar activity and the deepening of invitation to merge with the Mother. The next version of Self is aligned with the New Earth realms. I shared a great deal about the New Earth activity in last Sunday’s New Human Transmission. It is Her gifts, Her transformation, Her wisdom and LOVE that is making an impenetrable Embodiment, Divine New Human, possible. Hers is the invitation and doorway to Unity Consciousness. Her crystalline body is the healing of the division in our world. An undeniable reflection of this is how every culture and race and age and personal expression of being human SHOWS UP to engage and fall into LOVE with the Earth in vortex outings. And each time I go out, each time I guide humans into the inner depths of becoming – it is filled with the wonder of something brand new, never before experienced, touched, felt or even imagined! This is the new reality – it is here – we have stepped through the veil of consciousness shifting Light!
I encourage you to remain in the new as much as possible; with your thoughts, your perceptions, your habits and beliefs and choices. There really is nothing limiting you, us, this humanity now. If you have moments or days of feeling discouraged or drawn into what is dismantling, KNOW that deep, long suppressed pockets of fear are currently running with abandon through the psyches, institutions, constructs and old systems of our world. This fear must come up and out to be transmuted and transformed. But you do not have to participate in that FEAR in any way. Your compass is the consciousness shifting light running through your heart and knowingness; to become your new center. I encourage you ( as in it would REALLY mean a lot to me) to listen to the June 25th interview with Dr Zach Bush on London Real. You just need to sign up with an email address to this CENSOR FREE, Freedom Platform – to listen to any of the amazing interviews there. But, this ONE interview entitled Our Covid Assumptions are Wrong… this man is definitely a New Human – he LOVES the planet and has great compassion for humanity and what we are currently going through. His wisdom, his love and the alignment with TRUTH will touch you deeply and make you feel great hope for our current instability. It will give you new awareness to speak to others about, even as it will help you to STEP BACK from what is seemingly spiraling out of control. Beautiful, Beautiful Feminine Light pouring through this man and this interview. PLEASE WATCH and share. 
Here is a loosely translated piece from the interview:
I invite you into a new state of awareness. You stepped into life on this planet at a time that is a tipping point. That has to mean you are part of the solution. You are at the very least, part of the rising consciousness of people that have self -aninihilated themselves and the gift of the planet they inhabit. In that awareness, is the invitation to wake up. To be human is a union of spirit and body. We are animated not by our biology – but by the unified energy field we are all a part of that has the intention of life. Maternal energy is Eternal.
2020 IS the Great Mystery. The unknown realities are rocking the world of form with great upheaval and dismantling. We cannot move forward with all this unconscious hate and fear. May it ALL COME TO THE LIGHT. May we TRUST the Light above all else. We must be strong in our remembrance of what is true and demonstrate that in all that we do, in each moment. FEEL the joy that is here now, feel the Mother, feel the immense Light radiating through your heart. LOVE is the only way forward.
Shining Light for you ALL,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones 💓
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4 comments on “Light Shining Through, Eclipse Reflection
  1. joyfuljudy says:

    Loved the pix and what it means. I listened to the webcast last Sunday. Have been busy listening to many speakers via Mark Sims’ Harmonic Convergence.

    Would like to listen to the interview with Dr. Zach Bush. I’ll look it up on the internet. Or do you have a suggestion on how to find it?

    I’m staying mostly out of the fear paradigm and predominately into the love and light instead.

    Went to a local river and so enjoyed spending time in its clear waters.

    I’m really glad you are a getting so many requests for healings.

    Loved hearing about the dragon caves. I first heard about the dragons (in a positive way via a Kaia Ra event a few years ago). It was quite a shift from seeing them as the bad guys.

    I was pleased to hear you talk about the rocks/boulders. I collect rocks from around the world. Friends bring them to me. I’ve been attracted to them for a long time and have lots in my yards. Now I know why

    How is Aunt Jean? So glad that she has been there for you when your family wasn’t.

    Yep, we must trust our inner guidance. I ask for help often from what I call my jj team. I put my Higher Self(A-giss) on the team along with Adama of Telos, some Blue Avians, Dragons, White Buffalo Woman and Jeshua.

    I’m getting better at sending love and lite instead of anger when things upset me. I’m better at moving out of ego and into a much higher place. You have helped me do that.

    Love all the changes that are happening. These are exciting times. Listened to a site called “Channeling Erik”. He spoke about the changes too. It filled me with joy.

    Thanks for incarnating at during this time, DA. You are an asset to Humanity and Mother Earth.

    Sending Love and Blessings,


    • DeAnne says:

      Gratitude for SHARING Judy – clearly the webcast inspired your energy in many ways. It always brings my joy to hear of humans getting out to experience our abundant earth. Aunt Jeanne is home and eating LOTS of ice cream. Everyone that meets her comments how strong she is. SHE IS A NEW HUMAN – her Light is eternal!! 💓 I AM grateful that you incarnated at this time, as well. 🙏

  2. Judy says:

    So pleased to read that you are doing lots of vortex tours and healings.

    Happy about Aunt Jeanne’s recovery and her joy of eating ice cream.

    Those dragon pix are great. I feel their presence. Let us know when you are able to make more visible contact.

    Things are moving along quickly now. I watched the new documentary entitled “The 1 Field” yesterday. It is about proving our constant connection with one another and how we have the power to change our world. People are getting the message.

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