Through the 3rd Eye

Through the 3rd Eye

I close my eyes to selfishness, self-centeredness, self-motivation and self-denial –
for I know they reside in the house of fear. My eyes see not the deceit of small minds;
the creations of big egos nor the cost of denying the inner voice for the illusion of worldly power.

I open my eyes to compassion, empathy, beauty, wonder and the shining spirit behind so many false facades because I know in TRUTH, that is all there is.

I walk into my faith with eyes wide open everyday knowing that I, along with everyone else, am a chosen one.
Chosen by the Beloved. Chosen by my Self.spiritual-nature-meditation-97405 Cherished in many realms. Loved, forgiven, uplifted and emboldened everyday, as if I am the only one. When I choose to see only that Love in all my experiences, in all people and in the seeming chaos that spins the everyday world – I know I am living up to my own highest potential and holding the promise of hope and true power for the evolution of the planet.

And so, with the eyes of my expanded Self that sees through all dimensions of time, space and illusion… I have decided to carry my prayers; the ones waiting to be sent, waiting to be received, waiting for a resting place – I will carry those prayers on my back. So that when I come upon a fellow journeyer who still sees through eyes of discouragement and disillusion, I have a prayer close at hand to gift into their shadows.

Through the 3rd eye of my innate wisdom I become a Light of Truth for those who have not yet found their own.

(c) DeAnne Live 2014

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3 comments on “Through the 3rd Eye
  1. Karen says:

    DeAnne, your words ring in my heart & I resonate with these TRUTHS. More & more I am affirming that I AM a praying, meditating, chanting & flowing beautiful wise Crone woman
    Blessed BE (((((((+))))))) In gratitude xxx

  2. DeAnne says:

    Dearest Karen, you ARE a beautiful wise crone woman and SO MUCH MORE! The words resonate as true because you are inhabiting your Soul more and more each day – and this enlightens the whole world! <3

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