Spring Equinox 2021!

Namaste’ New HUmans,

I AM joining with you in a big collective sigh ~ for the New Light, New Energy and Harmony coming over the horizon. There is so much clearing underway in this NOW, deep levels of penetrating light-code preparing the vessel of new mind, new body and new heart within an ascending humanity. With each deep dive and release of any remaining doubt in your own beauty, brilliance, purpose and strength to come fully into this RISE of New Reality, you will feel a stronger connection with your Soul Monad. Right there to dialogue with and empower your transition into a new time and place for our world.

You may experience hours, a day or days where everything feels like a void, dark, empty, directionless. Then a handful of moments or hours or days where you feel elation, blissful, full of promise and confidence about what you are stepping into. This is exactly so. This is the rhythm of the reset underway. It is so important that you do not “believe” the dive experience as real – take care to not give your consciousness to the ego chatter that nothing has changed. Witness your repatterning, the fears still present about moving into such freedom to create, re-imagine and vision out beyond the human experience thus far.

Saturday, March 20th, 2021

This Saturday, the Sun leaves Pisces and enters bold Aries – creating ripples of new beginning energy that will be felt across the collective. The Spring Equinox Gateway 2021, is an undeniable and totally unavoidable marker of epic change. Breathe that in. What does that mean for you in your world? What are you ready to bust yourself out of, over, through that you know in your heart you have done the good work to RISE ABOVE?

Astrological New Year – a time to close the book on the latest chapter of your life and step into this year unobstructed from success. Spend this weekend in deep reflection on anything holding your back from the greatness you truly deserve.

A universal year number 5 is all about change – we can expect healing, mending and progress. Energetically, 2021 is a direct reaction to the cataclysmic changes brought forth by 2020. There will be Unity! There will be harmony within all systems on this planet. Community will be the new leadership model. This RISE of New Reality anchoring as a new global foundation in our world will no longer tolerate imbalance of any kind. 2020 truly amplified the level and power of fear on this planet. We now get to demonstrate the power of LOVE to eclipse and transform that fear. 2020 turned our lives upside down! 2021 will continue to be just as eventful, but crucially more positive.

We ran a great deal of transformational energy in the 2+ hour March New HUman transmission ~ ( https://deannehampton.com/archives/18140 ) with so many great supports for staying IN the moment and working directly with your vibration as you experience this cellular rewrite. Tools and supports for this passage especially that will remove blocks and ease up the pressure of integration. The effects of the global magnetics range from intensifying storms, thinning veils, increased volume of harmonics and even an intensification of the elementals. This is truly changing everything about vortex and gateway experience on our planet. Our bodies are mirroring these activations with pressure, multi-layer tones and weightlessness of DNA as our lightbody activates.

This Equinox passage brings a unique attunement for quantum awareness, awareness that experiential contact is imminent!  It will take a good amount of integration. Meditate often on zero point. The new meditations in the New HUman webcasts each month are always in alignment with current passage. I always encourage you to spend time with these transmissions, listen with spaciousness, listen often, journal, go to nature before, after or both… the energies and light intel therein are deeply transformative. Notice, feel and breathe into the expansion of your heart field. Intend to really clear the way and open your heart fully this weekend, prepare sacred space and ideally, take your Crystalline DNA out on the land, feet in crystalline waters if possible. Tune in and listen for your Soul’s input for your highest and best ACTION this weekend. The Gateway influence is open now and will flow for an entire month.

Key ACTION points ( this is an ACTION year) to keep in mind:

Get Flexible:

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. It never lasts long. So, get in the river and flow flow flow!

Unexpected things could be asked of you this year, from career changes to distant travel to social upheaval. Yet all of it’s in your highest interest, and will ultimately carry you closer to personal freedom. This is the highest expression of the number 5. And it’s yours for the taking this year!

Look for opportunities:

This year is all about evolution, innovation and adventure. If you take one step towards it, the Universe will also take a step (or 2 or 3) toward you. Vibrationally, 2021 holds a deep, deep trust in the supporting power of the divine (which makes brave strides and risk-taking less risky). The 5 knows that the Universe has your back.

Go On A Holiday:

Who doesn’t need a get-away!! If there is ever a time to indulge in a little adventure, it’s now! Gathering experiences and relishing in the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and feelings of all things new, unfamiliar and exotic… even a day trip can be so refreshing and supportive of your reset.

Rein in impulses:

The energies of last year, so much suppression, are lingering with an urge for sensation this year. So, while taking care with impulses and overindulgence of any kind, channel that desire to sense and feel into creativity and Self Care.

Develop Discipline:

We spent time in the March webcast on the idea of discipline as an expression of Self Love and Mastery. There will be a restlessness present this year, making it all too easy to procrastinate or flit from place to place, project to project, idea to idea. This really is the year of the Self, coming into one’s truest alignment, joy and service. Just be mindful when trying to implement a strategy, a routine, or a game-plan for what you really want to achieve with the year, to find and keep your focus, aware that sticking power may be in short supply with all that is underway and unfolding.

Synchronicities are Amplified:

Synchronicity and lucid dreams are the Cosmic field and our beautiful Soul playing with us, working directly with your conscious mind ~ helping to activate the etheric fields/strands to produce new realities. Feel the joy of this activity and pay attention, listen with your heart. Journal and share your experiences with other awake, blissful humans. This will help to anchor what is activating and build shared experiences of new reality.

Love calls – everywhere and always.
We’re sky bound.
Are you coming? Rumi

Back to the deep clearing underway ~ don’t push or resist, both very masculine energies. Feel the way you feel. Be a conscious witness to your process and take time to sit in the profound stillness (zero point) that it is ALL love. Know that you are completely supported in every area of your life. You deserve to be loved the way you desire and are ready to be loved, to feel love, to know a deeply personal and transformative kind of love. Really pay attention and be fully present on the bliss days – and use that information to draw sustenance and support from on the days you are in the void. In this instance, the void is not a place ~ it is a passageway! A passageway where your Creator State of Being really gets to shine!

“I AM conscious Now.
I choose this.
I release that.
I AM grateful for it ALL!”

In the Bliss State, you are vibrating higher and higher. Make that part of your daily decree. ” I AM vibrating higher and higher.” “I love and trust all the cells in my body.” “I AM a limitless being of pure potential.” Know that this powerful, exquisite passage to New Reality is very inward, very unique and personal to each. It is so important to be in community, to love and SEE and support one another through our heart space – but to realize that your journey now is about you and your Soul, you as a Divine, loved, empowered Creator Being. You are LIMITLESS in this Now. Recognize the illusions, love and bless them, and then remain fully present to the RISE. Trust this Now. Trust who you are IN this Now. Let your love of the Light be your one true companion as we individually and collectively uplevel to expanded, multidimensional awareness. This is happening! Perceptions are changing. Be kind, loving, patient and compassionate with this process within and all around you. The grids and fields are being saturated with new harmonics and crystalline plasma. My relationship with the Earth is changing daily – she calls me in profound ways to explore, teach and BE with her, Gaia, 5D Earth in new ways. The Living Library within her and our DNA is unlocking, the felt presence of what we are now interacting with is nameless, moving us beyond words. Really devote your days and moments and heart to stilling the mind so that you may feel this bliss, this presence, this love. This weekend is a beautiful passage to begin something new, to BE something new.

Out beyond all ideas of wrong doing and right doing,
there is a field
I will meet you there. Rumi

Blessed be the ONES who are remembering that we are each the radiance of one anothers Soul. The world is too full to talk about – go to the Earth, lie down on her sweet soil and absorb.🙏🏽

Stay tuned ~ I will be launching a Summer Solstice Event into the RISE and magnificence of this Spring Equinox. Revelation IS. Liberation IS. It is with SO MUCH JOY and Love that I share these energies with you.

Always in my Heart,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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5 comments on “Spring Equinox 2021!
  1. Judy A Wollam says:

    I took notes-writing down words and phrases to use while doing mirroring.

    Loved the Rumi statement. I belong to a meditation group and the leader has been ending with Rumi insights.

    What I don’t fully comprehend is doing the 2nd part of mirroring “You are….” Can you explain?

    • DeAnne says:

      Hello Judy,

      As I always share from this New Consciousness – this is a time to shift out of trying and into BE-ING. I shared this experience of mirrorwing on the show as one of many possibilities for working with our vibration, releasing blocks, moving into clarity. It is not so much to understand, as to FEEL, does this resonate, which is answered through your energy. Thinking blocks feeling and BE-ing. There is so much information and teaching out there about the power of I AM. But in this time of advanced light assimilation, it is very affirming, validating to HEAR that we are loved, beautiful, limitless, powerful, whole and fully supported BY SOURCE. Which is YOU! You are the Creator Being, we must fully recognize that to embody it. This I AM/YOU ARE mirror practice is a powerful tool to that end. You don’t need to understand it – so much as become it! xo

  2. Darlene says:

    Yes, yes, yes! “Get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable….discipline is an expression of self-love….keep your focus….the void is a passageway…BE something new…” All of these words speak to me so deeply and are good reminders for me of what being a New Human is all about….and I so needed those reminders. Thank you for that. You really are a very special beautiful angel.

    • DeAnne says:

      WOW Darlene, I AM very grateful for this reflection. It really expresses to me that you RECEIVED the light-codes in this post This is a true gift to me – feeling that I AM sharing valuable information and energy to empower the Light at this time. I’m thinking I need to add your last comment to my mirror work! 😉 Love you, thank you for BEING HERE NOW! 💞

  3. ruty says:

    Equinox Blessings to ALL(& all Kingdoms)from the Mighty Atlantic ocean, formidable rocks.wind shifting, new waves come in & old waves go out.

    attunement at-onement with The luminous One. with all. (no other’).
    rocks grounding , enveloped by the water consciousness.
    Beautiful, peaceful, still – an IT presence- Equinox gift.sent Love & Gratitude your way DeAnne & Shining Ones with every element and current.
    Such a privilege to be part of your Luminous efforts, increasing The light.from /to Blue vortex to blue ocean here. Namaste

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