Vying For Space, Intensification Of The New

drink deeply from its complex

The unknown can leave one feeling unhinged. Fear swirling, threat looming, daily we are learning so much about ourselves and one another and the very nature of existence. Can we all just take a collective sigh? Remembering that the breath is the constant reassurance that we are OK and safe and secure and not alone and that there is ONLY LOVE.

Over this past, very vast, unprecedented year, the image you see above has consistently made its presence known in various ways through this platform. Each one appears as if it is the exact same photo taken with one camera by one human. And yet, this very image has appeared in DC, in NC, in FL… each of which I have shared with you here in the past months. And now this one, taken by a New HUman in Volcano, Hawaii – the exact same image appearing in not so random places by humans that have something very significant in common; connection to a new energy, a new consciousness, a new dispensation of Being in resonance with a New Earth experience.

I felt guided to speak to it here at a time when many are sensing the New Reality in profound and undeniable ways. This image, first and foremost, is about energy. It is appearing very purposefully in clearly undeniable ways. I have been sitting with this photo in deep stillness, meditating on its frequency, presence and LIGHT ~ allowing it to make its way into my heart and knowing. This image represents the bridge portal of the Vesica Piscis. In Sacred Geometry, the Vesica Piscis is a form that is said to give birth to all form, the birthplace of reality. The center point or “heart” of 2 circles joining together, is the place where 2 distinct forms join together in harmony, in perfect balance. When 2 distinct bodies join together, (as in old and new paradigm) the overlapping union symbolizes our relationship to Divine/Source Creator/God through our 3rd Eye, the pineal stargate, the eye of the Beloved.

This all feels especially relevant in this NOW, as a New Reality powerfully anchors a new grid in our world, while another equally defiant old paradigm clings destructively to archaic structures. There is, indeed, a felt, palpable give and take, push and shove, “turf war” metaphorically underway ~ the new reality and Light is just pouring in and the old reality is scampering, unconsciously pushed to extreme demonstration in desperation. Many things are happening simultaneously.

Because we are in the Embodiment Phase of our Ascension, the experience of the “cosmic squeeze” in the subtle realms during the last quarter of 2020 is now a full blown, physicalized “vying for space”, as 5D hUmans and energy claim, fully step into, the New Reality in the world of form. I have seen this demonstrated in SO many ways over the last several weeks. This may manifest for you as feeling as if things in your life are resisting you. Try to find a peaceful spot in nature and there are people everywhere. Try to run to the market at a normally sane time of day – and everything from traffic to the lines to the people standing in the line etc the energy is just intense and anything but flow. One ironic experience I had recently was cutting across this open field to get from my cabin to the dense woods for a hike… and someone had put “wildlife” cameras on many of the trees. It just felt eerie, invasive, like “I see you” – 3D, 4D and 5D all in the same environment, yet without harmony.

And yet, everything is exquisitely beautiful and aligned and expanding out, despite the chaos out-picturing in our world. Glance again at the photo above. Notice the rays, the beauty of different dimensions, the GOLDEN ARC of this “birth portal”, “rainbow bridge” itself. Feel its purpose and energy, feel its LOVE. We are in an EPIC TRANSITION! One cycle ending, a new one beginning, with everything in the true nature of never ending life present: destruction and creation, “descension” and ascension, contraction and expansion. And it is ALL LOVE.

As this New Year and New Age and New Reality anchors in our world, we are seeing the pendulum swing to great extremes of destruction. And I have witnessed just as much divide and judgement in the spiritual community over the demonstrations, those vying to be seen and not swallowed up and without a voice as our world moves forward. But what I encourage all beings of light the world over to focus minds and hearts on is the profound level of STILLNESS, of TENDERNESS and SURRENDER that is present. This elegant shape consistently manifesting in the midst of such chaos, is an invitation. There is only one event happening, the expansion of a world. It is being felt and received by billions of points of consciousness – but the death and the rebirth are ONE EVENT, one moment, as it has always been.

We must bring this New Energy into our hearts, we must demonstrate the New Reality in our lives every single day. There is a doorway in each moment, acting as a bridge between spirit and form, matter and anti-matter, the infinite void and all creation. This rainbow image is Zero Point in form. What to do, what to do, what to DO with all that is present and vying to occupy our minds, our hearts and our lives? Stay present, RIGHT HERE, and follow the energy! Yes, this is a challenging and intense time.This is a time for us to become master navigators of the greatest flood of light and NEW EARTH NOW this humanity has ever known; this is allowing us to awaken to greater depth of the distortion and programming, while simultaneously requiring that we traverse stormy seas. We must do this with a clear compass and a clear direction –  Love over Fear, Truth over Lies, Compassion over Judgement, Unity over Duality. We must stay vigilant with our mental activity, monitoring the interior landscape daily that we are in synchronization with LIFE. The New Earth Harmonic, New Earth/New HUman Paradigm is based on the RISE of Beauty, Love and Consciousness.

The energy will inform you as you continue to acclimate to this higher vibrating reality. Use this image to reset you – as a compass when you are feeling out of sorts – a remembrance of a truer NOW reality. Allow, Allow, Allow. Flow with the river of peace. When you surrender to the nothingness, you become ONE with everything. You are ONE, with EVERYTHING. There is ONLY Love.

I spent invaluable time in the January transmission of the New Human, running transformational energy around what it means to be in Creator State. This new energy wants to live in us differently, operates differently, it moves and creates with us when we are IN the moment, in flow, following the energy versus all the information out there, making new choices, allowing new thought, consciously surrounding ourselves with something different. The New Earth is a New Dispensation! The Earth Mother is ascending and moving into a higher frequency – we are her guardians, the keepers of her new energy and light. She is giving birth, we are her midwives, baring witness to and creating space for her expansion while not giving energy and time to what is unraveling. This is to really understand what is meant by new timelines – actually moving out of time where the reality is predictable and static into a fluid, organic, in the moment creation rising from the foundation of LOVE and only Love.

Ascension (RISE) is about Embodiment (Anchoring) into our inner knowing, knowing our own vibration, attuning to who you are beyond mind and emotion and identity within form. This is a whole new level of allowing ourselves to be seen, not where the egoic aspects deems it safe, but any and everywhere TRUTH must be shared. If you are IN the moment and allow this new energy to flow through you, there will be no angst, no figuring out, no time to see what is wrong ~  we must put our hearts and intentions on coming together, bringing the gift of who we are to each and all ~ yes, we must simultaneously shift the inner and express it in the outer. HOLD THIS POINT of New Earth/New HUman Consciousness and Energy IN EACH MOMENT. The only way to dream in this New Reality, is to hold the frequency of this New Earth New HUman harmonic as everything is breaking down. Its a focal point that needs your undivided attention, belief, resonance and love. This NOW will only intensify. The new level of community has at its heart a new level of intimacy – so it is not about numbers and a flood of information – it is about a flood of energy expanding within and moving through your life in new, powerful, divine and harmonious ways. And there will be JOY in that! Let the divide flow into the river of peace all around you, breathe in that peace without judgement of right and wrong but curiously open – knowing you/we are safe and held and here, each and everyone, with great purpose at this time. 

Finally, New HUmans of new mind and new heart and New Earth NOW, know there is no greater more powerful way to stay grounded and resist the distractions than to be out on the earth – grounded in new energy and in your own knowing – which then allows us to really stay connected with our own feelings and available for new, more intimate social connection. The less time spent in the fray of online assumptions about what is and is not true, the more connected you will be to your own Creator State. This passage is for CORE CHANGE. Your sovereign experience is found deeper than any level of disclosure, deeper than belief and old narratives. The way to truly benefit IN THIS MOMENT, is to be so connected to Self that you can then be there for one another, reaching out, sharing true feeling and being, allowing your Self to be seen, courageously stepping into the unknown, the NEW, this quantum, glorious NOW. Breathe that in! And so it is.

Love to ALL, Love IS All,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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11 comments on “Vying For Space, Intensification Of The New
  1. Shari says:

    Lovely transmission Sister🙏🏽

  2. joyfuljudy says:

    Loved the pix. I immediately thought of an eye. Then the 2nd pix made me think of the electromagnetic field around the human body.

    So many changes. Your message was uplifting.

    I’d like to see the videos of you running past the cameras. I can certainly understand you perception of your privacy being violated. Here you are out in the wilderness and now your are on camera(s).

    Lucy and I enjoy our walks each morning as she sniffs for new/old smells. Doug and I walk out dogs after dark which is a special time too.

    Love and Blessings,


  3. Nora says:

    Powerful and beautifully grounding, inspirational and just what I needed to hear. Thank you, DeAnne and the Shining ones!

  4. ruty says:

    Yes, I(Irrevocable) T(Timeline)(it) I(Irreversible) S(Surrender sentience) (is).
    A cosmic catapult IT IS.
    I woke up 20 days ago with some song finding in my mind a message/a knowing of Hi-er Self(?):” I know what you are experiencing as soon as I let IT go.”
    your vast guiding spread here reminded me of the ‘IT’.(which 1…)
    a beautiful Eye pic,transfixing.I Love it. iT can only be Love.
    Thank you DeAnne, The Shining Ones. irrevocably so.

    BTW- The HU in hUman meaning / what are the words for H& U ?not English born…

    • DeAnne says:

      Gratitude Ruty for your sharing and experience ~ lovely! The HU in HUman is a tone, primordial sound, reflecting the frequency of the New HUman. The vibration of HU helps you to center and ground yourself quickly in the vertical dispensation – all here, all NOW, where there is only JOY and complete being-ness! 💞🙏🏽

  5. ruty zarosta says:

    Oh…,HU >isn’t just letters-will listen carefully to how you project it’s sound.a Vital practicing tool.what A GIFT.(super size GOLD letters here)
    Thank you DeAnne as I’m humming HU..(won’t be as melodious as Hummingbird)

  6. Gwen Koning says:

    Someone sent me a short video of Monarch butterflies swarming, and that image immediately came to mind as I looked at what you posted…a butterflies wings opening and closing. Just beautiful, as we come out of our cocoons, and fly! Thank you

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