Unity Is Unity, Love Is Love

Nature’s Dream Catcher –

the Light shining SO brightly onto and through the NEW DREAM of humanity – a conscious, free, unified experience of Divine New Human, the Christed Self. In this alignment of your truest expression of beingness – you are vast and untouchable, FREE to explore and manifest new and impeccable creations of unconditional Love and Unity. 

I am sitting at my desk as it rains on the canopy of trees out my window, adding new testimonials from recent vortex experiences. I feel so filled up with everything true. I feel a joyous peace, an inner contentment and fullness I have never known before this NOW.

As the light shines brightly on the old constructs and profound imbalances in our world – I feel that light shining more brightly in me. Yesterday, I was guided to climb the spiraling staircase I discovered in the new feminine (diamond magnetic) energy out on the earth… and the ancestors came to me as clearly as if they were climbing with me. They wanted me to share with you that they are very present to our experience, stimulating their wisdom into our consciousness to empower new choices that will ripple back to them in their time and their experience.

The grandmother energy in particular is very earth based ~ and together with all the ancestors, they are holding an energetic field that is supporting us, this RISE within all beings who are ready to allow its counsel. It is manifesting at this time with grandmothers from different countries and cultures actually coming out and joining with women in other parts of the world to sit in ceremony – in prayer – that we are all related and it is our obligation to step forward – in our own community – in other communities – into the global community to meet needs unconditionally. I feel this grandmother/sisterhood/wise woman RISE in the gathering for the New Human Fall Equinox Renewal next month.

We are the wisdom keepers, whatever that is – however we can pass that on…that we have a place of belonging – that we all matter and are connected – that the indigenous ones and even our own family elders have wisdom to pass on to us.

This a time when we don’t have to hold back quite so much – there is a Kali in each of us – in every woman and every man. This is a time for us to speak out and not be afraid of what we might say – not be afraid of our own voices. This is a time to really open up the voice chakra that has been suppressed for so long. It is so very important to see and feel the correlation between a moment in time on our planet when all the world is being masked – and this not-to-be-silenced RISE of a new energy, a new power, a new time. The most powerful way to get in touch with and heal the voice chakra, is in no longer being silent.

✨ the medicine is in the now✨

I shared in January, that this year would be one of UNITY – of forming new alliances and discovering new gifts and roles as we expand into that Unity.The way that TRUE reality has evolved into this NOW, is that you will be standing in moments that sit as an intersection of time, past present and future – for you to then SEE what your choices are creating for you. The August acceleration with the Lions Gate has demonstrated a very clear experience of timelines, with a LOT of clearing underway as the old collapses.

One of the CLEAR MESSAGES the ancestors communicated to me was about the recent activity in my heart. My DeAnne aspect needed a little reassurance about the physical experience of this quantum level of light pouring into my heart. I am SO VERY AWARE that my heart/your heart/the collective heart grid of humanity is releasing ancient layers through the fields of the heart – which is allowing for quantum transformation. I know deeply that we are preparing on a very heart level for the December/January transition. I am remembering St Exupery saying in The Little Prince, that it is only with the heart that one sees rightly. The perspective of the LIGHT in a now that appears so lost and distorted is one that sees a humanity very determined to WAKE UP!!

From now through the end of next week… the reunion of Souls that I have been witnessing and experiencing with SUCH Joy in vortex outings, will continue to amplify! The people we are coming into experiences with will be felt alliances of the heart and will inspire new conversations, new partnerships and co-creative visions.

The night before last, I went some place so deep and so far out that I overslept and woke with a start – kinda like zooming back in really fast. I had a truly profound vortex experience out on the Mother that same day, working directly with the old timeline magnetics while holding a strength of center in this now. The dream that had taken me so far out journeying was this: I was climbing a spiral staircase, there was a lot of energy, high vibes in the people included in this experience. On the way up the staircase to a new level, I was given something to eat that was easily held in my hand. Some of the tastes were familiar –  yet there was one that I had never tasted before. It was not a bad or good taste, just something very unfamiliar and I somehow instinctively knew it was from the Great Mother. Indeed, she is offering us a new sustenance.

I arrived on the “new level” – there was a lot of golden radiance – light streaming in from everywhere. People were abuzz. I recognized a few well known artists – yet they were doing something new – not the roles I was accustomed to knowing them within. There was a felt sense of being in a new reality where everyone, including myself, understood we were no longer who we were – we would all be doing different things, playing different roles. We were all there to try on our new!

I never know who is coming to vortex experiences or what all we will encounter together… but following this alternate reality experience the night before – I stood out on the Earth in a felt and absolute alignment with my Soul. I understood profoundly the choices I had made to arrive in this exact moment – and an immeasurable sense of peace about the future I AM stepping into.

What I know for sure from this experience….
we are dreaming ourselves awake in this NOW
the world needs us ALL to Shine.

Physicalization – grounding everything DOWN thru our hearts and bodies, into the earth – is tilling a new soil for the dreams and visions of the next 5 months to grow and prosper. It is essential that we DROP the separation mentality that will tell us something needs to happen first or otherwise buy into the ego’s perception of why things are not happening NOW!! EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING NOW!! I AM full of love and prana from Mother Earth. YOU are full of love and prana from the Earth Mother. We must GET OUT OF THE WAY of the beautiful now of everything being present that we need to walk right into our magnificence – like royalty.

Check in OFTEN with your physical aspect – body, mind, emotions. For those of us swinging for the fences of what is TRULY POSSIBLE in this NOW – know that the refined deluge of light streaming directly from these stargates can often feel like you are in an extremely high whirling apparatus (like the whirling dervishes). I have had incredibly bizarre, disorienting experiences where the room just starts spinning like I am on a tilt – a – whirl. I have learned that I can ask the experience to be more gentle – to slow down a bit as I adjust. Love always complies. The magnetic grid shifts are best integrated through the heart, feet on the Earth, face to the Sun, aligned in the PRESENT point of power. Breathe that in!

As children of the NEW SUN – the axis point shift for the whole of the cosmos – we must stand strong in LOVE, vibrating compassion, connection, creativity flowing, Love for ALL beings IN EACH MOMENT. Breathe often and remember the simple truths:

Love is Love is Love
A free mind is a happy mind.
Everyday a gift
Everyday, wonder
Everyday the light revealing truly beautiful reality.
This is the RISE.

Remember, humanity is trying to wake itself up… when you walk into an experience vibrating fear and separation, everyone seemingly sleepwalking! You have a choice. You can either bring the Light with you into that experience, vibrating a greater Truth. Or, you can try to avoid and un-see what living in fear does to people. Either way, your only responsibility is to LOVE.

The Lions Gate New Human Transmission was a powerful support that will help you ground and embody this ongoing tsunami of Light. Take your time – create a sacred space to listen and absorb – listen often. https://deannehampton.com/webcast-page

I AM off to FL to visit Aunt Jeanne  ~gonna bring her some New Human LOVE and a real hug! The above and below images were taken in the same day… so many expressions of Magic, of Invitation, of Wonder, of Peace.

Love is Love is Love ~ and it is everywhere all around🙏
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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4 comments on “Unity Is Unity, Love Is Love
  1. James Harvey says:

    Dear deAnne, always enjoy your posts and particularly resonating with this one:
    “standing in moments that sit as an intersection of time, past present and future”
    “can often feel like you are in an extremely high whirling apparatus (like the whirling dervishes).”
    “a felt sense of being in a new reality where everyone, including myself, understood we were no longer who we were – we would all be doing different things, playing different roles. ”

    I am certainly mutating, into a personal, musical-philosophical-player, potential (that was always possible) but paradoxically too simple and mighty to be recognized until: THE bIg nOw-wOw

    Powerful Mojo present; feeling profound respect for this collective and singular transformative experience. I always wondered what would break through the 24/7 treadmill death spiral of modernity … this will do …

    We are the One’s we have been waiting for …’ love you and your courageous work (sic) … Dreaming :- )

    James / Singularia

    Website is a artistic process blog addendum to my current project, a Doctor of Musical Arts thesis … the home page will tell you what IT/IS here (the posts are process -> covid phenomenon time).

  2. DeAnne says:

    Dear James, HAPPY JOY to hear from you and have your beautiful light here in the new human tribe. What you are doing and exploring now sounds amazing – I can totally see ( and feel) that for you. The Big nOw-wOw is certainly here – and yes, I am with you on the Collective Namaste’ for one and ALL on the planet at this time. It is SO IMPORTANT for us holding the Light (even as it grows and expands so exponentially) to be steadfast in our center until the new magnetics are fully anchored. It is a powerful understanding that we can either join the sleepwalkers in their fear and submission or consistently show them the strength and certainty of LOVE – simply in who we are being. I AM grateful for you – I see your bright beam WAAAAAY across the pond. 💞

  3. ruty says:

    …and The Shiny ONE beamed the expression(of & to All that exist): “Everyday a gift Everyday, wonder” what to say just- heart’s words DeAnne, Gaia, The Cosmic Mother, The One:
    THANK YOU,Thank you,Thank you to echo “LOVE IS LOVE IS LOVE”.
    delivered with Diamond Doves. Namaste’.

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