Summer Solstice 2021, Extended Flyer

Namaste’ to this Beautiful Community,

What an epic, sensual, heart igniting and expansive NOW we find ourselves in. The RIVER of New Reality, New Consciousness and Energy is abundantly flowing with unstoppable acts of courage, resiliency, inspired action and opportunity to change course and reset intentions in our personal and collective lives. Riding the waves of this new energy is intense, which makes it essential that we keep our focus on the NEW, on possibilities and community and the positive changes we are inspired to CREATE. We are making the unknown known each day through our love, compassion, equanimity and commitment to New Existence. As I shared on the 4/4 webcast, I AM so in LOVE with this Now and the felt, generous ways the “river” is teaching us to fearlessly float (trust) toward new lives and responsibilities, services, community and LOVE; for our lives and our world.

New Human April Energy Transmission:
A New Era Of Collective Experience

Still riding the beautiful, inspirational waves of the 4/4 portal last Sunday, I completed the extended flyer for the Summer Solstice, Solar Synchronization event here in the beautiful mountains of WNC!  It is always magical to me to follow and create experience with energy, following energy, trusting energy ~ and much like the “river”, allowing energy to create the containers for these New Human, New Earth, 5D Consciousness events. We live in a very different and brand new reality. This experience will be a vibrational immersion into frequency, wisdom, support, community and embodiment of synchronizing your awareness and energy to your next highest levels of expression and beingness. All of that AND a whole lot of felt JOY. Feel the energy of this event in your heart’s wisdom and feel free to share with like minded souls. 

Solar Synchronization 2021:

Finally, it is SPRING TIME!! Which means that allergies are budding right along with all of nature and sweet smelling flowers! While it may be tempting to reach for that habit-forming nasal spray, your microbiome knows better. Your unique and vast collection of bacteria, fungi, and parasites is working intelligently with your immune system to help nurture an appropriate response to allergens. But are you nurturing a diverse and well-balanced microbiome?

*ION Gut Biome is the gift that keeps on giving: repairing gut lining, boosting immune, improving collagen, helping with depression and so much more. You can read about my Gut Biome journey here, along with many supportive blogposts – or go directly to the ION site, via my affiliate link, to explore and find supports and order.

It is a dynamic, expansive, generous now New Humans – remember, all of life is working for you and loves you so. Stay present, trust your Self, trust existence, bloom where you are planted, knowing each moment is perfection.

With Deep Love and Gratitude,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones 

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