Activating Hearts, Holding A Strong Center Of Peace!

I LOVE this photo! I love that it is asymmetrical ~ an unusual, even nonsensical view of reality as we know it. I love that the well trodden foot path appears dull and one dimensional, while the reality all around it is exploding with color and light and beauty. I love that the light shines both on the path usually taken, moving from an expected start to finish ~ and yet, equally so on the surrounding mystery, paths not yet created, beautiful life not yet explored. AND, I love that the rays and color present seem to be emanating from a heart – light of a New Sun in a New Day on a New World.

And so it is!

It is happening everyday – stronger, more brilliant Light, reminding a world there is CHOICE in the experience we have, the lives we live, the reality we continue to manifest. There is a strong magnetic pull into the Self, into your core, into that place within where there is only peace, only Love, only Truth: Zero Point energy within where your purpose and clarity become polished. BY THIS NEW LIGHT. 

Everyday, within the breath and the one true moment, the old hUman story is being rewritten. I spoke in the October New Human Transmission ( ) about the new energy flowing so strong and powerfully in support of a Revelation phase now upon us. Again and again and again, our individual lives and our collective world will encounter unexpected plot twists that reflect a completely new narrative moving forward. This is already happening for so many. And what I am often reminding those now fully trusting of the heart’s compass – is that as Creator Beings, we also get choose if those plot twists and revelations are creations of the Light and the frequencies of LOVE, or more chaos and unconscious life. We must be discerning navigating this new atmosphere, the experience of a fast moving river in the reality within and all around us. There is so much support and deeper understanding of this passage within the October Webcast, the light-codes will soothe the nervous system, free the mind and fill the heart with a New Truth. Listen many times, as your energy being will shapeshift in response to the deep remembrance activating.

I can honestly say that I AM recognizing more of my Self, everyday. My body is constantly rebooting with more strength, more power… and also communicating very clearly, fine tuning adjustments necessary in an ongoing response to this new energy. I shared about a recent experience that I had with the ancestors… and just days later I found myself sitting in a room with a beautiful being (new male) connected to the Kogi Tribe. The Kogi are the oldest peoples on the planet still living as they originally did, in Columbia. They have so much wisdom to share with us at a time when the New Timelines are activating new levels of reunion with the Ancients, as the New Humans of the world are ready to live in a new harmony with one another, the world around us, the past we have gathered from and the future we are now consciously creating. It is all just magic.

On a recent vortex outing we had a profound experience of that magic when we encountered a highly unusual, perhaps once in a lifetime, spider web! The web was draping down from a leafy bush in the shape of a necklace. (see below) There were 28 single threads where the web hung in a circular cascade at the bottom… and as the web rose up either side of this draping center, the single threads magically shapeshifted into just 5 threads on either side. The web necklace was open at the top. We could not stop taking this wonder, this REVELATION, in! It was a mathematical wonder to behold. I still cannot believe I witnessed that. The felt, sacred geometry creation vibrated the Master Number 33! (28 + 5) The Master Number 33 is a Master Teacher with a focus on reaching the world and uplifting the loving energy of mankind. This master number vibrates great devotion to the highest vision and transformation of a world.

Moments such as this CHANGE you, from the inside out. They are GREAT gifts and when taken in and felt deeply, alter your vibration toward a new and empowered experience. There is so much love, so much support, so much presence here on our behalf. It is so important to maintain our highest capacities of light in the coming weeks and months. There is POWERFUL New Light, New Direction, New clarity and focus for your gifts and service coming with the December/January Light. Listen, discern and prepare your energy everyday to carry the mantle of the New Divine Feminine in your hearts and into your lives. Instead of worrying about a thought in your mind, why not focus on what is already yours in this moment: the air, the light, the sun outside, the cup of tea in front of you, the beat of your heart. Chop wood, carry water, feel the wind, listen to the sounds of the moment – trust the greater wisdom that aligned you with this MOMENT of HUmankind. You are here so purposefully and powerfully. YOU are a wonder to behold.

I AM grateful for and LOVE each and everyone of you!

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