Powerful Balancing Energies ~ Equinox 2020

Dedication To Peace, Expansion and New Earth

Dear New HUmans,

As I shared in Sunday’s post, The Power Is Here Now – I Am still in deep integration mode from the exquisite Equinox Gateway. Once again, everything is different! We have gathered SO MANY more beautiful souls into new levels of awareness about the Earth journey and purpose ~ the RISE of the Feminine power structures on our planet have opened up and expanded in such an incredibly beautiful way. Brand New Frequencies are flowing that we really don’t have words or even intellectual bandwidth for, but my oh my, are we feeling this NEW and the immense influx of LoveLight just outpouring through Gaia’s Crystalline Templates.

The most frequent reflection during the Rise 2020, Fall Equinox Renewal here in the Carolinas, was about LOVE!! Feeling SO FILLED UP with Love, so IN Love with Self and this planet and humanity and one another… one person reflected they felt like they “would explode with love and just dissolve into the Cosmos!” 😊 The Equinox Direct on the 22nd was an expansive beam of laser light so exacting and beautifully intense ~ the Source energy was so potent I likened it  to being INSIDE the Sun, so hooked up and radiating pure life-force. We intentionally covered all 4 directions in our week long journey, we scaled the highest rock faces and journeyed deep into enchanted woodlands. Each day felt like a devoted YES, that we (humanity) will show up again and again and follow you (sweet mother) wherever you beckon us.

Individually and Collectively, we have stepped into a Brand New Level. There is a FELT freedom and a new, empowered sense of purpose. And what I shared with those present is true for each of you, because these Brand New Frequencies are flowing through the wisdom of our hearts in each moment the same way they radiated from the Sun in that Gateway. This Gateway was a GIFT that we must honor in the way we now carry that Light forward in our daily lives and relations. I encouraged the new humans here that when returning to their respective homes and lives – whether that is a house full of kids or a menagerie of beloved pets, whether they had additional time to process or went right back into a 3D schedule – to re-enter their lives “AS IF YOU ARE BRAND NEW”. It is so easy to fall back into our 3D routines and habits of self. And if we behave in the same way that those around us are familiar with – there will be the same demands and expectations and endless needs placed upon us. Now, more than ever, it is our NEW expressions of Self, this NEW attunement to the Love that we are and the Love that holds us everyday, that is our new center and power moving forward.

This is KEY for this amplified final quarter of this pivotal year of BEing HUman on this planet. BALANCE is required. It is so easy to predict and be drawn into the what if and inevitable of a tired history. But you are both creating and in charge of your destiny IN EACH MOMENT – you get to decide the level of reality you want to experience this time from. In each moment, there is both chaotic distortion and dismantling, as well as, a brilliant RISE that more and more are witnessing and experiencing. It is changing thought, changing direction in our lives, clarifying purpose, healing divide and ushering flow toward greater and greater Unity. It is STUNNING with revelation and divine edict, this NOW.

Even as we covered so much of the Earth’s beautiful landscape in the Rise 2020 experience last week – we also felt this profound stillness, a strength of center, this really expansive space to dip into a new level of calm and felt peace. SO MANY within the Collective chose a new timeline during the Equinox – and we were holding the space for that. There was just so much Divine Presence, such a palpable, felt JOY and freedom present such that the endless things the ego consciousness focuses on and feels overwhelmed by, just fell away. This new, coherent and open HEART of Divine New HUman is the bridge into Unity Consciousness in this NOW. It just makes it so effortless to disengage the chaos, letting that reality play out, witnessing without judgement, trusting LOVE and calling forth the highest good for ALL. 

2020 has been a year of great shedding and letting go for every human on Earth. As we welcome a new month this week, in a new space, as new beings, notice that there are 2 Full Moons book-ending October. October 1st is a Full Harvest Moon and October 31st is a Full Hunters Moon. The pregnant days in-between will illumine the spaces and places you need to be more pioneering, direct and courageous in your ability to walk in New Earth Now, as Divine Light. Be open to, in your mind, your heart and your trust ~ gravitating toward expressions and experiences of UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS. It is who we are. As we collectively Unify with the Crystalline RESET, ie resets of the December – January Gateways, but also Reset of a World ~ we will meet with revelation upon revelation about our individual and collective transformation into higher light and the ungovernable frequency of our True Self and purpose. Remembering that true UNITY means that there IS NO OTHER, we are not threatened or worried, distracted or in judgement about whatever is out-picturing in the world of form. Your timeline experience and choice will not reflect anything you do not desire on a core level; the deep desire of your Soul to go beyond and live free from the separation and illusion. I AM SO GRATEFUL for those choosing to become Divine creators of new realities, including you. This greater awareness is coded in your cells and in all the stars above. May you continue to remember you have come here to SHINE – and no one can shine exactly as you. As we each walk in this new frequency, more and more will receive the peaceful, strangely beautiful experience of walking in all the worlds as an expression of a truly magnificent LOVE, reflections of God within, amplifying Oneness and a greater Truth of being hUman.

Reminder to join our weekly dedication to Oneness with the New Human Global Unity Meditations – every Sunday, 3 different times to choose from.🙏

Stay tuned here for the next New Human Monthly Energy Transmission – to be announced soon!

Go to the Earth’s sacred waters, Her oceans, rivers, streams, ponds, or even your bathtub for simple clearing rituals. Find stillness often in the altar of your heart and meditate on the zero point center you will find therein. Breathe in Love, Exhale everything else and remember, you came from and are made of Stars! 🌟

Love to All, Love Is All,

P.S. In case you missed it (and you won’t want to miss this):
The Power Is Here Now



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3 comments on “Powerful Balancing Energies ~ Equinox 2020
  1. Judy says:

    I just read you message. It was very good. So many others are saying similar things.
    It was great that you ended the first part on the word balance and then when I went to read the rest of the message here was the pix of you balancing in that beautiful spot.
    I have gone to a local river several times in recent weeks. I love getting in the water and my dog, Lucy, loves it even more. I feel the energies of the river and the cleansing that is going on.
    We are blessed in so many ways.


  2. ruty says:

    Is this Jyoti standing next to me?(tears).it’s t’sec.0.02 of your clip.
    1st she looks far AHEAD (I see it like Sound Waves image coming off loud-speaker that she assimilates- knowledge of far away world.then, she pause with very wise eyes ,taking in that she glimpsed at.
    I watch her with wonder.breathing it in.so other worldly, serene, beautiful.
    no need to hint to her re BALANCE.she seems to be IT.
    she IS A LOVE BUNDLE piercing All/Whole Hearts.I love this Being.

    THANK YOU DeAnne,Jyoti, Nature, water,rocks…Thanking LOVE itself.

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