Dragons and JOY and the Earth’s Love


This past week has been a beautiful dream of unity, harmony, JOY and the conscious decision to come out into the LIGHT of a New Day. I have been guiding vortex experiences everyday – sometimes 2 in one day, which to me reflects the people rising, seeking higher ground, desiring deeper connection with the earth and one another and even themselves. Traveling short and long distances they come, open to receiving and discovering the codes of Freedom in the rhythms, teachings and gifts of the Mother. I AM so grateful to experience HOPE everyday, to touch the essence of what is stronger and more beautiful and lasting than the creations of fear in our world. I feel the consciousness shifting on our planet, I feel the energy resetting to a higher codex of LIFE, I get to witness ONGOING the many walking out of the shadow of what is suppressed and unsustainable and dying and declaring, I AM HERE TO HAVE LIFE!

The above photo is a Dragon Den of sorts… a magical realm where I felt their presence so strongly. I asked them how I could best assist those who desire greater connection with MAGIC and their New Earth teachings. I did not receive an immediate answer, yet I know they would not have shown up in such numbers and curiosity if this was not their desire. I know to relax my mind and allow my ongoing experience in the vibrational world to fill me with this remembrance.

This area, high above the common ground and in remotely pristine spaces, I was easily transported to the days of Avalon – to the mystical times of the Arthurian era. It is the collapse of the old timelines and the RISE of the new timeline consciousness and energy that is allowing these timeline merge experiences, a profound reminder that everything, all of existence, is happening simultaneously and we have the opportunity to embrace the gifts of human history on this planet, rather than revisit its struggle and divide.


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We must keep moving forward, we must make the remembrance of our Light and what this time on our planet is truly about ~ a priority everyday. Everything in the world of form is “set up” to remind us that we are the authority of our lives, that we have a sovereign power and wisdom to CREATE from love, wisdom and unity. The Feminine Light, rays of ascension illumining our world so profoundly and palpably, are carrying the essence of JOY, urging us out of our comforts and the conditioning of the lower realms into new levels of divine power and service.

Come forth into the Light of things, let nature be your teacher.
William Wordsworth

I AM extending a personal and very heartfelt invitation to RISE 2020! Fall Equinox Renewal. After all the experiences this last week and the beautifully diverse expressions of humanity that I met, I AM more confident than ever that the New Earth, Gaia, is the vessel of our becoming. As I witnessed where people are vibrating in this NOW and what they are ready and willing to experience – the container for this Equinox experienced has expanded WAY OUT – to capture the generous and unlimited JOY that the Mother and all her kingdoms are now sharing. I AM sharing just a moment of that undeniable JOY with you below. Gratitude to Karen and Heather from D.C and Raleigh for gifting us this joyous expression. 

Early Bird Registration for this event ends next week – July 15th! You may still sign up anytime you are ready – but you can save $100 to DO SO NOW! A minimum deposit is all you need to secure your early bird price and space. The rest is not due until I SEE YOU!!! 😎

Rise 2020! Flyer: https://deannehampton.com/rise-2020-fall-equinox-retreat

Expressions of JOY – New Human Style!

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One comment on “Dragons and JOY and the Earth’s Love
  1. ruty says:

    Dragons ? I LOVE them so much.Thank you DeAnne for Being so Generous as to share your experience with those MAGNIFICENT LOVE Pulsing Beings that fills a whole Universe/s(in my heart). what a dream.
    Please when you drop in to their den for a cup-au’-chat,give them my
    Eternal Love.maybe they’ll accept a virtual hug.they do so much for us.
    I wish I could soar with their light Beams(if I’m invited) as Light.
    and As we are all of same pulsing source, same Love for you DeAnne.

    BTW- there’s a (earth) language that the word for a dragon means
    ‘way’and ‘passport’.

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