Lions Gate Portal 8/8/20

The Earth speaks in a powerful way
reassuring us with her magic, her radiance
and her playful, joyful heart
that we, too, are wise and powerful
in our capacity to see the subtle realms,
to walk between worlds,
to understand ourselves and existence
as ONE many faceted expression of LOVE.

On this Lions Gate 2020
she opened her heart, creating a visual, tangible portal
to stimulate and expand our hearts
to inspire our ability to IMAGINE.
I invite you to sit with this moment, this image above
captured on the Lions Gate in this dense, chaotic world
then go into your heart and FEEL the bridge here
between the known reality and the infinite realms.


It was a simple innocent (inner-sense) moment without any expectation except to be with her, to join my heart with hers. I began the day in communion with her ~ and she gifted me this experience. It was early, early morning… the woods were under a not yet awake canopy – and just before leaving I came around a corner to a stunned, still moment. Please let this moment remind you that portals are REAL – that we can walk through them and change our world and in so doing, change THE world. Magic is real, listen to your heart, trust the words you are ready to speak, walk out ahead. And when you are confused about something – ask yourself, “what is for the best, what is mine to do?” and see how it feels in your heart. No place will you remember and connect with and feel that heart connection – greater than out on this beautiful Earth, Mother of us all, Lover of us ALL.

I promised on the show to share the above moment/image with you, but keeping it real with an update since the show. I talked on today’s webcast how the Earth’s kundalini is emitting a new cycle, a new vibration… which is directly affecting our kundalini and DNA. Today, this activity was so active and present in our physical aspects – it felt like a cosmic squeeze of the entire body and head at times. I kept asking what I needed to do to receive this reset gently and then rested, meditated again, drank lots of water and JUMPED in frigid mountain water.๐Ÿ˜‰ I also played my ukulele quite a bit, so creativity. These were some of my go-to activities and it greatly supported helping the new energy to move through. I hope each of you were equally gently, allowing and tuning in to the great gift of this day.

Gratitude for journeying with me today! Peace to ALL ~
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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6 comments on “Lions Gate Portal 8/8/20
  1. ruty says:

    gosh she is so beautiful. The Golden Gate has opened.
    she even gave light @night while the skies are covered with rain &clouds.
    Thank you Gaia,Thank you DeAnne/The Shinning Ones.A privilege IT IS.

  2. martine says:

    wow! what a stunning portal pic!

    • DeAnne says:

      It was a MOMENT Martine… a new human asked me how I felt IN it – and my only reply was, “Loved, Awake, Alive, Strong in Purpose”๐Ÿ™

  3. joyfuljudy says:

    I enjoyed this pix and your monthly webcast. I was impressed by the man who drove a total of 6 hours to do a vortex tour with you for 6 hours. He was mighty determined.
    Loved listening about the Rainbow Tribe rising. Can’t full the youngsters incarnating at this time.
    I just finished reading a Dolores Cannon book “Keepers of the Garden”. It was written in 1993 but is so pertinent to what we are going thru right now.
    I’m pleased to be part of the Cosmic Spiritual Event that is going on right now. So many changes and blessings manifesting.
    I meditated with 3 groups on 8-8-your’s included.
    Sending love and blessings, jj

    • DeAnne says:

      you think it was impressive the first time Judy – he did it AGAIN and this time he met his dragon!! ๐Ÿ’ž

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