Feeling Good In Your Body Everyday!

The SUN!!!!

Namaste’ New HUmans,

There are traditions that teach the relationship between the Sun and our belly ~ and the Moon and our brain. Sun of our being, rising from within and illuminating the heart… the Moon illuminating a mind, shining bright from within the pineal. I resonate with both and feel the love of Creator God inviting us into deeper harmony with ALL THAT IS, within and without. It is ALL connected. There is no one thing in all of the known and unknown existence that is not connected to everything else. Each day, no matter where you are in the world, as the Sun rises over our world, it also rises from within. The New Day is a perpetual invitation seeded in love, an eternal nudge of remembrance for all humans to begin again, to love again, to forgive, to come together… again and again and again. 

Gratitude to ALL who held magical space with me for the May New HUman webcast last Sunday, 5/2. (Amplifying Your Highest Reality https://deannehampton.com/webcast-page) The energy of these transmissions seems to go deeper and higher with each new webcast. In the quickening of the current ascension passage, the energy is different every single day. Deeper, more still, the subtle realms more vibrant and felt. This show was immersed in Zero Point energy. There was a palpable sense of center, of a new consciousness radiating out and a clear vision on the path forward for humanity at this time. Still marinating in the experience I went to the Shining Ones woods shortly after – and this is what the Shining Ones conveyed:

THE NEW HUMAN IS A FREQUENCY, a VIBRATION, and an unobstructed alignment with Source. This is what it is to be in our Divine Christed Nature: an unobstructed alignment with Source. No longer tethered to the concerns and expectations of the egoic realms – we become pure vessels for the flow of God. It is how these bodies were designed. And everything is here now – plasma, light-body, solar activity, magnificent star-gates, new schumann resonance – 5D Earth encodement – to support that reunion.

This show focused on the POWER of CONSCIOUS CHOICE being amplified as we approach a major point of transition with the Summer Gateway. We talked about the relationship between the Pink Super Moon @ the end of April and the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at the end of May ~ and how the Feminine/Mother/Sophia wisdom is upleveling everything in the known reality to a new and greater potential for our world. 5D is here! The New Earth is being born from within ~ creating global revelation and change in perception that is altering our health, our finances, our confidence in stepping into new lives and the courage to not only step away from antiquated, dying systems… but to transform them! 

Our bodies are undergoing radical change, this webcast gave many supports for the physical vessel that houses our Soul. The heart in particular needs heightened attention and care because the geomagnetic activity, flares and plasma influxes directly affect the physical cardiovascular system and heart. There is nothing more important really than caring for and maintaining our frequency. Energy alone is the portal to other dimensions of Self and experience and realities. Frequencies are extremely important in opening the doorways to consciousness. Listen to your bodies. Be aware that even healthy habits are confining if they keep you from creating anew with your body EVERYDAY! Your body knows how to navigate this new moment of Creation, you were born to BE HERE NOW!

If you are looking for a really powerful way to boost your immune, improve collagen, prevent or eliminate depression, strengthen your bodies capacity to absorb nutrition and eliminate toxins and support kidney function at a foundational level ~ these are just a few of the amazing benefits of *ION Gut Biome. Unfortunately, we live in a fairly toxic world – so much of our food sources are compromised. Yet, if you have a healthy gut biome – its like having on armor against chemicals, free-radicals, air born and food toxins! This country experienced more than 20% of Covid-related deaths in the world (with only 4% of the world’s population in the US). In many ways, sick is the new normal. And sick has become so commonplace that diseases that are indeed dis-eases have become normalized, such as chronic asthma, allergies, gut issues, neurological issues — ADHD to autism spectrum disorders. And there are many others, obesity, metabolic disturbances and every other disorder is becoming normalized because they are so commonplace. Starting with the children – and pets.

There is a special formula for children – one mom shared that her daughter has always had a sensitive stomach. After years of special diets (and trying to keep an 8 year old on that) and many additional supplements, she recently shared with me that her daughter’s mood has changed, that she has more energy and there is less time and labor involved just in getting her on a consistent *ION Gut Biome schedule. Getting children on this product is a powerful, easy way to worry less about what our kids are consuming and exposed to. Power them up, from within!

And let’s not forget the extended family members – our PETS!! Of course, with Dr. Zach (Bush) being so connected to the soil and sustainable farming practices – he is going to make sure our pets are as healthy as they can be. Both of my dogs are on the Pet Formula with amazing results. Twice a day I call them and say, “time to take your vitamins!” 😉 And they come running! It just gives me such peace of mind knowing I am doing something to give them as healthy and long of a life as possible!

Take a moment to read my personal *ION story here:
https://deannehampton.com/the-intelligence-of-nature-ion-biome along with links to other supporting New HUman blog posts.

Explore the many superior articles on the *ION Gut Biome site here! https://ionbiome.com/?ref=ABAVXY8


This New Reality, the change in the harmonics of this planet at this time, ( so beautiful – the earth is singing us home) the Schumann spikes, the light emanating from our Sun like golden flecked radiance, the shimmers of the plasma light … sigh ~ ALL carrying the knowledge of Transcendent Unity. Everything present to compliment a reality-shifting year. This IS the year of Consciousness!

This passage is a path that leads not only to self-realization, but also to an understanding of the feminine heart and soul of the Earth. A resurgent power SHE brings, this great beauty and spiritual potential to the Earthly realm and its inhabitants. This humanity at this time. 

Love the Earth, Return to the Earth,
Love the Self, Return to the Self.
Celebrating the power to flip the switch and begin anew!

                                                                  DeAnne and the Shining Ones🙏🏽

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2 comments on “Feeling Good In Your Body Everyday!
  1. ruty says:

    light DeAnn,
    This Gold, The Sun…
    April AM – mountain fire subside.A Golden Light from a blazing Sun pouring into my home.
    I ran to the front > East and looked at her straight on ‘up close & personal’.no blinking.
    The smoke…created a surreal effect .
    I burst into full throttle singing, swaying blessing, swept away into wonder land.
    no one could hear nor see me from the outside > smoke filled the air.
    I was intoxicated,empowered with FEELING FREE.‘…WHAT a feeling…’

    Your pic here, Gold of Sun,takes me to that golden morning.
    Much Love, to you and the Golden Shining Ones on golden sun rays.

    • DeAnne says:

      Thank you for sharing Ruty ~ I hope all is recovered from the fire and back to clear air and skies for you! The SUN has been so stunning with its Golden Flecked Radiance ~ sharing so much power of being for all who simply breathe it in and say YES to this NOW. 🙏💞🌞

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