There Is A Lot Going On!!!

Hello Beautiful People,

We are still in the beautiful harmonizing and expanding energies of the Equinox ~ and along comes this exquisite Full Moon in Libra with more grace and supports for NEW in our lives. Deep dives into zero point and a profound level of exquisite bliss and the opportunity and space to see how we maintain these pure plasma flows that are altering our minds and world. 

I have some upcoming dates and reminders to share with you ~ know that wherever you are and whatever your experience, NEW IS HERE and tremendous power and love to support your embodiment of it. LOVE LOVE LOVE to ALL. Breathe in Gratitude, Divine Purpose, Bliss and highest good for ALL. And breathe out everything else. 🙏🏽

Sunday, March 28th, Libra Full Moon

Resolve judgements, become conscious of your projections, tie up loose ends and discover what needs to be healed with the dynamic energy of this Full Moon. Clear insights are possible regarding the harmonizing and balance of all areas in your life. 

New HUman Global Unity Meditations:

Every Sunday, 3 different times to choose from.
Center yourself in the healing power of Unity!

Death And Rebirth: A Look At The Second Birth of Humanity
with Dr Zach Bush

Tuesday, March 30, 12pm PT/3pm ET
Register Here for this free webinar:

New HUman April Transmission:

A New Era Of Collective Experience
Sunday 4/4/21 11:11am eastern

The Intelligence Of Nature:

Join the optimal health and wellness revolution by repairing and transforming your gut lining with *ION Gut Biome. Read about my journey here and how the GUT is the center of a healthy immune system and so much more.

Solar Synchronization: Summer Solstice in Asheville!

New HUmans are gathering from the North, East, South And West this Summer on behalf of Upleveling Collective Intent, Healing Division and empowering True Self and Purpose in this evolutionary NOW. 

This Solar Synchronization experience will deepen your
understanding of energy ~ who you are vibrationally,
the nature of the new energy on the planet and
the importance of vibrational mastery in creating new realities. 

It is TIME FOR UNITY, coming together with new community in new ways in the New Reality that is already here. As intense and unknown as this NOW is, there is that much Victory of the Light and JOY in New Creations. I would LOVE to have you join me and look forward to hearing from you!

Learn More @ the link below – early bird discount ends 4/15!

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2 comments on “There Is A Lot Going On!!!
  1. Pati says:

    Hi Deanne,
    I was happy to hear from you again!
    It’s been a challenging 2 years… many in my family and circle have crossed over. Then Covid.
    So glad to see your connection with Zach Bush when I first heard him speak on Covid my whole energy field relaxed. I signed up for his talk on death and rebirth.

    I was also interested in the gut product for my husband and son. Will look into it more.

    Most of my family members have also gotten the vaccine as many others who have followed suite … as a health coach and food nutrition educator for over 21 years…all I can do now is pray🙏🙏🙏

    Blessings to you, humanity and our new earth 🙏🌍
    Pati Reiss

    • DeAnne says:

      Hello Pati, It is wonderful to hear from YOU!! Yes, we have all been through quite the initiation these past few years, culminating in a painful but beautiful expansion process in 2020! Zach Bush is definitely a new human xoxoxoxo and so happy that you resonate with him and feel more centered in the peace of who you are through his energy and wisdom. As you may know through new human mailings, I am an affiliate for the Gut Biome now… the link to all the products is on my ION story page – I would appreciate if you use that to explore and potentially purchase. 🙏🏽 I AM also happy to answer any questions and be a support system for introducing it to both your husband and son. BIG BIG hug to you Pati ~ stay the course of your own beautiful self and wisdom – the world needs your awareness and light. ❣️

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