Activation Of The Cosmic Heart!

Mother Mother Mother
calling me Home
from the deep well of my Soul.
Inward yearning, new strength rising,
incandescent Light of my Being
a simultaneous stirring of deep reunion
and the desire to rejoin LIFE
with new levels of my Self:
Whole Being, Christed Wisdom,
Passionate Awakening to WHO I AM
in this momentous NOW.
Holy reverence, Light so pure,
Ancestral choir singing me home –
to Unity, Divine Accord Granted in Timelessness –
that I AM One, You are One, We are One,
there is truly no other.
Our freedom from this unrest is in the Joining.
Coming Home to the Christ within,
to the beloved other,
to the power of this RISE, within.

Namaste’ New HUmans,

There is so much happening on so many levels of existence. It takes a profound amount of courage to BE HERE NOW and keep faces and hearts to the Light. I want you to know that while things in the world of form feel unrelenting and stuck, that the SHIFT is happening, the new energy is in perpetual MOVEMENT, like a vast river flowing, and there is an intelligence that is syncing itself to who you are being IN the restriction; where is your consciousness? – creative, moving, heart and joy or waiting and complying and being contained? 

Another thing to REALLY pay attention to – and this brings tears – is how strong the pillar is, the vertical dispensation – this is the new energy – this is how it is informing you and every aspect of your life – IN the moment, intuitively, feeling nature – LOTS of guidance – this intelligence – it is a CONSCIOUSNESS is so strongly supporting your BEING RIGHT HERE – in the moment – Present – pulling the mind and emotions back in – sometimes like whiplash – attuning you to your new operating system and OUT of the old constructs and chaos breaking down. 
   This pillar – vertical energy, is creating a sense of order and calm in the body and mind – I can feel the flow so much more and it is noticeably changing up my routines so that my conscious mind can make the connection that I AM flowing – OBSERVER activated. The greater, truer, deep gift of awakening in this evolutionary NOW is the experience of BEING – the feeling of what it means to live untethered.
    This incredibly beautiful image above, by Greg Spalenka, expresses so much about what is happening both within you and in our world. The Cosmic Heart is activating ~ within humanity and within the Earth Mother. This may be accompanied by fairly intense, sometimes nonsensical physical symptoms related to the anatomical heart and flow of energy in your body ie circulation. The January New HUman Transmission ( focused a great deal on the understanding that this new energy must live differently in our bodies and will necessarily rearrange our lives, our belief systems, relationships and old narratives filtering through the mental and emotional body. It is SO important to be actively, with compassion and love and trust, consciously nourishing our bodies everyday. How are you replenishing your being and engaging with this new energy within?
   Thankfully, the new energy is operating in light-encoded waves. One day the waves will be strong and intense, a very felt presence – and the next, things will go still. This is so wise and loving because we need time to integrate and acclimate to the infinite ways this reboot is altering our minds and hearts, our desires, needs, wants, attractions, health – basically life as we know it. First and foremost, be gentle and compassionate with yourself, but also awake and determined to KNOW THY SELF clearly, deeply, profoundly and truly. 

At the heart of ALL of this unknown and combustion is the invitation inward and UP! We must return to trusting ourselves, to looking deeply within for what is true. Every human is born with the sensation of intuition and instinct – it is the same inner wisdom that allows a baby deer to pop out of the womb, stand up and 2 seconds later, walk! It is an innate desire and capacity for LIFE! We are born with natural, intuitive instincts that have, unfortunately, been severed in humanity for a long time. That separation keeps humanity dependent upon others for information, rather than really tuning in to this broadcast of infinite intelligence that is always available to us ALL. And honestly, we will never get back to any kind of sanity until we turn off main stream media and befriend the Nothingness. Can you be still with your fears, your doubts and what ifs? One of the things this pandemic has really impressed upon my consciousness is that many do not know what health is – what it means to be alive and vital and feel good and inspired! We follow fear and thought into destructive practices of “health” rather than inner wisdom and instinct and LOVE, which vibrate and communicate LIFE, ongoing!
    There can never be a spiritual authority or wisdom outside of you, greater than the voice within. It takes courage to stand in the Truth of your own Light and to trust that above all else… but it is the way of Mastery. 

You have the capacity to RISE, everyday, New HUmans, a little bit wiser, clearer, more centered and with peace, than the day before. Remember how powerful you are! We each and every ONE, came here with a purpose – to evolve and to learn – to become more aware before we leave here and to leave this place better than we found it. Take time each day to create a VISION of what that looks like – and know the whole Universe is enveloping that vision. In the pregnant spaces between all the division and intense uncertainty, I feel this incredibly grateful exhilaration – the something wonderful that is happening – this IS causing people to wake up!
The level of UNITY, the level of people creating platforms and services and using their voices in powerful and courageous ways is EXCITING and INCITING. And they are doing it not for personal gain, but because this is a time WE MUST BE HEARD and we MUST come together ~ even as we each find our own unique way to join the energy of RISE – to throw ourselves unconditionally into this beautiful flowing RIVER of change and new energy.
We must continue to stand together  – united for each others common benefit and questioning of every dictate that continues to separate us!
People are hungry for information  – they do know something is wrong even if they are still in lock step and fear and paralyzed – the information they have is false and they see the conflict of it. But new voices and greater wisdom is being amplified – our voices are being amplified by each other – and all the cumulative crescendo of these voices of light and integrity and truth and love WILL drown out all this untruth and intent to harm! We must continue extending our arms out to one another – holding on to what we KNOW and what is wise and true. It is in the dual battle of the intensification of the separation and shadow and the amplification of the LIGHT, that the solutions lie! A beautiful and challenging year is upon us – rapid change, revelation and ongoing reality shifts. ⁠WE’VE GOT THIS! We have the wisdom and heart and SUPPORT to rework the way we embrace and live in this society together  WE HAVE the solutions – we are the solutions.

What do the age old questions of our becoming mean in this very New Age Now?

Who Am I? What does it mean for me to know myself? Who Am I Going To Be in this NOW? We get to decide everyday what we are going to give fuel to – that which liberates or those that seek to control us? How we will abide in this new energy, Divine Feminine, Christed Light, this GIFT of NEW NOW?
    The Elders say no matter how dark it gets, head toward the light ! This experience is like a collective dark night of the soul! This NOW is the hero’s journey! YOU are the solution – you have the ability to not only change your own reality but to be that light – the brightness for other people that are going through the darkness. Recently, there was a lottery that had the biggest jackpot ever in its history. I could feel the momentary reprieve, the lightness in the field because it gave so many something else to focus on, hope, new life. Well guess what, YOU have the same capacity to do that. To BE THE LIGHT, the hope and promise for your Self and for the human family around you. We have a natural born capacity for Bliss which the reality we have known does its best to subjugate. And yet, WE CHOOSE TO RISE. Saying YES to LIFE – embracing it all.
“The new dawn blooms as we free it
For there is always light,
if only we’re brave enough to see it
If only we’re brave enough to be it.”
Amanda Gorman
Light all around me, Light bright within me, I AM cocooned in this New Light, New Energy, the Consciousness of a NEW DAY. And So It Is.
Breathing a Collective Sigh with you all and sending ALL my Love,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones  🙏🏽
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February 7th, 11:11am eastern
Bliss Is Here, Living The Untethered Life
Meditation: Joining The Greater Self
Music: Let The Water Wash Over Me
Artist: Peia
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8 comments on “Activation Of The Cosmic Heart!
  1. Jayne Herron says:

    Oh my goodness DeAnne – I just have the biggest smile on my face and in my heart. I keep saying with SUCH GREAT JOY — “I came for THIS”, “I came for THIS”
    Every dark night of the soul I have ever endured makes perfect sense and is now redeemed. RISE and LOVE. Thank you for yours!

    • DeAnne says:

      Yes Jayne, you DID come for this, WE did come for this and YES – it is HERE. COMPLETELY different energy that now supports the high vibe tribe – which prior to this moment we have kinda been out ahead of where the collective has been vibrating. Divine Merge, Christed Consciousness, New Feminine Consciousness – moving into new roles of leadership – new relationship with a very different power than the denser realities understand. It IS our time and it IS such a gift to our expansion process. LOVE and appreciate you!xo

  2. Norameryl says:

    DeAnne ~
    THANK YOU for clarifying and putting into such beautiful words all that I feel and know to be true. Thank you for being a pillar of courage and strength and a living, breathing example of the New HUman. I am inspired and in awe and in love with the RISE. This is what I have longed for deep within my being… change…awakening….a New Earth and new hUmans to live and love and BE the God/Goddesses that we are. Thank you DeAnne, Thank you Shining Ones, Thank you Source Energy our Creator.
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

  3. ruty says:

    I AM One, You are One, We are One,”…for me -this codes of Truth Sprung from & contains The WHOLE. every atom, all facets of Creation- encapsulated &summed up with Glorious Heart sparkles (your) expression :
    ((like the Heart’s art above)You said :
    “TO THE BELOVED OTHER”. …”this 18 (BIG)letters, says IT ALL >.
    Love Sparkles, Gratitude DeAnne & The Shining Ones.
    it touches my heart with a powerful torch. Namaste’..

    • DeAnne says:

      Gratitude Ruty, TO THE BELOVED OTHER, felt so beautiful and with strong affirmation as I wrote it. I too, AM GRATEFUL to be be here to witness so much RISE and new order in the way life and love and our true essence is being expressed in this NOW. I AM grateful for YOU TOO! Sending LOVE 🙏🏽💞

  4. Darlene says:

    Thank you for such an uplifting post, for the reminder that we can always be creative, move forward and live in joy regardless of what is happening in the outside world. Yes, yes, yes!!! And that that is what we came here to do. No more waiting. We have everything we need right now! Amen!

    And thank you for being such a bright, shining light.

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