Full Moon and Equinox!

Pisces Full Moon Monday September 20th

Fall Equinox 2021 – Wednesday September 22nd!

Namaste’ New HUmans,

What a powerful time to be present to our creations! I spent a day with a beautiful young nurse recently. We can only imagine what her world has been the last year and a half. Thankfully she is listening within to the Divine Feminine, Mother energies by taking a long weekend for herself to come rejuvenate in vortex energies. We had such a powerful day – all the cairns (stone stacks) you see here, manifested in our time together. As you can see from the first 4 photos – 7 was a prominent theme in the work and journeying we were doing. The 7 vibration is all about moving from the constant focus on needs and survival… to the deeper levels of life; the desire for depth and spiritual connection.

Along with this invitation inward, toward greater alignment with our truer purpose within all that is unraveling in our world – this day of stone stacking and creek hopping also brings BALANCE into awareness. This week’s Full Moon in Pisces and Fall Equinox Gateway are all about BALANCING FREQUENCIES! Balance is an essential ingredient in finding harmony within all the chaos that is currently out-picturing. With a Full Moon and Equinox so closely positioned, frequency division will be amplified at this time. The good gets better, the bad gets worse. But there is a healing that has been written up stream in the light and its coming. Meditate on the healing waters here to focus your consciousness and calm your heart. We just have to know and trust, be patient and cooperate by keeping our frequency in love, in joy, in peace and harmony, no matter what. Healing in its entirety is inbound! And when you get still and clear enough, you can feel it coming.

I love the meditative metaphors in these different stone stacks. The first cairn is off center. The second one seems to be straddling 2 worlds. The 3rd creation definitely wanted extra support on either side. The 4th image is a little out of focus. Any of this ringing true to how you might be feeling of late? Many of us may feel high, expanded, dizzy or feel the flowy, liquid nature of these plasma waves as these influxes strengthen equanimity within and without. We all have a unique journey through this NOW with unique circumstances – yet no matter how your NOW is landing for you – we must consciously seek, practice, create BALANCE in our lives.

At one point during this very full day together, a fairly large tree that had fallen across the creek called to me. I said to the young nurse – I think we are suppose to go walk on that tree – cross over to the other side! 😉 Now I do this sort of thing all the time. But at its center, the tree laid at least 8 feet above a rocky creek bed with flowing water. No pressure. No expectation. I knew I was going – whether or not she felt comfortable to follow was entirely up to her. Across I went, with Bodhi and Jyoti close behind – and we all turned to offer encouragement and support as she started her journey across. This tree was the entire length of my cabin – this was not a quick hop, skip, jump. I held space for her. I felt her hesitation, unsure if she could trust her balance. Would she? Could she? The choice was hers entirely. She took her time. She paused often to find her center. SO BRAVE. Not only did she make it across – we went back out to the center and sat over the creek – feet dangling in the nothingness. It was a very good day!

Today on my run, I felt the ascension spiral like a whirling dervish, spinning off the unessential. In the center of it is Zero Point Peace. I feel my perception and consciousness shifting entire realms, yesterday I was compared to a bottle of champagne – bubbling over with this LOVE, this true I AM Presence state flowing through my ever expanding heart. There is nothing more powerful and important for you to do everyday than to create ample space to be still – and to visualize, FEEL the new future where there is healing, abundance, love and peace for this humanity. There is nothing more detrimental and negating that you can do than to give your energy and emotion to the illusion that is now playing itself out. Proper use of life force is the ultimate end game. And you may shift at any moment with heart coherence. Clarity is the result of a coherent mind and heart. That means being still, listening within, trusting yourself and following the energy of love.

There is a healing that has been written up stream in the light
and its coming.

Full Moons are about maturity – a time when energy peaks and power is potent. Take time to still your mind and open your heart to what is yours to step into IN THIS NOW. As powerful Creator Beings – allow all that is with the faith of knowing and the see light traveling toward you, navigating and making its way through the dimensions of reality. We all exist in the light as a higher dimensional being. Oh, the peace of surrender and trust.

The final image below is all about UNITY. A gathering. Joining together. Feel the balance between playfulness and trust. Just like our current world, there is no logic in this moment, it is essentially nonsensical. The foundation is askew, seemingly no sense of gravity providing a secure foundation. And yet, ALL IS WELL. All these unique facets playing their part in creating perfect harmony – perfection in the imperfection – the balance of opposites – forged Unity. 

Take the gifts of this week into your expanding hearts New HUmans, own the power as your own. Everything you have ever been or will ever be in this and many universes, you are in this moment. Embrace the Light that you are. Live your Divine Intent!

With Love from my heart center to yours,
DeAnne and the Shining ones



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4 comments on “Full Moon and Equinox!
  1. ruty says:

    Drank the stillness of the water -how can it be so still!
    in pic 4 -I see forms who bend their heads forward in sublime gratitude.
    resembles Meerkats(small desert animal) standing on a rock
    enjoying being @ peace.

    My head FW-Blessings of such peace &stillness to us All,gaining momentum.
    With Gratitude to you Gaia, DeAnne,The Shining Ones,The Whole -The Love.

  2. DeAnne says:

    Yes! Ruty – totally see the meerkats! The stones, quartz, water, different numbers, balance – everything is just so present and in strong communication with this stressed but very blessed humanity. Together We Rise!! Sending Love. 🙏🏽❣️

  3. ruty says:

    I love those Living Love words above:
    “There is a healing that has been written up stream in the light
    and its coming. ” here with open heart and receiving Light’s gifts.

    • DeAnne says:

      Me too Ruty – and healing can easily be replaced with Peace, Wholeness, Balance, LOVE – all on its way to this humanity as we RISE and trust who we are! ❣️

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